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Male, 21, Canada

Gaming since 1996-1997 for certain. Love Nintendo games, a round of nearly any type of multiplayer game and a cat fan. Magic is Friendship. ;)

Mon 5th September, 2011

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Aqueous commented on Cool Down With a Splatoon-Inspired Froyo This ...:

Pretty sure these guys are I Max, or well Cineplex in my area. Maybe if I see any movies this summer I'll give one a shot, cool idea. Too bad the game play is skipping my part of the country but I think we have no dedicated stores here.



Aqueous commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

Yeah, the repeated sales are bad. There have been a number of times I bought a game full price, to watch it hit sale not long after. Its to the point where unless I'm really excited, I hold back and consider on every title. But a small sale has made me bite on several I likely wouldn't have otherwise. Going back a few months I'm 7:9 Full price to sale, discounting retail. Which adds 4 to full price. Sits me 11:9. 3 of the ones on sale are Club Nintendo grabs. I don't think that's too bad when it looks more like 11:6 depending on how you wish to count it, I'll assume eShop only? 7:6. I'm about half and half as it stands since last September.

I dunno, I'll likely keep buying most my titles at full prices and a few on sale, that I was less sure on. Not sure about how to solve the problem and aside from the sillyness for me to get games on Steam, I tend to avoid it because I see it more as collecting cheap or heavily discounted games over actually picking up titles you want and plan on playing but weren't sure on getting before.

@Thomas - I thought it was you from he writing and the download list mention. I've been seeing the same games on sale, week after week, checking the pricing for you and a friend of mine now. Sad state of affairs. Actually, is that still of use?



Aqueous commented on Fire Emblem If Changes The Traditional Weapons...:

So the Tactician must really hate Axes and Bows then? This will take some getting use to but I'm guessing they are pairing ranged and close up weapons. As well as trying to give some weakness to magic, which has been quite vicious in the titles I got at.



Aqueous commented on First Impressions: Tapping In With amiibo Tap:...:

Let's see if they do more with this.I got The Legend of Zelda (Own it twice), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Own it) and Kirby's Adventure (Own it). Roommate's amiibo unlocked Super Mario bros. (Own it). Its a neat idea. The Zelda one's work like boss rush challenges. Other then that I can't see me playing it too much. I want to see if they add to this down the road, I like the fact it is a small file.



Aqueous commented on Natsume Has Eight Game Boy Advance Titles Prep...:

Medabots? Darn, its becoming hard not to get gba games on Wii U. I love the RPG ones, nice cross between pokemon and a waiting to attack system. Decent story. I've never completed one as you need both versions to grab it all and a lot of runs but you can get a full game experience either way and takes away nothing from the games to not have the full set of parts. Both I found played differently as each rathered a different combat style. Other two are fighting games, less interesting to me but still might be curious enough to grab them.



Aqueous commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

@ThomasBW84 - Thank you. I'm not shocked, they aren't the best. Though there was a rumor circling about that the closure of Target was going to end exclusivity in Canada but I doubt it. Then again, the Gold Mario were allowed everywhere, not just Waltmart and Rosalina and luma I do believe got to go to other retailers in the end.



Aqueous commented on The New 3DS Fire Emblem Will Force You To Pick...:

@InterwebUser - Actually its hidden but it is there. For example the flying machine is Pegasus shaped and presumably the motorcycle was a horse. I think we are seeing that future setting Fire Emblem as the style and setting. Also the battle arena seems similar to the GBA FE games multiplayer more. An outlying area surrounding a center ring. One of the character's is stylized after Prince Marth and I'd be shocked if we don't see a weapon triangle or a little more as the game approaches.



Aqueous commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

The presentation and gameplay they have shown sense launch has been pretty uninspiring to me and it wasn't until they showed the Fire Emblem amiibo integration that I saw anything really note worthy. My demo run is coming to a close and I'm likely leaving as it stands with a "meh". Not viewing up for enemies that are above me has gotten me ambushed once so far, but that could have been do to blending in or fresh spawn. Maybe once I finish it will seem better but as for now it doesn't really excite me. Alien movement is far too slow. Needs a speed up. Also if aliens are added to a map it can't just be longer movement or noticing movement.

End of the demo at least lets free replay of all parts. Not a bad demo, need maybe a bit more info to actally go for it.



Aqueous commented on Lucadian Chronicles:

@Captain_Gonru - You're welcome. Best I can figure the campaign can be tricky to clear perfectly which would slow people down, plus it needs two runs to see it all.



Aqueous commented on Lucadian Chronicles:

Rather enjoying this, going to get it, but I might wait till after Christmas just incase of crazy eShop Christmas sales like last year



Aqueous commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@Thomas - The last two I could not vote accurately. I'm yet to find an adapter so I'm yet to get one, haven't given up. The last one, its the adapter again. I've got about 5 gamecube controllers kicking around, so a new one doesn't make me jump for it.