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Wed 5th Mar 2008

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Ark commented on Fire Emblem Fates Looks Set to be a Single Rel...:

Nothing would change. You can marry one specific female as a female if you pick the Hoshido route, marry one specific male as a male if you pick Nohr, or marry either one in Invisible Kingdom...just like normal. The Limited Edition version in Japan (which features all three routes for one price) works just like that, allowing you to pick between three routes in Chapter 6 whenever you start a new file.

It's not that the Hoshido game "disables" you from having same-sex relations with the male character; the male literally won't even join your team because he is aligned with the opposite nation and you will instead fight him.

And technically if you buy Hoshido as DLC for the Nohr game, you can get the other character you don't initially have access to (so long as you start a new file or buy it at the turning point in Chapter 6).

TL;DR: There's no reason this would impact anything.



Ark commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:

"he just insults Nintendo through baseless assumptions - that's anything, but definitely not befitting for a representative for a big company"

Except that he doesn't - skip to 35 minutes and 45 seconds into the interview from which this "quote" originated for the full context. He never claimed to know anything about amiibos in the slightest. If you still believe he's slagging Nintendo, let alone even addressing amiibos or their situation in the slightest, I'm interested in your reasoning.

This man's reputation is being marred entirely by the way websites are reporting him. He states his company's policy and, if anything, went out of his way to avoid mentioning amiibos or Nintendo's practices.



Ark commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:

This article's headline is a blatant misrepresentation of an executive's statement. The alleged "choice words" presented as being a quote here are heavily paraphrased - never actually occurring during the entire 44 minute interview from which they originated. For the full context and evidence, fast forward to 35 minutes and 45 seconds in and give it a listen..

All of Vignocchi's comments during the question pertained directly to the Disney Infinity line of products and to claim that him stating company policy somehow equates to branding a competitor as "irresponsible" or "rude" borders on slander. Vignocchi was not addressing the amiibo situation and, in fact, there was a transition in the interview into the potential popularity of Disney Infinity's new line that negated the need to even do so. In order for his comments to even be perceived as being applicable to Nintendo in the first place, he would have had to state or at least imply that Nintendo deliberately creates shortages, which was, of course, never said nor implied.

I would surmise NintendoLife merely skimmed the Destructoid article and wrote this piece with no ill intentions, but I feel this is worth bringing to light in the interest of debunking fiction presented as fact.



Ark commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

I'm fairly neutral on this subject given the vagueness of existing statistics and heavy bias surrounding the topic in both directions. However...
"They know better than anyone else whether piracy is benefitting them or not, and they're trying to stop pirating of their system"
One in favour of the argument that piracy increases sales could justify Nintendo's actions as maintaining its public image to appease third party concerns. If Nintendo made no efforts to curtail piracy, this would not reflect well on the company in all circles (what with the amount of publishers and developers that spoke out on the issue last generation).

Its action or lack of action in that regard cannot be used as evidence to support either side, I feel, as there is still ample reason for a company that "knows" piracy is worthwhile not to wholly embrace it. By designing architecture strong enough to keep activity at bay for the early portion of a generation and then appearing to combat piracy for the remainder (however poorly that may be done), it can reap the benefits of both groups with far lesser repercussions. This option represents the least risk, in fact.



Ark commented on Sega Still Considering Its Options For The Wii...:

Do VC games still have a file size restriction? I thought all size issues were abolished with the advent of the eShop. It seems silly since Nintendo's own NES games have increased significantly in size since the Wii.

Aside from that, I'm inclined to believe Sega could get Dreamcast games on Wii U fairly easily given the numerous DC games on both the 360 and PS3...if not forced to implement many actual VC features and allowed to use the occasional modified PC version, of course. I doubt Saturn games, however, given the difficulty required to emulate the system's awkward architecture even to this day.



Ark commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

Robin is also listed as "UPDATE" despite being a new character. If you look at the character page on the mobile site, the Lucina banner shown displays "newcomer" in a manner similar to all the others. Lastly, when you click on Lucina from the desktop version, "newcomer" also becomes displayed. It's likely just because they've never had back to back newcomers with not enough veterans in between and they want it to be aesthetically pleasing. There's nothing to imply that she's a skin that I can see and some have noted differences in her attack animations.

I see no reason why Chrom would be playable when he has been confirmed to be part of Robin's Final Smash. It would be rather redundant. Logic dictates that if Chrom were playable, Lucina would not have gotten a page since there was ample opportunity to give him an introduction in the Fire Emblem-heavy trailer.



