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Gaming since 1996-1997 for certain. Love Nintendo games, a round of nearly any type of multiplayer game and a cat fan. Magic is Friendship. ;)

Mon 5th September, 2011

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Aqueous commented on Super Nindie Maker: Choice Provisions' Paratro...:

I found the level a little on the easy side but I've pushed through Expert 100 Mario Challenge, so my thoughts might not be as important. I think a little bit of crazy and fresh but keeping things fun is the goal when building. A lot of my stages have 30% clear rates so I got to work on the difficulty still.

Only two kinds of levels I can't stand are troll levels with the thomps that'll kill you for stopping but you can't see and invisible blocks that kill you if you don't jump just so. The other being automatic Mario, sure they look cool but I want to play, so I made my own and part way through I have you pick up the controller and actually play a chunk of level of basic level or die, with a hidden route that lets you finish playing a real level, if not, automatic Mario continues.

I look forward to seeing more indie level features.



Aqueous commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

I have been but until recently I had space issue on the Wii U. Also I'm not about to dive into an studio's game that I have no back ground knowledge about quality until I hear more about it, mostly reviews and money is tight.



Aqueous commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

I'll likely pick it up, the reaction is over blown for sure. Doesn't look the best but looks at least to be fun. besides, an expansion in a Nintendo Universe is likely a good thing, a great way to pull in or introduce new elements that can't be done through the traditional route. I'll look forward to this one to some degree and happily await the next time Samus is the main character of a Metroid title.



Aqueous commented on Metroid Prime Producer Wants to Make Another S...:

I'm more happy to hear I guessed right that Sylux was chasing Samus at the end of Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Then the rest of the message but I think Federation Force will be a fine title. Good to hear more is still coming for the Prime series and maybe this title will have a hunters like mode.



Aqueous commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:

So he wants piles of un-bought figures around? Infinity I normally see in large amounts. Sure star wars ones might sell easily but I think I'll still see them sitting in size-able amounts. I do see amiibo around but mainly the common figures or Mario edition ones in any amount. He certainly has come off as rude and cocky, I'll give him that.



Aqueous commented on Fan Site Randomly Generates a "Leaked" List of...:

5 of my favourites from my list:

Animal Crossing Collection (lol, why?)
Xylophone Eyeliner (Presented by Iwata?!)
Wii Palm U (I have no idea)
My Donkey Kong Woman (Candy Kong returns?)
My Mario Online HD (Why do we need this?)

Interesting program, laugh if it ever got one right



Aqueous commented on Cool Down With a Splatoon-Inspired Froyo This ...:

Pretty sure these guys are I Max, or well Cineplex in my area. Maybe if I see any movies this summer I'll give one a shot, cool idea. Too bad the game play is skipping my part of the country but I think we have no dedicated stores here.



Aqueous commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

Yeah, the repeated sales are bad. There have been a number of times I bought a game full price, to watch it hit sale not long after. Its to the point where unless I'm really excited, I hold back and consider on every title. But a small sale has made me bite on several I likely wouldn't have otherwise. Going back a few months I'm 7:9 Full price to sale, discounting retail. Which adds 4 to full price. Sits me 11:9. 3 of the ones on sale are Club Nintendo grabs. I don't think that's too bad when it looks more like 11:6 depending on how you wish to count it, I'll assume eShop only? 7:6. I'm about half and half as it stands since last September.

I dunno, I'll likely keep buying most my titles at full prices and a few on sale, that I was less sure on. Not sure about how to solve the problem and aside from the sillyness for me to get games on Steam, I tend to avoid it because I see it more as collecting cheap or heavily discounted games over actually picking up titles you want and plan on playing but weren't sure on getting before.

@Thomas - I thought it was you from he writing and the download list mention. I've been seeing the same games on sale, week after week, checking the pricing for you and a friend of mine now. Sad state of affairs. Actually, is that still of use?



Aqueous commented on Fire Emblem If Changes The Traditional Weapons...:

So the Tactician must really hate Axes and Bows then? This will take some getting use to but I'm guessing they are pairing ranged and close up weapons. As well as trying to give some weakness to magic, which has been quite vicious in the titles I got at.



Aqueous commented on First Impressions: Tapping In With amiibo Tap:...:

Let's see if they do more with this.I got The Legend of Zelda (Own it twice), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Own it) and Kirby's Adventure (Own it). Roommate's amiibo unlocked Super Mario bros. (Own it). Its a neat idea. The Zelda one's work like boss rush challenges. Other then that I can't see me playing it too much. I want to see if they add to this down the road, I like the fact it is a small file.