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Playing modern classics since 1988.

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Video games are my passion, and Nintendo is the heart of that passion. Also, ponies rock.

Wed 5th March, 2014

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AshFoxX commented on Miley Cyrus Confuses Fans by Owning a Wii U:

This is about as interesting as knowing that, at one point, Michael Jordan had a Sega Genesis.

The interesting part was he also had a one-of-a-kind copy of NBA Jam with his likeness in it. Otherwise, people can get whatever console they want, and it should not be news.

If I can't make headlines with my Panasonic 3DO ownership, nobody else should matter either.



AshFoxX commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

I will wait until the 3DS is no longer supported before I make any attempt to 'hack' it, as I have done to many of my other systems like the Wii, DS and PSP.

Makes more sense and turns less heads than performing a hack while the system is still being profitable to Nintendo.



AshFoxX commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

It's an interesting proof of concept, but I'm happy with my RSII and RSIII on GC. The finicky looking lightsaber battles would have been an annoyance.

I would love to see a new Rogue Squadron game, though. Looking at this made me wish Nintendo had actually attempted a Star Fox game on the Wii since Factor 5 seemed to have made it work well based on the footage.



AshFoxX commented on Preview: Going Retro On The Go With Ultimate N...:

I'll tell you two things that this is.

1.) It's proof that Ninty likes to BS it's fans since it was originally stated that NES remix was released on Wii U as opposed to 3DS because the 3DS supposedly couldn't handle the game.

2.) It's a wasted opportunity. If you are going to release a 'remix' game on a handheld, it has to make sense for the platform. Game Boy Remix would have been much more appropriate, and would have warranted a purchase. They could have even gone on to SNES Remix for Wii U, and then GBA Remix for 3DS next. Such wasted potential for this series already.



AshFoxX commented on Nintendo Confirms GameCube Controller Adapter ...:

"Compatible with all games supported by the Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro and Wii U Pro Controller."


SO MUCH YES!!! I was hoping it would support emulation of the Wii U Pro Controller! Day One buy for me!



AshFoxX commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

It's so refreshing to see a technically third party IP be treated like first party Ninty IP. I hope Platinum keeps up the great Ninty exclusives. Together with Retro, they could easily bring the Rareware touch from the N64 days to the current gen.



AshFoxX commented on Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover:

This is irrelevant. As much as I would love a 2D version of Ocarina, projects like this never get finished. Either the developer(s) get busy with life and abandon it or Nintendo sends a C&C.

No sense in getting excited, and watching these trailers just makes it hurt more.



AshFoxX commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

I'm not so upset about removing the 'cheater stick' for 3DS, but I do wish the darn demo allowed me to re-map some of the buttons. I'm still constantly hitting the wrong attack buttons or punching when I want to jump (I don't do as well flicking the stick up to jump) and I keep confusing the grab button with the shield.

Hope the full version has different control schemes or else I might have to pass on this version, which is a shame because I still find it fun when I can actually remember for two seconds which button does what.



AshFoxX commented on First Image Of Wii U Wipeout-Beater FAST Racin...:

Phase 1: Miyamoto approaches the developer and urges them to change the title to F-Zero U and incorporate the F-Zero characters like he ruined Star Fox with Dinosaur Planet from Rare in 2002.

Phase 2:...

Phase 3: Profit!



AshFoxX commented on Video: These Hacked Mario Kart 8 Runs Show Tra...:

I love seeing these videos. My favorite one was the air view of the SNES retro track. Something about the simplicity of it, yet placing what looked to me like a cottage in with the trees far off from the track was very cool.



AshFoxX commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

All I took away from this was an excellent proof of concept: The 3DS is compatible with the Wii U. Now we just need Zelda Four Swords Adventures on Wii U VC using 3DS to replace the cumbersome GBA to gamecube cables.