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United Kingdom

Wed 13th May 2009

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arcnas commented on Review: BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Leg...:

NO theres no date as of yet, which is annoying as i wanted on the Wii U, but i bought it on the 360 , so another loss of sale for nintendo lost, they need to sort out releases the same time as xbox and ps3.



arcnas commented on Nintendo Download: 7th March 2013 (Europe):

Looks like ill get Runner 2 on the 360 then, its a shame they really need to up the ANti on the Wii U and Soon, i mean the other formats got metal gear , crysis 3 and tomb raider, all those would have been great on the Wii u, but none are coming.



arcnas commented on Review: Zen Pinball 2 (Wii U eShop):

The Tables are 40p more than on the Ps3 , but you can play it on the gamepad as well, i think the effort they put into this games is worth the premium over the ps3, ive compared versions and the Wii U version looks mile better.



arcnas commented on Review: DodoGo! (DSiWare):

I wish this was 500 pts , then i would have got it , but as i only have 500 ill get save the turtles i think as it seems better value than this when i read the reviews



arcnas commented on Review: Diner Dash (WiiWare):

at 1000 pts i cant see any takers , 500 people might have been tempted its just overpriced compared to the likes of rage of the gladiator which is the same price



arcnas commented on Review: Moki Moki (WiiWare):

So out of the 4 wiware releases this week only one gets a really positive review, im glad i waited and only bought the good release.



arcnas commented on Bonsai Barber out in Europe this week:

Well ive had it since march and still play it regulary now, i cant say that about many other wiiware titles, its a great game if maybe priced a little high at 1000 pts.



arcnas commented on Review: Bit.Trip Core (WiiWare):

I love the fact that the game is really hard , to many games these days are just to easy, and over to quickly for my 600 points this will be real value, i love it to bits