Ark commented on Tomonubu Itagaki Thinks Gamers Will Buy A Wii ...:

@NintendoLife, @Damo
Tomonobu Itagaki was typed incorrectly as "Tomonubu Itagaki" three times in this article (headline, main story, and tag). Minor errors are always inevitable, but I believe this industry figure warrants a correction (particularly in the case of the tag since there is an existing one with the correct spelling).



Ark commented on Ike Joins the Battle in Super Smash Bros. for ...:

That would be because Marth is considered the closest thing the Fire Emblem series has to a "face" (minus Anna, who rarely fights and has never been a main character). He was the first lord in the first game of the series and has been prominently featured in sequels, remakes, and other time periods entirely. Of all the main "lord" characters, he is the most commonly featured.

Adding onto this, Roy was removed from Brawl while Marth stayed. Many people felt this was because Marth was a significant character whereas Roy was basically promotional material for the upcoming Fire Emblem 6. Presumably Ike is staying because he was such a popular character in Brawl and he has been a main(-ish) character in multiple games. Since Chrom has only been in one game, he is more comparable to Roy than Marth or Ike at this point. Chrom is certainly relevant nonetheless, seeing how Awakening is the most current game and brought greater recognition to the series overseas.



Ark commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

I think @JohnRedcorn nailed it. Nintendo simply has to make use of its IPs on smartphones to bolster their main business, not make them the focus. Remember the abundance of little mini-games Nintendo used to produce for PC that would advertise upcoming games? I recall playing this one Mario Party 4 game that showcased the features of the real game was reasonably fun in its own right. Something like that would go down reasonably well as a free app with ads on top.

There's also the lucrative market of those who have no real intention of ever picking up a Nintendo console (or any) based on their gaming habits but would certainly play a Nintendo title if it became popular on the store. These people can still be a source of income. The recent Pokemon Trozei on 3DS, for instance, would have gone down very well as a cheap mobile puzzle game instead of a possibly overpriced 3DS one. Alternatively, they could have some skilled indies produce new IPs with the Nintendo name on them aimed solely at the mobile market.

It's also worth considering that, despite the popular misconception that "Nintendo is for kids", Nintendo's core demographic has been shifting upwards in age. Nintendo needs to reach new generations of children with its IPs and children are increasingly using smartphones. Kids can become part of the primary income (consumer of home console) or secondary (consumer of only mobile titles). There are plenty of buds in the mobile garden that Nintendo could be watering and they would grow into Nintendo-owned (or at least Nintendo-interested) trees.

There would be some initial, inevitable shock towards Nintendo "making games for smartphones", but Nintendo did manage to release an official, paid Pokemon app and few blinked (though admittedly the price tag probably played a part in that...). I think the biggest problem with this approach is that it would have to be handled somewhat delicately in certain aspects, but once the initial shock is through, you've got consistent advertisements for their main products+ad revenue, extra income that wouldn't have ever been available before, and the occasional Nintendo fan looking to double dip. As Reggie would say, Nintendo simply has to make the distinction between bite-sized meals and full meals.

This as well. Regardless of one's opinion on the actual "value" of achievements, they instill a sense of brand loyalty to those who do enjoy them. Owners of multiple platforms looking to buy a multiplatform game may gravitate towards the one they use most and, even if that isn't always Nintendo's, adopting such a system has minimal negative effects so long as it's optional (like virtually all of them are anyway).



Ark commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

I think you've just inadvertently proven Barely_Able's point. Most of the cheap games in that link that are below the Wii U VC's cost are licensed titles that most likely won't be released anyway. The ones that are official Nintendo far surpass what you'll be paying for the digital equivalents. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, for instance, is a whopping 69,90 €. Even many of the licensed games and eligible third party titles there noticeably surpass 20 €.



Ark commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated With Some Retro ...:

Perhaps it's for the several millions of Wii owners that do not own a Wii U. Super Metroid will only be 30 cents on the Wii U's Virtual Console and this will be part of a limited promotion.

Purchasing through Club Nintendo also removes the need to use a credit card or pre-paid card (although I suspect most would be able to scrape together 30 cents if they even occasionally purchase downloadable games).



