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Wed 5th Mar 2014

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anthonyd1972 commented on Review: Unepic (Wii U eShop):

I am a dad of 3 - two boys 9 & 10 and my little girl 5 - we have a been huge Wii family since Mario Kart Wii - So of course I had a Wii U right after launch - WHILE WE LOVE MARIO & SONIC - and Scribblenauts & skylanders - Disney infinity & Lego CITY & The Lego movie game - UNEPIC is what has trapped me (daddy) into a wonderful world of Castlevania meets Dungeons & Dragons meets Eddie Murphy & General Akbar (spoiler) - THIS IS EPIC - THIS GAME IS AS AWESOME as it gets for D&D kids w a ense of humor. IM 75% through & I can't wait to reveal the plot points hidden within Zera & Myself - all my kids have their own game save - as I forbid them from using my potions & scrolls - lol - this game rocks - I'm shocked it's not on ps3/4 & x-box.