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I'm ArtwarkSwark the warkiest wark of all the Swarks around! My interests are music, story writing, making and playing games and doing voice acting and drawing comics. I love Nintendo!

Mon 9th September, 2013

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Artwark commented on Nintendo's Corporate Social Responsibility Rep...:

If Nintendo can make me smile outside of entertainment.....that is the greates gift I can ever have in my entire life.

I can't believe that you left me Iwata-san. And I still haven't been able to let go of your incident yet.



Artwark commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

I wish these analysts would just go already......why the hell do we need them? They don't get stuff right. That Micheal Patcher keeps saying "Mobile is the future, Nintendo needs to go Mobile!" And yet we don't want them to move to mobile because of how successful their console market really is.



Artwark commented on Feature: Hands On With The Spooktacular Luigi'...:

@BenBertoli Does the game have any story in it?

Also does it look a lot like Dark Moon in terms of graphics? What is the ultimate goal of the game?

I know Arcades are popular only in Japan but why is it that Nintendo is broadening the Arcade market all of a sudden? Arcades aren't that HUGE compared to Mobile right?



Artwark commented on High-Speed Action Platformer Spark The Electri...:

I don't get how SEGA can't literally see the demand of a proper Sonic game AFTER ALL OF THESE GAMES SHOWING UP?!?!?!?

One thing I don't understand is how SEGA can't sue these guys for copying their IP like that?



Artwark commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

@DESS-M-8 I wouldn't say that the NX will be as powerful as the PS4. As it can be something that will support nearly all game engines possible like Cry engine etc.

Either way, glad Nintendo got Dragon Quest as their.......Ok, I don't know if this one acts like third party or second party since dragon quest does well on Nintendo systems generally. But its good news none the less.



Artwark commented on Meteos:

I can't believe that Nintendolife didn't review this game. :P



Artwark commented on Meteos:

Can't believe that Nintendolife didn't make a review in this game..... :P



Artwark commented on Feature: How to Track Down Nintendo's Original...:

I hear that they still make card games....that really true?

Anyways, Nintendo, a job well done. You come from a long way and you keep getting better than ever! :D I wish I can see Nintendo employees once..... :(



Artwark commented on Genyo Takeda The Likely Choice For Nintendo Pr...:

@EXP Exactly. Anybody getting to old at that age can't run as a CEO because that's the age to think of retirement. Plus, I don't think Takeda would have that sort of passion to be the CEO because he can easily retire now.

I don't get the point of these analysts. Why can't they observe things carefully instead of just coming down to pointless opinions that matter a lot instead of your own.



Artwark commented on Nintendo Releases Genyo Takeda's Full Eulogy ...:

After reading this.....I'm still shocked by this news.

This did teach me something.......whether you met a person or not, to lose such a life who was always there for us whether outside of us or not can still be a friend to you because of how he/she had touched us all.

And one of those people was indeed Iwata...... :(



Artwark commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

So much of tech talk......this is already deciding the fate of NX when the system itself isn't even launched yet.

What difference does it make whether it uses ARM or APU since they clearly stated that they always want to make their systems affordable while at the same time, make fun innovative games?



Artwark commented on Feature: Our Tributes and Memories of Satoru I...:

I have been depressed ever since he died. I couldn't get any sleep. I feel like I've lost someone dear to me....someone who puts a smile on my face....someone who understands my concerns and desires.

I will never forget you Iwata just like how I have never forgotten Fusajiro Yamauchi, Sekiyro Kaneda ( ok I couldn't remember this one, my bad. :P)
and finally Hiroshi Yamauchi. You revived Nintendo and made Nintendo even better than before Iwata and nobody can say no to that and even if they do, We won't.

I always wanted to have a conversation with you in Iwata asks when I can make games for Nintendo only. But I guess now, I would have to use my imagination to do so and I don't mind because you will always be a good friend. :)



Artwark commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

This has to be some joke right?????? Right?

I.....I don't know what to say.....he saved Nintendo from bankruptcy. He made announcing stuff easier and he was trying to push Nintendo ahead of time....... :(

We will all miss you Satoru Iwata.....:(



Artwark commented on Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL Looks Set fo...:

I'm fine with either Red even though blue's my favorite color. After all, Red used to be the color logo for Nintendo and now its more of a grey.....which looks like Nintendo is ageing......which makes me sad so I wanted to feel happy by getting red.



