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Playing modern classics since 1988.

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Video games are my passion, and Nintendo is the heart of that passion. Also, ponies rock.

Wed 5th March, 2014

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AshFoxX commented on Ocarina Of Time 3D Reportedly No Longer In Pro...:

Who orders the US version of a game from PlayAsia? Just because they aren't making the cartridge anymore does not mean it will be hard to get a copy. they stopped making N64 OoT carts about 15 years ago and you can still find them easily with minimal effort, and at a pretty good price usually too. I cant see OoT3D selling for 'much' more than it's N64 predecessor either.



AshFoxX commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

Okay, First, I have no sympathy for scalpers who buy up 60 dollar games just to sell them later for 300 bucks a pop. Second, this doesn't even trend properly since several hard to get and desirable games have been released on a VC service for a reasonable price (Earthbound being the most prominent example) and it never effected the eBay scalper price. I like this trend since I try to collect games I enjoyed playing over the years, and I prefer a physical copy to display on my shelf.

Here's to hoping Conkers Bad Fur Day gets a VC release too so that I don't have to pay upwards of 80 bucks to get a loose copy with a torn label and grime on the connectors. Also, online prices did not change when it was remade for Xbox either.



AshFoxX commented on Prepare to Get Folding in KAMI for 3DS eShop Soon:

I have never seen "Rated 'E' for No descriptors" before in my life.

I'm intrigued... But not in the game, it looks like one of those puzzle games I'll play fine for 15 minutes then suddenly get stuck, curse a lot, then uninstall it.



AshFoxX commented on Unused Textures in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U...:

"These icons are used to denote KOs on the results screen, and every playable character has one as you might expect, but so do Metal Face and Ridley. This heavily implies that these three critters were intended to be used as boss characters on a stage much in the same way as Ridley, Metal Face, and the Yellow Devil are in the final game, and boss characters require a stage."

Elementary, my dear Watson.



AshFoxX commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Misses Out on Topp...:

I love the graphics for Rainbow Curse, but I never felt the stylus controlled 'Canvas curse' was very enthralling. In fact in my experience it was rather dull and boring, and gameplay footage of Rainbow Curse does not instill curiosity for me. I'd rather see a successor to Mass Attack, which is still my favorite Kirby game outside of the platforming series.



AshFoxX commented on Battery Manufacturer Mugen Reveals Bigger Batt...:

This would not bother me. I like the extra heft and thickness as my hands tend to be too big even for my 3DS XL. For three times the gaming time, where do I sign? As long as it doesn't exceed the thickness of a Gen 1 game boy, which I can still easily stow away in a back pocket, nothing is too big to be portable.



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: Meet The Man Who Plays Super Mario ...:

Wow. At first I was under the impression this man had somehow wired a recorder into a SFC controller and was going to play the game with his nose. The reality is much more grounded, but makes me feel challenged to do this myself with the music from Little Samson... Just because it's stuck in my head right now :p



AshFoxX commented on Review: Best of Mahjong (3DS eShop):

It's hard to tell from the screens but I'd only be interested if you have multiple tile sets to choose from. the tiny differences in the traditional Mahjong tiles are too hard for me to pair up. My favorite mahjong game is Shanghai II: Dragons Eye for the SNES, and I always use either flags, alphabet or my favorite, street signs. If this has some good tile sets, I'll gladly add it to my 3DS :D



AshFoxX commented on Satoru Iwata States That Around 5.7 Million am...:

I doubt that Ninty would be gung-ho into revealing a new handheld so soon after N3DS since it would be considered the follow up device. However if I am wrong, and I tend to be more often than not, I expect to have N3DS much sooner than anticipated following the steep price drops that accompany a new hardware release.

It would be so nice though if they brought back the Game Boy naming range, even if it is the next evolution of DS and 3DS. I just miss calling it my Game Boy, even if I still do from time to time.



AshFoxX commented on Hackers Discover Unused Animations for Custom ...:

@dadajo Me too, my buddy and I even mused that since this is (likely) Sakurai's final entry into the series, it could adopt the Team Fortess 2 model of constant free updates to keep it current and interesting.

Of course PC gaming over a long term and Console gaming over long term are totally different ideas, but I'll always support Sm4sh content since I have never had as much fun with the series before, and I've already spent more hours on Sm4sh than Mario kart 8, which is huge because I'm the Mario Kart pro of my group.



