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Tue 5th Jun 2012

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apowes commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

I still feel that Mario himself has never been better represented in a 3D game than he was in Super Mario 64. He's never had a more extensive, fluid, complete moveset. The variety of flips, jumps, and other moves he has in SM64 has never been matched in any of his subsequent games.

Things like the waterpack from Sunshine and the spin from Galaxy were great and served their purposes well within their own games, but in terms of feeling in complete control of Mario himself, it doesn't get better than SM64. Plus, it's the only 3D game where he can punch and kick! Removing those abilities in Sunshine was my biggest complaint about that title.

The overall game was magical, too. Such lovely worlds to explore, and it all really felt open instead of linear. Sunshine had terrific levels, but it didn't have the same feeling of "anything could be coming next", and Galaxy was quite linear.

Finally, I will admit that watching the ending credits of SM64 was probably the first gaming moment that deeply, truly moved me. There's something about the beautiful music that plays, combined with the look back at all the worlds you'd explored and characters you'd met... it really felt like the perfect retrospect of a long, meaningful journey.

I began Super Mario 64 as a ~7 year old gaming novice who cried because I couldn't manage to get enough stars to unlock the first winter world in order to show my dad the huge penguin who lived there.



apowes commented on Famicom Hardware Designer Masayuki Uemura Expl...:

Interesting.... I did not realize that "Famicom" is an unofficial nickname!

Also, the article doesn't mention WHY the boss ordered the red coloring..... perhaps he ordered them to use red plastic because he was aware that it was cheaper.



apowes commented on Hyperkin: Nintendo Hasn't Contacted Us About t...:

He talks about how his past RetroN consoles are no better than the originals..... the truth is that they're not even AS GOOD as the originals.

There are tons of reports of incorrect audio and video with these knockoffs. And the company claims not to reverse engineer the older consoles.... but without the original schematics, how else are they going to produce an accurate copy?

Plus, they need to replicate these console cheaply enough to turn a profit. So we end up getting "good enough" instead of "completely accurate." No, thank you.



apowes commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

I would like to weigh in on the "could (not) care less" controversy!

The syntax was originally "I could not care less," which is obvious because this is what makes sense semantically. This group of words, however, began acting a single "unit," to where the entire group of words, together, conveyed a meaning different from that of any of the individual words by themselves. And this "unit" became a fairly common, and very easily recognizable, phrase.

When groups of words start acting as one unit in such a fashion, oftentimes certain things occur. Sometimes, the meaning of the entire phrase can become imparted into a single, individual word from the phrase. This is the history of the Spanish word "nada" (nothing).

Another occurrence is that certain words from the phrase can "drop out," while the remainder of the phrase retains its meaning. This is what has happened with the phrase "I could (not) care less." The negative has dropped out, but the phrase still conveys the same significance that it always has.



apowes commented on There's A New Turrican Game Inbound, But Super...:

We in the USA really got shafted when it comes to the DKC trilogy. The warnings given to European Wii owners of the upcoming removals (which would be on Nov. 25) started popping up online on Nov. 16.

But here in the USA, the trilogy was silently removed that very same day, on Nov. 16 (not considering differences in time zones). So the warning given to European Wii owners did us in the USA absolutely no good, because the games were already gone.



apowes commented on There's A New Turrican Game Inbound, But Super...:

I called NoA just a single day after the removal, so that may be why they had no information. That was a few days ago, so it's possible that their system has updated since then, and they could have record of the removal now. But who knows for sure...

I was upset because of the fact that no notice is given prior to removing games. It frustrates customers, and it means that Nintendo misses out on a ton of last-minute sales that I'm sure they would receive if people knew that certain games were next on the chopping block.



apowes commented on Wii Mini Shifts 35,700 Units in Canada:

No one talks enough about the lack of component video output. That is the only thing that absolutely kills any desire I would have for this redesigned Wii.

The Wii Shop will eventually shut down, so WiFi isn't such a big loss; nor is the SD card slot, because without the Wii Shop, you don't have any games to put on a SD card.

But component video, which by default includes progressive scan support, is something I am not willing to give up. Nintendo has needlessly done this with many of their console redesigns. Find other areas to save money in! Don't mess with video output quality.