Ark commented on Sonic Racing Transformed Frame Rate Issues Hav...:

It wasn't a complaint so much as a mutal disagreement. Price is rarely a barrier to my enjoyment of a game unless it is upwards of $150. If the iOS version has all the retail content at an equal price (with good stability) I would buy it there since my device is always with me. Those with a passing interest or less care for Sega/Sonic fan-service will likely get much better bang for their bucks on the App Store.

As @ThePillowGolem said, the stability is something to actually take issue with. Even after the most recent update, it crashes every few courses and is generally slow on my device (something I don't care for in a racing game). Sega could easily turn this all around for the sequel, though.



Ark commented on Sonic Racing Transformed Frame Rate Issues Hav...:

True, the Wii U version isn't looking terribly special at the moment. I'll probably pick it up on Vita or PS3 for consistency.

If the iOS game is anything like the original, though, it will have a fraction of the characters, stages, and modes as well as questionable stability. I've seen no indication that the iOS sequel will improve or worsen things, so I won't pass judgement yet. Theoretically, I am more interested in the immediate gratification offered by the PS3/Wii U/360/Vita versions rather than waiting for updates that still offer inferior content.

Really, I'm happy to pay top dollar to get everything instead of just the core experience. I also feel compelled to support the company's retail efforts given the current financial situation.



Ark commented on Wii Has Featured Fewer New IPs Than Rivals:

Not only is Fortune Street over 15 years old, it's not a Nintendo property. Rather, Square-Enix owns the series. To the few who want to make the argument that "Fortune Street" is not "Itadaki Street", there exists another Fortune Street game on iOS. It wasn't a matter of having Mario characters in the game that disqualified it either. Hope that clarifies.

I should also clarify that games like PokéPark are not considered new IPs despite featuring different gameplay. They are widely regarded as spin-offs of existing properties.



Ark commented on Talking Point: eShop Card Delay Proves Nintend...:

One solution is to buy a pre-paid MasterCard credit card to use on the eShop. I'm not sure if this is an option for other areas of the world, but I'd like to think that there are similar equivalents elsewhere. It's not any better or worse than a traditional eShop card, I believe. I haven't seen a single eShop card here in Canada yet.

Of course, I'd like to think that they could get these cards out there and make them as common as MS Points, or PSN cash. How are your customers supposed to easily purchase your merchandise if it's too confusing or difficult to get currency?



Ark commented on New 3DS System Update Warns You About Piracy:

I think this is just a scare tactic. You could use flashcards out of the box since before it even launched in Europe and America. They haven't tried to fight it at all, but this is probably because hackers haven't made any major progress being able to run 3DS games. The DSi was updated for anti-piracy after the 3DS was released, but 3DS wasn't. It almost seems like a truce (or they're bringing out something very big).

Nintendo doesn't want you to pirate, because they want the money (and understandably so). It would be counter-productive to brick the system of someone who is desperately waiting to pirate Super Mario 3DS when you could stop hackers briefly and increase sales a tad. They would pnly be shrinking their own userbase, which is dangerous right now. Some pirates don't buy games at all, but some actually do or will buy them if anxious. You're not 'losing' tons of money, so long as you continue to counteract and make it a huge pain to pirate things. They've been very lax concerning piracy, but who knows. Putting down $40 is easier than $290.

I think we'll find out once hackers get something major running. I doubt Nintendo will make the first move unless truly needed.



Ark commented on SEGA, Aksys and Konami All Use Permanent 3DS S...:

There exist devices that allow one to remove save data and back it up on the computer, then inject save data back inside the cart. They can't take ROMs, so no piracy if you're wondering.

Essentially, these devices make this issue meaningless unless it spreads to other consoles or you don't feel like investing in potentially sketchy Chinese hardware. I might pick up one of these data removers (depending on the legality, I'm not sure where these things lie), simply because it's nice to have backups of game data.

I think Nintendo would have been better off taking a PSP-like approach where save data is concerned, allowing it to be imported and exported at will instead of storing everything on the cartridge.



Ark commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd June 2011 (North America):

The eShop still hasn't "started" in my mind, so I'm okay with this. I'm sure we'll see a few more weeks (perhaps a month or two) of these sorts of releases until we finally get some new content on the store or multiple VC games.

Things sure are looking lonely on the Wii front, though...



Ark commented on Nintendo Download: 16th June 2011 (North America):

Hmmm...can't say I'm disappointed since I have other games and consoles to play, but looks like we might have to wait a while on eShop games.

