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Fri 3rd Aug 2012

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anzzjam commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd August 2012 (North Amer...:

There are many complaints here which are pretty weird. Give us more games!!!! I feel the same way sometimes but if you think about it, Nintendo's games are so good that you keep coming back to it like an addictive drug. Patience at least for a week or 2, then I'll harp on them too.



anzzjam commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd August 2012 (North Amer...:

@bezerker99 Why you not like Dinosaur Office? It produces some chuckles out of me and I like the animation. Now if I can take a 2x4 to the terrible threeidiots as there is nothing funny about them to me, and they prove painful to watch.

Anyone else miss Son of a Pitch Nintendo Videos? Those were hilarious. I really hope more come but seems unlikely.



anzzjam commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

@Nanoline I see what you mean to a point. Don't write this one off since you have not played it (though we all know what to expect from many aspects of the game.).

@Justaguest NSMB for DS was a little easier than some Marios but what I loved was needing to beat a boss as small Mario just to get to a particular world. That was relatively hard for me.

@Bliquid No, I do not believe innovation should not be a fundamental aspect of a review. It is very important, but you have to understand that most people, even huge nintendo diehards, may have been very disappointed if they through the baby out with the bath water on this one. Also, you have not played the game. If you think it deserves an 8, play the game and rate it an 8.

@GazPlant Wasn't Super Mario Land 3d something new? You have to think of Mario as the great median in gaming. He innovates, but he also needs to stay the same in many ways. I feel they would have alienated a large portion of fans by not delivering a handheld 2d mario platformer within 2 years of the 3ds's life.

@Xilef This game did not intend to innovate. I wish reviews would not come so soon before a game launch as reviewers are critical as they need to be. The intention is to give people a new handheld mario platform game. Most people that will play it, I suspect, will enjoy it due to the similiarity to NSMB for DS (29 million people may end up loving it {about the # of sales for NSMB})



anzzjam commented on Review: Planet Crashers (3DS eShop):

@Jese_1 I was able to beat Mutant Mudds. The game almost has a perfect difficulty setting. This is coming from someone who can never beat any metroid game before fusion. It seems silly to harp on this game for its difficulty. Spoiler alert, you play as grandma if you beat all levels, gb and vb levels and collect all 100 diamonds or whatever they are called. It is the best platform game made for the 3ds in my book.

@saikun hahaha, I thought planet crashers had cool graphics but I got discouraged from purchasing it when I saw 30 seconds of the guy running.... and running.... and then run around some more. I hope a demo becomes available since a few months after mutant mudds came out they put a demo out.

This part not directed at anyone in particular but please don't hate on mutant mudds due to its difficulty. Though I got frustrated trying certain levels 20 times, it made it so much more rewarding after beating a level and at most, it was minimal frustration for me.

@gundam00 I only have played monkey bomb and mutant mudds from R-kid and I would say the bomb monkey has cool controls, great mindless gameplay, but music is bad. I like the music in mutant mudds though.

@Miroku Personal attack alert!! I don't like what you base your opinion on. What is awful about Mutant Mudds? The difficutly? I was able to beat it with not too much of a headache and felt really satisfied when I beat a hard level. It's a platform game, if you don't die many times before beating the harder levels, then it probably isn't too great of a platformer. Put on top of that the 3 layers of environment in the game and you have the most unique and enjoyable platform game made for the 3ds.