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Playing modern classics since 1988.

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Video games are my passion, and Nintendo is the heart of that passion. Also, ponies rock. Avatar courtesy of Beavernator on deviantart.

Wed 5th March, 2014

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AshFoxX commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

Any Mario Party and Mario Kart game tends to be my summer go-to since that's what my friends play when we all get together. Sometimes SSB, but I tend to only be able to handle a few matches before I drop out.

Surprisingly, TMNT 4: Turtles in Time tends to be a repeat trek for us nearly every year as well.



AshFoxX commented on Review: Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop):

I had no idea this was a thing until now, but it looks like it will be able to hit every one of my pleasure sensors in my brain. I too was (and remain) a huge fan of Alleyway for GB and Kirby's Block Ball, so this will be at the very least the top of my eShop wish list until Tomodachi Life and Yoshi's New Island are in my life.



AshFoxX commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

I always wanted a SMS, but I live in Texas and they are rare and expensive here. I blew my nephews mind when he realized the main characters of Regular Show were playing a Sega Master System, and it sparked an interest in video game history for him.



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: The Cyberith Virtualizer Combines W...:

"Due to its integrated sensors, we’re also able to pick up the user’s exact crouching and jumping height."

As a white man that can't jump, I will be doing a lot of rocket jumping with this thing. Also, I am not looking forward to learning how to crouch in mid air to access air vents and climb boxes.



AshFoxX commented on Star Fox Stage Revealed for Super Smash Bros. ...:

@Tsurii897 Star Fox really is an excellent series. If you like arcade action and shooting things, you will get a good thrill out of most of the games. I'd only warn you about Starfox Adventures which is more of an easy Zelda clone with the characters from Star Fox.



AshFoxX commented on Video: Behold The Insane Destructive Power Of ...:

Is that glove really called a Power Glove?

Because that would signify that Link is playing with power, and it is so bad.

Also, this is the first time I've seen the Japanese title, which if you are curious is "Zelda Unrivaled" (Zelda Musō) which I found interesting since Japan is the only region where Zelda appears in the title. It's also probably the most pronounced 'Zelda' title ever released that doesn't have Zelda in the title in NA or EU.

I say 'pronounced' because I don't compare it with the CDi games, or games like Link's Crossbow Training, and games like SSB, Soulcalibur 2 and Battle Quest in Nintendo Land are not 'Zelda' games, Zelda characters and scenarios just appear as part of an overall theme.

As far as dedicated Nintendo Zelda video games go, Hyrule Warriors, I think, marks the first full fledged Zelda title without 'Zelda' in the title.



AshFoxX commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

So what is the purpose of a system transfer? I mean, I suppose it would be useful if you wanted to buy a deluxe/limited edition system and either sell or give away the old one, but I am more concerned with what will happen to my account and purchased e-shop titles if my system totally breaks.

Pretty sure I won't be able to access system transfer for the only reason why I would care. After all it's not like the Wii U is going to have an upgrade to the hardware in the same way the 3DS did with the 3DSXL causing many gamers, including myself, to buy another console and transfer the system data.



AshFoxX commented on Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Back In The Gam...:

This is decent news, but I won't get excited until FortuneFish makes an actual 'game' and not an app, Chris Stamper gets back into the business, and FortuneFish becomes Nintendo 2nd party and creates something Rareware-Worthy.



AshFoxX commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Release in Japan See...:

I have been looking into getting a grip for my XL due to my hands still cramping up during Mario Kart 7 and the only thing keeping me from it is pretty much every grip I have found has made it a pain to use the stylus as the design for the grips tends to cover it for some reason. The 2nd circle pad looks useless from where they put it, and if it's to attain for previous PSP players, I can see why I don't like it as the PSP always felt like trash in my hands.
The Vita fixes this, but there's literally no games on Vita that I want besides maybe Earth Defense Force. Nice of them to get my hopes up for a useful grip, though.



AshFoxX commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

I'm actually impressed. The last question is obviously going to be your favorite character, (which for me is Fox since 1998) and I was surprised that for the most part, it's pretty much equal around the board.



AshFoxX commented on Video: Mario Kart 8 Isn't The Only New Mario K...:

I would absolutely support porting these games to home console, at least the first few especially since the gamepad camera would work perfect for the head shots. My guess as to why they haven't is it would be hard to justify shelling out several thousand dollars for an arcade game when you can play it at home for much less, and that is bad business.

Then again that didn't stop Pac-Man, Galaga and nearly every other 80's arcade game being ported perfect by the end of the decade.



AshFoxX commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

So how many more Fire Emblem 'red shirts' are going to wind up on a Smash roster? (I understand it's a popular series and lots of folks love it, I say red shirts because I suck at it and more often than not, the permadeath leaves my party rather sparse, lol!)



AshFoxX commented on Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Says Nintendo Provides B...:

Anything is better than the bland M$ machine, and Sony has always been my 2nd choice for great first party games. However, if Nintendo were able to secure rights to Sly Cooper I might not ever need another Sony system in my life. I love what the PS4 is becoming, but I'm not exactly chomping at the bit for it like I was for my Wii U and 3DS/3DSXL.



AshFoxX commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

It was a toss up for me between LttP (my idea of the perfect 2D Zelda game and the first I nearly completed), Links Awakening DX (first Zelda game I ever actually completed) and WWHD (which I have only put down a few times when I got it with Mario Kart 8, mostly to PLAY Mario Kart 8, but I love sailing and exploring in this game.) In the end, I went with my gut and said Link to the Past.



AshFoxX commented on First Impressions: Going Portable With Super S...:

I'll likely be buying both eventually but I like playing locally and only a couple of my friends actually own a 3DS. I'll probably play download play from one of my friends who will inevitably pick it up early and make my decision based on that.



