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Tue 10th Jan 2012

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arcadelover commented on Ten Arcade Games We'd Like To See On The Virtu...:

Its kind of sad to admit , but by this point I don't think we are gonna a whole lot of anything for this service, Konami pretty much turned there back on the virtual console (my opinion) but xbla and psn had just gotten x-men (arcade) this past summer and nintendo was once again left in the dust, also if you guys have not heard, the simpson arcade game is coming to the xbla soon and who wants to bet we wont see the light of day on it. I also am complaining at nintendo for pushing the service as good as it can be, The vitural console arcade will turn 3 years old and all I've seen on the service is bunch of mediocure titles that where in a dark corner, that nobody cares for. Please prove me wrong Nintendo