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United States

Tue 1st Sep 2009

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aryan commented on Ashes Cricket 2009 Still On The Cards For an N...:

I am amazed to see how many people are predicting that the game will bomb in NA. I got my copy shipped from UK (PC ver. ofcourse) the next day it was released. And just to make few things clear about how easy it is to learn cricket, this game has a legends mode where some great players in cricket teach you how to play the game, it is so basic and simple to understand that I got frustrated since I have played this game forever. But looking at a newbie perspective, which could actually form a good majority of people in US, this is a really good game to get started and even take it to next level. I am one of those people who have emailed codemasters for the NTSC ver. but looks like they don't seemed convinced. There is no way I can play it on wii in US, which would be really great, and I am really upset about it. I mean common atleast just count the number of emails you got, you will have that many buyers, plus don't forget the fact that lot more people will get hooked up to it once they play it on their friends console. I already have 3 guys who knew nothing about cricket till I showed them the PC ver. and now they can't believe that Wii ver. is not getting released in US !!!