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Fri 1st Aug 2008

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animagnum commented on Review: Nobunaga's Ambition (Virtual Console /...:

A small correction: The staggered rectangle arrangement on Koei's maps offers the same level of connectivity as a hex grid, but it is a much easier way to draw it. Each rectangle has six other rectangles connected to it, just like a hex would have six connected hexes.



animagnum commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

I wrote Nintendo yesterday to ask about this myself, and I basically got the same response. I've never e-mailed them before and I was really surprised to get a personal response from one of their employees.



animagnum commented on USA VC Update: Sonic (Master System) and Splat...:

From Nintendo's site:
"Unlike standard Wii games which have release dates that are known well in advance, there is rarely advance notice given of when Virtual Console games will appear. For a variety of business and technical reasons games may be postponed, so we usually don't reveal much past the current Monday's releases."

I guess maybe something happened, but whatever. Sonic is still worth a download, and it's definitely lighter on the wallet than what we were expecting.