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Mon 9th Sep 2013

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aniki91344 commented on Nintendo Told Disney How Bowser Should Hold Hi...:

This makes a heck of a lot of sense, actually, considering that Nintendo has had some soul searching to do after long nights of tossing and turning over some heinous mistake ridden decisions they have made in the past about lending out their star characters to third party companies. The Super Mario Super Show, the Legend of Zelda cartoon, the Super Mario Brothers the Movie, Super Mario CD-i, Zelda CD-i, need I go on?? It's no wonder why Nintendo crossed it's fingers and held it's breath over even the tiniest of matters! I was actually surprised they even let Bowser in, and even had a mention of Mario! You can also see two characters that look similar to Peach and Daisy in the background in some point or another, although they're obviously not the same characters.

In any case, here's some food for thought; when was the last time Bowser was ever in an arcade game? There was an arcade version of Super Mario Brothers arcade game in the 80's, but none anymore. Does that mean Bowser was unplugged and currently homeless?