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Sat 18th Aug 2012

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angelwhispers_ commented on Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Hardware:

People calling the CPU 'weak' are so far off the mark that you're more likely to miss an open goal than a one-legged man in a football-kicking contest. The tech analysis has been horribly flawed, and it's very apparent that on the Internet, the vast majority of sites have always aimed for the lowest common denominator and even lower, if they feel they can get away with it. The Wii U has to display content on the GamePad, sometimes two times the display, THEN it has to have that content working in tune and in time with the main screen, all off the same processor, because unlike the Vita, that controller is NOT a specialist console. It executes this more smoothly than the PS3 or PS4 with the Vita, which are all specialist consoles with their own tech. Among the negativity and hot air, one would've thought that SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, perhaps a 'professional games journalist' or a professional 'tech-literate' member of the gaming community would've thought of this point - When you do, you soon realise that some of the claims about the Wii U specs just don't add up. But I guess it's too much to ask, let alone expect!!

The teardowns on the Internet are horribly flawed, too. I wouldn't give credence to anything you've read on it, especially on the NeoGAFs, Beyond3Ds and EuroGamers (a click-hungry trollbait site) of this world. The power draw doesn't mean the CPU and GPU are weak. Why? They've been compared with PC desktop parts, for one, when it's different for consoles. Secondly, energy efficiency - An A-Graded Washing Machine, TV, just about any electrical appliance from 2008, 2009, 2010 wouldn't necessarily be rated the same in 2012 because more increasingly efficient products would've made the shelves since then. You can also take something from that time period and make it perform better. This is surely true for CPUs and GPUs, too. The truth is that Nintendo's spec sheet told you all that you need to know - it's a 'customised GPU', and the system has a 'memory-intense design', so they didn't just pick off-the-shelf parts and whip them together into a box. For the CPU, some have suggested that it's a POWER7 derivative; "But it has '3-cores!!'" - Hahaha, and... No. Only P7 can support eDRAM with that architecture, and it's very questionable to say it's 3-cores by just die-watching, which is what those sites have done. It's more likely to be 6-core, with the 3 modules having 2 cores per module. That would make sense as P7 exists in 4, 6 and 8-core forms, and 3 X 2 = 6. Should probably point out that these aren't my words, but from what I've read, I could subscribe to much of this. Oh, and P7 was created with energy efficiency in mind - The most important word, however, was always 'derivative', when lot of people concentrated on the 'P7' part. There were some suggestions going round that it was 6-core, too, but they were largely ignored, written off or dismissed. I don't know all the answers, and I won't pretend that I do, but that makes sense to me, and I guess I'm 'crazy' enough to believe it until I hear something else from the horse's mouth itself.

There were some early criticisms with development, but none of the games at launch were made with the final kits. If you remember, Battlefield 3 (Frostbite 2 game) was cancelled in 2011. Medal Of Honour: Warfighter (another Frostbite 2 game) was pencilled for a Wii U release, but cancelled quietly. I would put it to you that EA's comments about the engine's performance relate to events in 2011, and that they hadn't returned to it since - this is critically important, because the Wii U kits had seen significant advancements since then. They were, however, able to get Fifa 13 (Version 12.5 with GamePad features) and Mass Effect 3 (non-Frostbite games, but EA titles nonetheless) on that platform. Also, note that Criterion (EA's own studio, by the way) had very positive things to say about the system and making games for it - their approach was different. Let us remember that Cry Engine 3 (no slouch of an engine) 'runs beautifully' on it, too. Furthermore, Iwata said that final kits weren't available until the middle of last year. To judge its capabilities on late and/or unoptimised port jobs which weren't made on final kits is dumb - Nobody ever did the same for the PS3 when it often had lesser ports than the X360, such as Lost Planet, and nobody ever said this for the X360 with COD2. Finally, Digital Foundry are not Gods, and they've been called out on their douchebaggery many times. I do wish the gaming community wouldn't take their every word as the gospel truth.



angelwhispers_ commented on Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Hardware:

@AMR I wouldn't be afraid of what other people think about your taste in games - You don't need anybody's approval, and opinions are not facts . I've been enjoying Metroid: Other M lots, too, and hope that future entries take that design and art direction.



angelwhispers_ commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned, Again, F...:

My very lengthy post, slightly edited and taken from elsewhere. It was in response to people calling for Iwata's head, confronting the belief that the Wii U launched was a complete disaster, and why it's dumb to write it off at this stage. I feel that it's done as well as it could in the current circumstances. If you've taken the time to read it, then Thank You. Alright. Here it is...

