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United Kingdom

Mon 2nd Nov 2009

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aoakley commented on Review: Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 1 ...:

My 3-year-old loves this. As yet she can only read half a dozen letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1,2,3 so I was concerned she wouldn't cope with a computer game. I was wrong; it is superbly designed for those who can't yet read. The controls are very easy in "Little PooYoo" mode, with only three commands; press the cross (any pad direction) or press the circle (A button) or shake the controller. For example, press the cross or circle to match an animal with its outline, or shake the controller to burst balloons. The games are short with a lot of variety; essentially you get two 15-minute games, each with 3 subgames and an animated dance video. There's a "Big PooYoo" mode which has proper point-and-click controls for early schoolchildren. You do need to be able to read to get the game to start, though; my daughter wouldn't be able to turn on the Wii and load it up on her own. We're both looking forward to the next episode (in particular, my daughter wants to play as the Panda; in Ep 1 you only get the Rabbit or Elephant).