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Tue 14th Jul 2009

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Archy commented on Reaction: Third-Party Wii U Games Confirmed:

The name of the console totally disappointed me. They started awesome, but what came after that confused me as hell. Is the controller the new console, is Wii U the name of the controller and will the actual thing bare a different name, hope so.



Archy commented on Ubisoft Boss Praises Project Cafe, Foresees Sa...:

Seriously Ubisoft kind of pisses me off lately, well not as much as Activision and SONY but still. Even though they are greedy they manage not to look like the type of greedy company that SNOTY is. They seem like a retarded greedy company because of their stupid ports, when on the other hand SONY is the pure evil greedy company that pisses of their userbase with devotion.



Archy commented on Review: Rayman 3D (3DS):

I only heard bad things about Ubisoft's 3DS games, and Rayman 3D is said to be the worst game released by them for the 3DS. I am amazed to see it got a 7 from you guys.



Archy commented on Activision Disbands Guitar Hero Business, No E...:

Well no, I don't think it's to much. This franchise has to many games out there, also I see no considerable difference between the newer and older games besides the songs. Also when a franchise gets really repetitive and you can clearly see that it's made only to make money of the few people that still have faith in it, it deserves to die. You can't say that about the Mario franchise for example. Even though there are a TON of platforming Mario games out there, each and every single of them having the same story and concept, they all offer different content, gameplay elements, art style and much much more!



Archy commented on The Latest GoldenEye Vignette Shows a Lot of C...:

lol it is almost sad, so much effort on this multiplayer feature just to so it can be artichoked up by cheaters.The Conduit suffered and is suffering from the same disease, the only thing they can do is put on some moderators.



Archy commented on Fan-Made Zelda MMO in Early Stages of Development:

GUYS, I have been keeping my eye over the development of this game for quite a while, this is not a actual MMO, the game is free, they just made this so you can play Zelda with your friends, thats all that there is to it.



Archy commented on 3DS Unlikely to Feature Achievements System:

You better come up with something twice as awesome as a achievement system!



Archy commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

Bla bla bla piracy, bla bla bla economy, bla bla bla bullpopo!
For me everything comes down to this, as long as there is no game supplier in my town I will never go to the capital of my country, paying more than the games value for the transport, returning home just to find out that the game sucks! Besides, the price of the games and consoles is 30% more expensive than on amazon, and most of the families in this country have 30% or even less money by the end of the month in comparison with the families from other countries. There are countries like this where piracy is kind of welcome. Of course I am not blaming Nintendo for this, this has to do with the leaders and the horrible people that live in this beautiful land (possibly me included ). It's like a smart man once said: Romania is a beautiful land, too bad it's populated!
(the values in this comment are not exact, but they are close to reality)



Archy commented on 3DS Powered by Pica200 GPU:

Dude just click on the source link and there is a video, you will clearly see the difference between the 3DS and the GameCube. From what I have seen it is for sure more powerful than the GameCube and the Wii!



Archy commented on E3 2010: First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS:

Does the 3DS have the same problem with the L and R shoulder buttons as the DSi? I mean I have a DSi and after a wile of playing FPS games on it
(1 year or so) I broke both of my buttons.