AshFoxX commented on Talking Point: It's Time to Salute The Nintend...:

When I first found Nintendo Life, the main news articles were about how 3DS was struggling, but not as bad as Wii U. A couple years later, Wii U is finally looking viable to outsiders and the 3DS has sold 50 million units!

I knew they could do it! I don't want to live in a world where Nintendo handhelds are knocked out entirely by smart phones. I play words with friends from time to time, but there is no substitute for a great dedicated Nintendo handheld.



AshFoxX commented on This Is What Happened When A Kid Pitched Super...:

I received a very similar letter from Cartoon network back in the early 00's after I sent them a letter asking if they were going to be airing Pokemon after I had seem them air one episode for some reason. I was sent a letter with an at-the-time 'No, but look forward to our upcoming shows' letter, along with a cool ed edd and eddy colored poster and I believe some stickers. I lost all that stuff over the years, but I still remember thinking how cool it was they even responded.

Funny how not long after Pokemon moved to Cartoon Network, no doubt because of my letter XD



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

Oddly enough, I knew this code existed for probably the past ten years or so, my problem was instead that I kept forgetting the buttons. I used to thing it was left+a+start or start+select or b+a+start, I kept getting confused. Glad this article set me straight again... For the time being.

In any event, I now know i want to put "START+A" on my tombstone since it's not as overdone as ^,^,v,v,<,>,<,>,b,a,start, and it actually makes a little more sense for a tomb stone..



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: Even Masahiro Sakurai Struggles to ...:

I want Rosalina just for display purposes, but it's not worth the trouble to track one down with all the jerkoff scalpers hitting the preorders. As for other Amiibo, my last will be a Sonic one if I happen across one in the wild. Until then, Fox and Pikachu will be my only kids.



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: Super Smash Bros. Fans Raise the St...:

I hope someone soon puts together a list of the best Smash bros. Wii U meta games. These are so fun :D

The best thing we had for a meta game on Melee was trying to make the black hole glitch. We haven't done it in awhile now I think about it



AshFoxX commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

So weird, I just saw this video a couple days ago and started following Gaming Historian. I thought what he was saying was more of a joke than actual offense by the stereotypical Mario pictures, lavishing the fact that something like that has ever existed, let alone in the last 20 years or so.

As for me, I find it hard to be offended by stereotypes because I'm the hardest race on the planet to make fun of because we white folks are just so bland and boring. Almost like I've been sitting in a room for 26 years eating saltines and then suddenly I'm here right now.



AshFoxX commented on Video: This Guy Loves Nintendo Way More Than Y...:

"Lithium states that he has been collecting for seven or eight years - a surprisingly short amount of time to amass everything that he has - and it is very obvious that he cares about Nintendo products way more than any of us do."

No sir, that just means that he (or his daddy) has looooots of money. If he cared about Nintendo more than any of US do, he would have been collecting for far longer than 7 or 8 years, and he'd actually have played some of those games. I've been 'collecting' Nintendo products since I was cognizant of my actual life sometime around 1990, which was the moment I snapped out of autonomous mode and actually developed a basic understanding of awareness.

If I had the funds I would definitely have a Nintendo collection that would dwarf this video, but alas my childhood was full of careless parents who gave away/sold many of my games when I went to college, and the number of 'friends' turned thieves who walked off with some of my favorite games. (I still miss you Mario Kart 64 and Star Fox 64...) I only ever got one or two games as gifts for my birthday or Christmas, and the ones I bought myself took forever to get because I only made a few bucks a week allowance and people in my neighborhood payed dirt for lawn mowing.

tl;dr, screw this guy.



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: According To McDonald's, Mario And ...:

Oh, you. You just couldn't let me go, could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible, aren't you? You won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness. And I won't kill you because you're just too much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever. - King Koopa/Bowser :3



AshFoxX commented on New Pokkén Tournament Controller and Gameplay...:

As long as it's not one of those 'quarter-back, forward, forward, kick, kick, punch, quarter forward, duck' kind of games, I will keep an eye on this, even though I will likely never play it since my motorcycle can't drive to Japan. Not enough gas stations across the North Pacific Ocean. ;P



AshFoxX commented on Rumour: Cave Story 2 Teased at PAX South and C...:

Pfft, I always have gag names for the games on my computer, especially on my steam list. I have Half-Life 2 Episode 3, Duke Nukem Legacy, TimeSplitters Rewind, Portal 2 1/2: Chronicles of Chell, and my personal favorite, My Little Pony: Pipsqueak's Scary But(t) Fun Asylum.