So far we've got one free app that doesn't appeal to/isn't useful for everyone. The rest of the content on the store is old or ported. No actual new games as of yet.



Ark commented on Four Swords Freebie is the Game Boy Advance Ve...:

@18 golephish
1. ExciteBike will only cost money for those who didn't download it for free in the first month, similar to the Wii Internet Channel (Nintendo later gave people their money back for that though).

2. Since 3DS supports DSi Ware, it's possible that Four Swords will work. There's no confirmation though, so we'll have to wait for that.



Ark commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ...:

Yes, but I mean how is one supposed to know that it's part of the plot? It gives off more of a sidequest vibe. There are other characters who seek items that come after Yoshi, which are unobtainable until getting Yoshi, thus potentially confusing the player.



Ark commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ...:

This game was one of my all-time favorites, but I do disagree with one point in particular: "the game certainly didn't need any tweaking".

The game actually explained a lot for something of its time period, even containing a hint system (though you still have to wander around a fair bit), but how is one to know that you need to get Yoshi from a vending machine, spawning a mini-quest in order to advance the plot? I don't believe Ulrira mentions this at all. There are minor instances throughout the game where bits of extra dialog would go a long way.

The DX version also removes the ability to skip conversations. While that's inoffensive in theory, it appears that every time you touch a rock or the "weird objects", you have to read the text, so skipping would be useful here. What's far more annoying, though, is that you can only carry two items at once. It's forgivable since it was on a system with four buttons total, but Link's Awakening would benefit from a bottom screen inventory. Far too much time is spent fiddling around with items, especially when you have to use Pegasus boots+Roc's Cape.

Lastly, save issues and not-so-infrequent game crashes have been experienced, such as when I jumped on a fish in the fifth dungeon and the 3DS practically blew up (had to force-power down). I don't mind the glitches for nostalgia's sake, but it appears this port has its own kinks to work out?

I'm not saying the game needed updates for a $6 port, of course, but if there is a Zelda that deserves a remake, it's this one. I'd love to see Link's Awakening "remastered".



Ark commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

Mickeymac has the right idea. It seems that the so-called casuals buy a lot of the same games, but "hardcore" gamers, while less plentiful, buy a obscene amounts games in comparison. If they can somehow manage to appeal to both, they'll be in terrific shape.



Ark commented on Professor Layton and the Last Specter Coming t...:

Saw this coming, makes sense given the popularity. The real question is whether they'll have the patience to localize the 100 hour post-game RPG. It'll be a while until we get Mask of Miracles for 3DS, though.



Ark commented on You Must Finish Ocarina of Time 3D to Take On ...:

Is it really jumping the gun if the incentive to buy the game is gone? A portable version of the game with pretty graphics isn't enough to sell some people when the game is available right now for $10 (and on a console that's cheaper than a 3DS).

Does it make any sense to pay $40 and spend 20 hours trying to get the feature you wanted? Many people have played through OoT at least 3 times so I doubt they would want to play the same game they already know. If it was Master Quest from the get-go, which not everyone has experienced, with new visuals, it might warrant a purchase.



Ark commented on DSi Firmware Gets an Update:

Yes, people to who use flashcards and don't own another DS. Although, I doubt they really care since they've already countered Nintendo's measures. Could this update be more pointless? Unless there's more than just security measures, but I highly doubt it.



Ark commented on DSi Firmware Gets an Update:

It has been confirmed to kill flashcart support, and I suspect that's all it does. It's probably just to keep hackers busy before the 3DS May update comes out with the inevitable flashcard support removal, and to make sure the DSi has one last piracy purge before it bites the dust.

I do find it amusing how the 3DS is very flashcard compatible but the DSi isn't.



Ark commented on Purchase Pokemon Black or White Promptly for a...:

I've already got my Japanese Victini, but it never hurts to own two. xD If I recall correctly, the Japanese version launched with Victini as well, or it showed up a few weeks later. Without spoiling anything, there's a bit more to capturing Victini than just going to an island and catching the Pokemon effortlessly. It was a fun event.



Ark commented on Iwata Hints at 3D Video Recording with Future ...:

It's a nice idea, although you could only ever share the videos between different 3DS systems. Were you to upload them, they'd lose the whole 3D effect or look weird. Not to mention it would definitely drain serious battery life while recording, especially if they did an online 3D chat. o__o



Ark commented on More Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Videos:

Whether or not I bother getting a 3DS Phat depends on whether this is released around launch. Nice shooting stages and looks like the game has some personality to it.