AshFoxX commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

Well, not the first time games have been targeted on a slow news day, and won't be the last. I'll be sweeping this one under the rug as well...

Say, wheres my SNES tourniquet peripheral? I want to inject some Star Fox into my veins.



AshFoxX commented on Dragon Quest X Is Now Adventuring Onto 3DS:

I'd rather have a DQIX style single player RPG, but that's just me. I hope we get SOMETHING Dragon Quest this generation for Wii U or 3DS. Dragon Quest VII and VIII would be amazing.



AshFoxX commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Updated for ...:

Well, Kid Icarus has never piqued my interest, I don't like scrolling shooters (unless you categorize Star Fox as a scrolling shooter), already have Paper Mario on Wii, and... Donkey Kong Jr?... Seriously?

I may pick up Paper Mario on Wii U's Virtual Wii browser if just to play it in HD in my living room instead of the CRT in the bedroom where my Wii is, but I'm not sure if I'll actually go through with it. If I were able to play it with the gamepad or the Pro Controller, I'd get it, but hooking up my tiny classic controller instead of using my gamecube controllers is a big step down.



AshFoxX commented on Independent Retailers in the UK Will Be Able t...:

My main issue with going digital, besides the abysmal 32G size of the deluxe model HD, is the complete lack of price drops. A lot of the time when there is a game that MIGHT interest me, I will usually wait until the price drops a bit. It's only games I HAVE to play right away like Mario Kart 8 that I put down the full retail price day one.

So this is good news for me :D



AshFoxX commented on Four Students Set New Mario Kart Marathon Worl...:

Oh I wish I was part of this. I could play Mario Kart games for months on end if I had three others to tag in throughout. Ten minute break every hour? that's just child's play.

The longest I played straight with no breaks (besides pausing for a few minutes to go to the bathroom) was about 42 hours when I first bought Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I actually had to shut off the system a couple times because it was freezing due to overheating. Beat it in one sitting though with only pocky and coke.



AshFoxX commented on Report Suggests Bayonetta 2 Will Come With Ori...:

Separate disk for me. Until Nintendo releases a console with a decent sized hard drive out of the box, I'm sticking with physical copies since most Wii U games can have pretty large install sizes. Besides, I'm still holding on to the old school mentality of having a physical copy I can bring over to a friends house to play, and I don't have to wait a couple hours for my game to download and install.

The option to hook up an external drive is nice, but external drives cost more than internal drives hence why my PS3 was upgraded from 80G to a 450G a few years ago and my Wii U remains stock.



AshFoxX commented on Talking Point: With E3 Long Gone, Nintendo Sti...:

Realistically, I am hoping for more details on Amiibo such as what putting Pikachu's figure in Mario Kart 8 would do.

In my perfect world though, announce Wii U GBA VC Multiplayer using combo of gamepad, tv, and 3DS linking and cross play, give more details on Star Fox Wii U, announce incentives to buy both Super Smash Bros. games through discounts and linked content, and start releasing N64 games on VC at a regular basis. I'm hoping when/if Nintendo does release N64 VC on Wii U, the final library will be more than the 21 games available in my region on Wii.

Hey, a gamer can dream...



AshFoxX commented on Hacker Claims to Demonstrate an Exploit to Mod...:

I only tend to bother with hacking my systems when they are no longer supported by the original companies. Hense, I have a PSP, Wii and NDSLite with homebrew enabled CFW. I might try to hack my PS3 once Sony stops updating the firmware as that is always my first check before going ahead. It took me nearly two years to figure out Wii wasn't going to go beyond 4.3U.



AshFoxX commented on Bandai Namco Picks up Project CARS for Worldwi...:

I was actually very excited for this until I bought a Wii U and played Most Wanted U on it. The lack of analog control on the shoulder triggers may make this a miss for my Wii U collection, maybe instead waiting until I buy a PS4 in the next couple years. By then it may be replaced with something better and/or be super cheap. The only thing that might sway me is intelligent use of the gamepad.



AshFoxX commented on Power Rangers Super Megaforce Is Morphin' Its ...:

It warms my heart the number of times " Morphin' " appeared in this article. No interest in this though as the last Power Rangers game I owned and enjoyed was the Genesis fighting game. The movie game for Genesis was pretty sweet too, if not a bit repetitive. I stopped watching half-way through Zeo anyway.



AshFoxX commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

The problem is not that there are more people who own a smartphone/tablet compared to those who own 3DS/Vita, but that EA has been crap since the end of the 5th gen and making little app games is a lot cheaper, quicker and easier to pump out low quality dreg instead of focusing on a game that is actually 'fun'.

I agree with the above poster about Battlefront, but I don't really consider that EA since it's mostly DICE (which yes is a subsidiary of EA, but they have a bit more of my respect.)



AshFoxX commented on Movie-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game ...:

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is developed by Magic Pockets, the Paris-based house who also made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game based on the Nickelodeon cartoon reboot"

Welp, there's yet another Turtles game that is going to be a broken ugly mess. Too bad Konami doesn't have the license anymore since they were the only ones in history to make ANY fun TMNT video games, namely TMNT Arcade,Turtles in Time, and arguably Battle Nexus and Mutant Nightmare for PS2/Xbox/GCN. That's it.



AshFoxX commented on Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best ...:

I knew this was going to happen so I'm glad I decided to sit out the event. It would have been cool to meet some new people and maybe play a few rounds of MK7 while we waited, but in my neck of the woods you will meet a lot of seething a-holes that would sooner knock you out to get a cut in line. Besides, Mario kart 8 has kept me plenty busy, and I can wait for Smash Bros. It's a good franchise, but not one that I will be chomping at the bit to touch right away.