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I'm ArtwarkSwark the warkiest wark of all the Swarks around! My interests are music, story writing, making and playing games and doing voice acting and drawing comics. I love Nintendo!

Mon 9th Sep 2013

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Artwark commented on Level-5 CEO Talks About Bringing the Company's...:

@TechnoPk He actually is interested in porting the series to the Wii U. Thing is though by the time they do it, the Wii U's lifespan would have ended.

But honestly, the series itself is to be played on the go unless they make puzzles that are longer to solve than simple touch solutions.



Artwark commented on Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Has Modest Im...:

Battlefront of all is on top?!?!? I thought that game was awful!

But where's Fire Emblem Fates sales.......ok I want to understand just how do games sell in Japan. Is it like the chart period where once the sales decline, the game stops selling or something? Or is this typical of Nintendo not revealing sales until at some point?

Also, Isn't Amiibo Festival a free to start game? How is that selling?



Artwark commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

Yeah.....I can see how this year might not be Nintendo's strongest. But since Nintendo has went through a lot in this year, I'm fine Especially after we lost someone deep down.

But on the flipside, look at their Eshop. That's something worth noting.



Artwark commented on Shigesato Itoi Explains, Once Again, Why Mothe...:

Firstly, the series itself isn't taking place in a story that requires continuation.

Secondly, he's a writer not a game producer so of course its only natural for him to say that. And quite honestly, after getting Undertale, I'm fine that we don't get Mother sequels simply because there will be spiritual successors to earthbound like Undertale.



Artwark commented on Today Was Shigeru Miyamoto's 63rd Birthday:

Happy Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto!

My favorite game designer ever...first and foremost.

I don't care what gamers today say about him. He's the best person Nintendo ever has and ever will have.



Artwark commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

There's no deny that this direct blew many of us here. But I do wish that Bill like improves on his acting a lot more. Certainly looks like he's just doing stuff just for the sake of keeping his job. Doesn't feel engaging like Iwata-San's actions.



Artwark commented on Take a Look at Nintendo's Game Awards 2015 Nom...:

If Nintendo doesn't win developer of the year, then the industry truly has a black heart!

Seriously, PS4 and ONE don't really have a lot to offer unlike the Wii U. Nintendo themselves take lots of risk and yet, they end up making fun games.



Artwark commented on Preview: Crossing Over With Mario & Luigi: Pap...:

@brewsky Well when you think about it, the fact that Paper Mario's attacks compensate for that just only makes the game easier than Dream Team.

Getting this even if its a seven or a six. Would really love it if there's a preview for FE Fates as well.



Artwark commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

So the rumor was true after all!

I'll be honest.....I never thought that Nintendo is this adamant when they said that they want to surprise us! Now I'm puzzled whether to get the Wii U early next year or get the 3 3DS games that I want!

Who knows what's to come next year!



Artwark commented on Review: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii U):

Since this game is out on the Wii and 3DS also, can we get reviews on those versions too?

Also, I think you guys are being hard here. How can you say that the learning curve in Kid Icarus Uprising is better than this game? Surely the other versions can justify this review and give players a good reason why to get it.



Artwark commented on Random: Fire Emblem 0 Will Be Getting Some Car...:

I can't help but worry just how poorly NoA is going to market Fates. Seriously, most of the time, I don't see them do it right and when they do it right, its for important games like Super Mario Maker.

As for FE, I'll buy Fates no matter what fate its in!



Artwark commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Here's to another 10 years! I love you @nintendolife!

But I do wish that magazines come back though. To see a page in the web costs a lot of bandwidth and since many countries can't afford that, Magazines are a better alternative because its cheaper plus, you don't need power (Except if your reading in a dark room.)



Artwark commented on Target Reservation Cards Re-Affirm Fire Emblem...:

@scamander I meant that to choose the other one, its offered as DLC. Since buying it on DLC is the same as buying both copies, its said that UK will get both at a discount which is not a good suggestion. While I do agree that NoA doesn't do things right, they manage to do smart decisions.

But time will tell just how its going to be in the end. My biggest worry is the amount of burn that I have to face when playing two SRPGs. If each game were like 20 hours instead of forty, then I can dig it but its apparently not which worries me.



Artwark commented on SNK Playmore Ditches Pachinko Machines To Focu...:

I must wonder....what exactly is the difference between the arcade machines and the Pachinko machines since they both have you require to insert coins to play the games?

As for SNK, the fact that they said they would focus on phones just proves that we'd be seeing mark of wolves badly implemented on a phone. I mean, phones themselves are horrible to play games on.



Artwark commented on These Lush Star Fox Zero Wallpapers Will Make ...:

@MitchVogel I don't think the graphics are the problem here. The game runs really smooth and this is the only Wii U game as far as I know that makes great use of the gamepad.

I think the real problem here is that visually, as amazing as they are to me and some others, its just passable at best. I guess the delay will polish up the visuals even better.



Artwark commented on Nintendo May Monetise Miitomo Through Outfits,...:

If Nintendo just moves to mobile, that is really bad news for console gaming in general. Then Sony and Microsoft would have to move to mobile as well.

I agree with Miyamoto-San here, simply doing something ordinary on the phone isn't mind blowing. The Miitomo is more of an experiment than it is of a chance.