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I'm ArtwarkSwark the warkiest wark of all the Swarks around! My interests are music, story writing, making and playing games and doing voice acting and drawing comics. I love Nintendo!

Mon 9th September, 2013

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Artwark commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

Its funny because some games like Sonic games for Nintendo tend to be exclusive to those systems only and no one complains about those quality Sonic games?

What about Professor Layton? That game can be even on Vita but nope. Its Nintendo character for sure! Btw I wonder if Smash will show Professor Layton as a trophy? I mean the character is Nintendo exclusive with maybe one game exception but still.....



Artwark commented on Video: Here Are Some Cool Facts Around the DS:

@Ralizah Never was mine broken at all....... wonder why a lot claim this though.

Also since PS2 is discontinued and that the DS is still out there, does that mean that the DS will have the chance to beat PS2.

but still, How can anyone compare handheld vs console anyways. The DS relied heavily on Pixel art for the majority of games and its 3d graphics besides a few games were very low poly at best......



Artwark commented on Bayonetta on Wii U Bewitches as the Best Version:

@Emblem Why is 8 a bad score anyway. Kid Icarus got a 9 and only the ones who like the controls can fully love the game.

Why can't the rating system change like instead of a score, why not something like a word that concludes whether its worth it or not?



Artwark commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

Even though I love the 3DS, I'd rather get the Wii U version because well...... the Wii U's got Gamecube controller support and this one doesn't.... also, I just don't see myself having fun in a fighting game that fits in screens of a handheld.



Artwark commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

I agree with Mr. Iwata here.....

even if Nintendo does what others do, It won't help them much because of people preference rather than being forced to get their products. If you want your stuff to sell, you need to differentiate it with the others to convince them that your product is the new way of things.

Like I've said before, Happy 125 years Nintendo! I've been a fan of you since 1992 and I want to make games for you no matter what!



Artwark commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

How did the DS sell more than the 3DS? Because it was region free. Some will debate that the 3DS isn't any different than the DS but I assure you that if the DS were region locked, it wouldn't have come close to outselling the PS2 records (I believe DS is winning as the PS2 is discontinued.)



Artwark commented on Nintendo Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary:


Ever since I saw Mario, that character changed me and made me decide that I wanted to play and only play Nintendo games. As I grew older, I learnt your history and played every other games you had to offer like Zelda, DK, Metroid and many more.

It is my dream to work exclusively for Nintendo and make games only for Nintendo! Happy B'Day Nintendo and may you live for another 125 years!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D




Artwark commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

I'm quite envious that he made a world wide game at the age of 21 and that I wasn't able to do so...... it just makes me wonder if people at my age are better than me because they are able to do something that I can't.......:(

That said, he's a genius like Miyamoto. At one point in the Kid Icarus interview, he said that he loves Open world games so if he's to make the next Metroid game, I'm certainly looking forward to it. Despite this however, I still respect Miyamoto more than Sakurai because his creations are simply outstanding and have lots of variety in my taste.



Artwark commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

Got nothing to say. I'm actually happy Nintendo did something different for Zelda. Though I'm not sure if I'll get it. Even if it is a 9, I'd still won't be convinced to get it. Sorry. Its just my taste in just hack and slash is just well......not much.



Artwark commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@SanderEvers So Is Kid Icarus, F-Zero and game and watch yet there isn't much of announcements for these series either.

Its pretty simple solution. This should've been a Wii U exclusive only. A lot are going to use the Wii U version not because its better, but also because its got controller options as well.



Artwark commented on Review: Super Mario Ball (Wii U eShop / Game B...:

I have this game. Played it a lot when I was young! Managed to get all the Golden Eggs, Blue coins and all the power stars. If you get a highscore without losing, you enter a special bonus after you beat the game. I can understand that the game may not be for all Mario fans out there since the game can get frustrating especially in the final stage but I had a great time with it and in the end that's all that matters. Its a shame that Nintendo isn't gonna put more effort into this pinball game because out of all the pinballs that I've played, this one's the best!

I never actually thought Nintendo would port this game because I thought this game wouldn't have sold well.



Artwark commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Sells Over ...:

Well its to be expected.....I mean how can this not do well when its all well.

Still I think its better to get the Wii U version instead. I mean Its got gamecube controller support. Even with the new 3DS showing up, I doubt that will make up for this one.



Artwark commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

My original 3ds had that rubber off. So I sold it and got an XL only to realize that the XL is even worse.

I knew the Wii U version is the most ideal one seeing that you have an analog that rotates instead of a pad that slides.

I wonder if the new 3DS models will resolve the pad issues........



Artwark commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

You guys are really good at making cakes! :D

The gamecube is a pure gem man. I'll never forget the times I had with Luigi's Mansion, Thousand Year Door, Wario World, SA2 Battle, Battalion Wars........ah memories.

As for Prime, I guess I should get the trilogy to get those games.



Artwark commented on Weirdness: Modder Recreates Donkey Kong Countr...:

@Usagi-san Nor will it do any good if the criminal can't afford to pay the fine. You think that by just making a game that's free and adds no profit would do some harm for Nintendo? If anything, these fans are helping Nintendo by making people aware of the characters rather than seeing them through Nintendo products only.

Personally, most games are a bit decent compared to the original like AMR2 for Metroid 2.



Artwark commented on SEGA Announces Sand-Based Arcade Game, Probabl...:

How does that game work? That alone makes me curious....... I mean, like how does sand give input to the game like that? Its actually really impressive that SEGA should stop with video games and focus on arcades.......



Artwark commented on Pre-Orders Open For NES, Persona Q and Smash B...:

I don't get the design of the NES one. Why couldn't they just put the front and back system design like how they did with the box instead of just putting the controller sticker in the front?

Even the persona one looks better than this.



Artwark commented on Review: Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip & Kipper: ...:

@Frapp ............where did I say anything about Nintendo life being low? If anything, the Nintendo Life reviewers are far better than the ones in Gamespot and IGN even( Triple Deluxe a 6 because of easiness? Shovel Knight gets a 7 from gamespot and nothing negative about it?)

I'm just one of those guys that first sees the score and then reads the article. I said that the fact that Nintendo happened to publish this game just shows that it managed to get an 8. I mistakenly thought that the pic itself would mean something that would not be considered a game that's worth anyone's time so I thought Nintendo Life would be kind enough to give it atleast 4 rather than just plain 1.

I guess I now learned my lesson to not judge a book by its cover.....I think. :P



Artwark commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

I hate it when people can't respect Nintendo's innovations. If the N64 had quality games, why the hell are you hating the controller?

And that's another problem. Anything Nintendo does, people just insult Nintendo and say "Someone else could've done it so why are you praising Nintendo?" I wish I could punch those who say that as it gets on my nerves a LOT! XD