People can say what they will about 'botched' launches; I disagree. The 3DS's main problems were that it launched without a Mario game, and that the DS still had life in its tail end. Of course, a price cut CAN help, but that wasn't the primary reason for its turnaround. I believe that when Nintendo said they had learned lessons from the 3DS, they meant in terms of having more games available in the launch window for the Wii U - they delivered on that side, THEN launching with a Mario game. They would have hoped for better continued support from other parties, but collectively (not all), those parties didn't step up to the plate and they failed the Wii U, Wii U owners and Nintendo fans. If you remember E3 2011, NSMBU was there in raw form as NSMBMii (I hate that this game gets called a 'lazy' effort by some when it has some of the tightest level design in all side-scrolling Mario games, and had been in development for quite a while). At E3 2012, Reggie said that many fans want a Mario game at launch (His words were "You've Gotta launch with Mario", or something among those lines). So, he revealed what you now know as NSMBU - 3D Mario isn't here YET, because moving into HD game development hasn't been an easy or smooth transition, and they want it to be something very special. I'll keep mentioning the point about the transition, because the Internet hasn't allowed for that fact. To my mind, they addressed what they believed to be the main concerns.

The launch was fine. He had no control over Rayman Legends being delayed, Crysis 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines being discarded or other titles not announced for the Wii U - Had those events not happened earlier in 2013, any talk of 'droughts' would have been far less pronounced. Pikmin 3 is an unfortunate delay, but I would rather they made the best game they can. Given that all but one of those events, if that, were beyond his control, my verdict is that he delivers. The Vita's troubles would support suggestions that this isn't a Nintendo problem; They, as well as Sony and Microsoft are presented with very different challenges.

To write the Wii U off now is downright dumb and extremely bizarre, ESPECIALLY when it hasn't really played its hand of cards - Currently, It has no 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Wii U Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Wii Fit U, Wii U Sports, Wii U Party, Brain Training, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Nintendogs & Cats, Pikmin 3, Kirby, F-Zero, Starfox, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, SMT VS Fire Emblem, Retro or Monolith Games or Smash Bros.

You know what else? He took a pay cut after the 3DS launch time, and he ensured that not one person was laid off. People mock him for saying "Please Understand", but I see a good man, a gentleman, a compassionate man - It reflects badly on the gaming community and society in general when someone can be on the receiving end of a personality attack for having manners, for being polite. People mock him when he apologises - Unlike others, he hasn't shat on his products for a year (**Glares at the Vita...**), he was sympathetic towards early complaints about the loading times (that can't be said for 'things break' with the Red Rings Of Death), and he hasn't told people to get a second job to afford their consoles which haemorrhaged money for some years - He doesn't hide, and in apologising when events haven't ran the desired course, I like that he carries himself in a more human manner, and that he has been accountable.

Nobody ever gets everything right in business all the time, wherever they are, but most of the calls he's made were right. Truthfully, he's one of the best things ever to happen to Nintendo. Two other points; the first is that they are publishing Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (an SE game) for European and North American shores - So, between trying to make Wii U and 3DS games, they are also using resources to prevent another Xenoblade Chronicles/Pandora's Tower/The Last Story affair. It's not clear to what extent this affects a company of their size and its schedule, but I would imagine that multiple factors start to add up - This is one of the reasons why the ongoing expansions are imperative. The second is that Masahiro Sakurai, the man behind Smash Bros. has been injured, so there are setbacks with regard to game development. But they are all trying, and I have every confidence that they will continue to be brilliant.

Clearly, Iwata has a vision for Nintendo, and considering that he's played a critical role in their biggest success stories to date, it is right and proper that he's given every chance to realise that vision. I feel that ultimately, they'll be all the better off for it.



angelwhispers_ commented on Criterion: Support Need For Speed: Most Wanted...:

Interesting to note that NONE of the developers and NONE of the gameplay footage have mentioned or even complained one bit about the use of Digital Triggers. A lot of 'Gamers' chat biscuits, or are just hating for hating's sake, and it's both tiresome and pathetic. I said from the start that this wasn't the issue certain people made it out to be at all, and I've been proven right.



angelwhispers_ commented on Pachter Pours Scorn Over Wii U Sales Projections:

@ChunkyDroid Too true. Also, $599, then when you consider that PS3 has been relaunched a second time, and they even INCREASED the price - I think he would do well to shut up.

Re: the 4 launch titles. I think it would be more accurate to say there are at least 4 games that everybody wants or wants to play in the list, but they won't have all at the same time.



angelwhispers_ commented on Pachter Pours Scorn Over Wii U Sales Projections:

He isn't 'respected'. A lot of people laugh at him, but still quote him for those laughs and hits. Never mind. Truthfully, He's a failed c***ish politican who should be treated with the contempt he deserves.

As for the 4 launch titles? I doubt that, too, but it's not so unthinkable that Wii U owners could buy a game or 2 from the Wii back catalogue. I know I will .