Ark commented on 3DS Battery Life Revealed:

So what I gather is that it's not much worse than the DSi's battery life. If it's that much of a problem for you, you can always buy those inevitable external batteries that also provide a shell for your system.

Perish the thought of spending $20 for multiple extra doses of battery and a case, but losing a twinge of portability.

The real problem is the amount of time it takes to charge...



Ark commented on Super Mario 64 is a 5-Minute Adventure With th...:


This current run also uses...more tools (checking TaS). It even lists the new tools used on the site. Obviously it's going to be faster. The guy who uploaded the original three years ago showed the general point quite well if you ask me. What's more important in a tool-assisted run, less tools or a shorter time? Arguably, this game could probably be done in four minutes or less if someone amped up the amount of tools used. Is this really "better?"



Ark commented on No Love for Super Mario All-Stars in UK Top 20...:

An SNES game on the Virtual Console is $8. This game is $30 for a doubly inferior version of a game (only 50Hz and no Super Mario World). At $30, it's in competition with mid-priced Wii games.

No, a VC game isn't collectible. But this game should arguably cost $8, which many people would be willing to pay for it. Ys I&II was released at a standard 800 points. Even back in the day, All Stars was bundles with SNES systems for some period I believe. Should Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii have cost $90+ because it featured two last gen games ($20 a piece) and a $50 game? No, it was only $50 and clearly marketed as a collector's item (only a few amount of copies were ever made to begin with). Why does Mario cost more? Because they know they can jack up the price (and it'd be competing with the four NES games on VC) and people will still buy it anyhow. They almost can't lose any money in releasing this game, considering it's an SNES game put onto a disk, so they're simply trying to maximize profits as a good company would do. Obviously, that kind of thing angers some consumers.

Judging from the efforts of other companies and Nintendo themselves, this game falls short at being:
A) A worthwhile collectible (much less extra material than Prime Trilogy or SUGC for, example)
B) A good value (SUGC features 40+ games of similar age or younger at $30 total)
C) Worth buying (in some opinions, due to obvious reasons)

Not as simple as some people saying retail>downloadable and it applying to EVERY instance. Furthermore, I'm not even sure if it's the same people complaining about both things you mentioned.



Ark commented on No Love for Super Mario All-Stars in UK Top 20...:

Woot. Never thought I'd be happy to see a game perform "poorly" but here I am. Since when is it okay to put an inferior version of a 20 year old game in new packaging and charge $30? They really ought to check out Sonic Mega Collection or Sonic's UGC. Clearly this game is only for the hardest of the hardcore Mario collectors. It's actually good that it isn't selling if you think about it that way, since it raises the value for collectors. xD Hard to judge a game's lifetime sales off one single chart though.

I wish Donkey Kong Country Returns was higher, since clearly some actual effort and skill went into designing that game. Though I'm sure it'll perform well anyhow, so whatever. Here's me rooting for one of the finest 2D platformers (imo) on Wii anywho.



Ark commented on Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Means Euro ...:

@Egg miester
I don't think it's that America is particularly just get the shaft in different ways if you're not Japan. xD Look at Europe and Australia, they're not always in the best shape...

As for the actual news, I don't mind if he controller hits the North America Club Nintendo or not. <3 eBay <3



Ark commented on Nintendo Files Patent for Wii Hard Drive:

Well, it's been proven the technology is certainly there. Just another way to make a buck by removing the need for disks and slightly improving load times. I'd like to see this on all consoles, then your disks don't get damaged as much from playing. You can buy a new Wii whenever, but it's not always easy to track down the odd game...



Ark commented on Iwata: 3DS Games May Cost as Much as Wii Titles:

When the GBA first came out, I found myself paying for several $50 games, and Gamecube was to be the big main console. It doesn't take a second to know that the 3DS is several times stronger, and games can be up to what, 1.985 or something GB larger? With full 3D, glorious graphics, and several things only the 3DS can pull off? It's still a flick in the groin but when the value of a handheld game is pretty close to that of a console, it's suddenly not so grieving. I'll be stomping my feet raging I paid like $170 for 3 games, then (hopefully...) I'll sit down and really enjoy them.