Artwark commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

Wait....if Nintendo is co developing this game.....then how is it that NoA gets to decide this game to not come to the west since they are suppose to localize nearly every game made by Nintendo to be localized in the west?

They may have a choice whether this game can be in the west or not like lost levels but then in that case, Fire Emblem wouldn't have seen in the west if NoA didn't see anything out of it?



Artwark commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Strategy Needs to be Glo...:

I'm willing to bet that if Nintendo did make powerful hardware, People would still complain about it big time.

Kid Icarus fans: Give us Kid Icarus!
Nintendo releases KI : U for 3DS.
Kid Icarus fans: Make it for Wii U cause the controls suck!

Fans: Give us Mother 3.
Nintendo gives mother 1.
Fans: We said 3 not 1!

Fans: Give us a new game Nintendo. Seriously, all your games are nowhere as new as it was back then.
Nintendo gives us Splatoon for the Wii U.
Fans: No voice chat?

Seriously, I can understand that third parties are important for the game industry but do they really save or make a lot of profit for Nintendo?

Out of all the games that are on the 3DS, Nintendo games are the ones that sell like HUGE well. Look, like I said, I get the importance of third party games and as such, I do play most of them. But they aren't the saving grace for Nintendo because majority of them like SEGA are so lazy to even make one decent game for their systems. Seriously though, the fact that SEGA does something that we didn't ask them to do, but you do it on the system anyway and it doesn't sell well, but you blame it on the Wii U instead? What?

Lots of third parties these days don't know how to make games or heck let's even try mocking Nintendo here a bit and also claim that they don't know how to make games. They are off with the times, they are slow and worst of all, they have gimmicks that nobody has asked them to do.

And yet, we all end up buying their games, loving them and most of them all, still supporting them and its like how Sakurai-San stated "I focus more on the gameplay than everything else". If the games are fun and if they are affordable, then why not buy their games? You think Third Party devs can realize that Nintendo dominates the handheld market and yet you see them not making games for their systems because they don't know how to make games.

Boy, at this point, its all rant for nothing. Sorry, got to get it out because ever since last week, so much of negativity was around me.



Artwark commented on Fire Emblem Fates Third Path And New HOME Them...:

@PlywoodStick @KO-Cub You do realize that the 3DS isn't really that powerful enough to handle such data right? Smash can't support circle pad pro so the additional features can only be used on the new 3ds.

If they made both in one, it would have a LOT of space to store and that means like 16 GB space we are talking about here. This could probably mean that they would have to make it as a new 3ds exclusive and that could be a real bad thing.

Also, if you observe in Iwata asks, they never sounded like they were greedy or anything. If anything, Intelligent systems is basically owned by Nintendo and plays by Nintendo's rules. If there is the issue of the game not having two in one, Nintendo will blame Intelligent Systems for that which would force them to produce both games in one cart.

Yes, I too want both in one but since this isn't revealed yet in the west, we don't know for sure how its going to end up. Perhaps that's the reason why its taking them a year to localize it to remove some controversies and such.

I don't think its for money that Nintendo purposefully did this as I feel that there is some logic behind all of this. If both were in one, they would have to increase the game's price and while I would be fine with that, I'm sure others won't.



Artwark commented on DeNA Executive Confirms Plans For Five Nintend...:

@AVahne Even Advance Wars would work well on Mobile.

The problem here is if they make FE games on Mobile, then what about the consoles? What if they leave that behind and focus the series on mobile. I don't want it like that. Also, just because it sounds like a perfect fit doesn't mean it will do well. Look at games like Pokemon Shuffle. That doesn't fit for the 3ds but definitely for the mobile it does.



Artwark commented on DeNA Executive Confirms Plans For Five Nintend...:

Please don't do a Fire Emblem game on phones. Cause otherwise, micro transactions would ruin the entire game if each character is bough and that you can't reset but inorder to revive the characters, you need to pay to do so.

I know Nintendo isn't stupid to do this but man, you never know because Nintendo loves making risks and from its history, it shows. Please Nintendo I am begging you....DON'T PUT FIRE EMBLEM ON PHONES!



Artwark commented on Unseen64 Digs Up Development Insights Into Met...:

You know? They could just port Metroid 2 as a remake only do it like Zero Mission if they are struggling for the story. I can understand the delay of the new metroid game because they take really good care of their IPs something which you don't see anyone else do the same.