Cave Story 2 would be too on the nose for me ;)



AshFoxX commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

Nintendo always posts disappointing fiscal results throughout the year. Suddenly the fish are biting and frothing at the mouth for their product, and they don't make enough to satisfy demand. This would be okay if the product was not then soon discontinued as was the case with some Amiibo, and the fact that they STILL post disappointing sales, despite shipping all of their stock! What the heck is going on at Nintendo!?



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: Sonic Boom Writer Jokes About Knuck...:

I want to watch Sonic Boom, I really do because I saw one episode and it was entertaining enough to keep my interest which a lot of cartoons today can't do, but it seems like it's never on! Maybe it's because I work nights and sleep mornings, i dunno.



AshFoxX commented on GAME is Selling a 2DS + Mario Kart 7 for £79.99:

Too bad this deal is only in Europe. At this price I could buy one for my friend who I've tried talking into getting a 3DS to play Mario kart and Smash bros. with me. he is under this strange impression that 3DS has no games he would like... But Wii U does.

Alex is a weird guy.



AshFoxX commented on Weirdness: Researchers Working on Mario Artifi...:

I always knew Mario would bring about Skynet due to a careless researcher telling him to quit being so happy...

We tried that on GLaDOS too, and she flooded the facility with a deadly neurotoxin due to her sudden depression.



AshFoxX commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

If I come cross a Sonic amiibo in the wild, I'll likely pick it up to join my Fox and Pikachu. Otherwise I don't see myself buying many more. I do hope that Ninty works on storing saved amiibo data somewhere so it can be used on more games in the future without having to completely reset the figure each time. Granted it doesn't take long to train my amiibo to level 50 on Sm4sh but seeing as I haven't bought my own copy yet, (i been training them at friends houses) and I finally got Pikachu right where I want him to be for sparring and teaming up. Mario Party 10 will (hopefully) not be the last game to use the storage on amiibo so I am curious how this is going to turn out.

I don't think even Nintendo is selfish enough to insist we all will buy a second figure without getting angry about it.



AshFoxX commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

I am still very conflicted. At first I said I wouldn't buy one. The improvements, especially after seeing it boot Sm4sh comparatively to the original models, falling in love with my Amiibos and adorning the possibility of head tracking 3D, I was on board to buy the New 3DS to add to my lineup of a DSLite and 3DSXL, both red and black.

Then NoA says N3DSXL only, and they say 'new red' and 'new black' but all I see is 'wine' and 'gray'. The limited edition ones look great but good luck getting one for a good price, especially since I am intent on holding onto my 3DSXL I already own.

I want one, but right now, I'd rather finally buckle down and pick up a PS4 or a Vita. I already have a 3DS, it works fine, and a few extra seconds of faster booting on Sm4sh should not be enough to warrant another $200. Maybe I'll get one when better colors become available.



AshFoxX commented on New Screenshots for Rock 'N Racing Off Road Sp...:

I have very fond memories of this game and I know I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had any friends who appreciate this kind of racing game. Maybe if it's cheaper than a fiver I may pick it up for a little weekend racing.



AshFoxX commented on Capcom Outlines Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Loca...:

My favorite thing about MH4 coming to the West is that once it launches, MH3U for 3DS will be dirt cheap and I can finally try it without feeling like I'm taking a risk. My track record with RPG's (especially ARPG's) is pretty haphazard as to what sticks and what barely lasts a weekend before I get bored.



AshFoxX commented on Gallery: Imagining What Banjo-Kazooie Might Lo...:

I appreciate the work that has gone into these images but I don't think it is possible to capture the charm and spirit of the original visuals no matter how much you try to polish it. If I have learned anything from the Xbox version of Conkers Bad Fur Day (Live and Reloaded) it's that the N64 had the ability to inject pure charm into games like these based solely on the limitations of the hardware that cannot be emulated anywhere else. Maybe it is just rose colored nostalgia goggles, but that is how I feel. I miss the days where these colorful wacky designs were the norm for video games because the developers and artists had to be creative to make the most out of the visual limitations available to them. This applies to almost everything that came before N64 as well.

Now, you want to see a big hulking metallic spaceship being baked into a pie, you can see exactly that and in crisp clear HD but somehow the charm just isn't there anymore.



AshFoxX commented on Review: Mario Party Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:

@Dpishere If you have friends with DS's, I'd highly recommend Mario Party DS. As far as console entries, you can get Mario Party 2 on Wii Virtual Console for (in the US anyway) 1000 points. ($10.00) It is still my favorite Mario Party game, and it's totally worth the price.