Ark commented on The War on DS Piracy may be Hard to Win, but I...:

Of course people don't deserve to get DS/Wii/3DS software and stuff for free, I'm just saying the impact of piracy isn't quite on the colossal scale people seem to think it is, and that Nintendo should put a stop to it some other way than system updates.

And in response to your last comment, shouldn't people have the right to modify their systems to some extent (so long as it doesn't violate the laws of the country you live in)? We bought the product, it is ours; not Nintendo's. The user agreement thing they make you accept applies only to when you try to access the internet; there's no agreement otherwise methinks.



Ark commented on The War on DS Piracy may be Hard to Win, but I...:

I don't condone piracy or anything, but it seems like numbers are exaggerated. Not everyone who pirates a game is a person who would purchase the game if piracy was not an option. The typical pirate would be some kid living in college, barely making enough cash and living on his Kraft dinner. Would he buy a bunch of DS games, despite barely making end's meat? Uh, no. Then there are the people who back up their games, and sometimes download the same game multiple times due to storage issues, malfunctions, etc. Or look at the parents who don't want to buy games for their kids so they buy a flashcart for their kid. The kid downloads a good 50-100 games. Would that parent have purchased half that many games for the kid? Yeah...NO.

Piracy certainly isn't right, but it's not exactly harming Nintendo to the extent people claim it is. You simply can't say every pirated download of something is a lost sale. Pokemon Platinum, THE most pirated games on the DS, is also the fastest selling DS game of all time. 23% of the game's total sales were pirated. Is that a lot of pirates? Not necessarily, when you consider all of the factors and reasoning behind these downloads. Look at New Super Mario Bros, it sold what, 20 million? 6% pirated the game.

Piracy really only becomes an issue when pirates are downloading over 40% of a game's sales. The PSP is in MUCH worse shape, considering pirates got nearly 80% of Disidia: Final Fantasy's sales. You'd think something that big would sell, but no. This is where piracy is actually worth investing in. A 50% piracy rate is almost semi-justifiable in the eyes of people backing up their games, but when you cross that, piracy is blatantly responsible.

I think Nintendo is wasting money trying to combat piracy via firmware updates and such. Instead, they should be pressing down on sites that allow the illegal distribution of ROMs/ISOs. While that wouldn't stop everyone because there are TONS of websites that allow users to freely pirate software, it would cut down the multitude of sales that Nintendo 'loses.' Make it hard for people to find places to download games, then a good chunk will not bother. It wouldn't be terrible to see some people hack their systems and void their warantees, then see their systems fail. It churns a profit bigger than several DS games, games which pirates don't feel like they should be paying for anyway.

With the 3DS, I'd like to see flashcarts be obsolete and custom firmware be the choice for hackers, so if the system dies that's more profit for the big N (although some pirates will target used systems).



Ark commented on Review: Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects - Rev...:

I was expecting a score of 1 to 4 from "If only we could squish this game under our shoes." o.O 'Tis a shame, sounds like these games would be several points better had they put more time and effort into them, although I'm not big on the multiple versions thing.



Ark commented on E3 2010: 3DS Could be Region-Locked:

Please, no. I love importing games and to me the highlight of Nintendo's portables is that you can play the games from all regions. It just gives people more incentive to pirate when you don't include this stuff. T_T



Ark commented on Review: 16 Shot! Shooting Watch (DSiWare):

Eh, even if this was any good I'm not sure I'd want to hurt my DSi''s and XL's buttons through hours of mindless button mashing. At least it's better in practice than the iPhone version. O__o



Ark commented on Secret of Mana On the Way to iPhone, Not DSi:

iPhone could actually run the game without requiring mass amounts of work so it's obviously the better choice for Square. DSi would need a specially-built port, similar to how Nintendo rebuilt Super Mario 64 for the DS. Since the DSi doesn't have the power to easily emulate SNES games, it's less work, easier, and way cheaper to make a probably-crummy port due to button issues on a touchscreen.



Ark commented on E3 2010: Nintendo's 3DS line-up:

@Bulbasaurus Rex
It's much smarter with something like Pokemon to wait until the masses have their hands on the 3DS so that the 3DS sells more units. Some of these are presumably launch titles and are sure to be a hit, but Pokemon Black and White will likely sell at LEAST 5 mil per version. The 3DS is already guaranteed to sell, you don't need to do overkill by releasing Pokemon (from a business standpoint). Also note that they've never been launch titles (mainseries anyway).

Twas a smart move making another DS instalment and holding off on Pokemon until say, 2013 at least.