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Thu 5th Dec 2013

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alo1 commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:

Well, even though apparently the Zelda dev team burns fan suggestion letters cathartically, and will likely just make the game that they want to make, I’ll add my 2 cents on what I’d like to see in a new Zelda game anyway. I do love the Zelda games for what they are, and take the annoying bits in stride because the good always outweighs the bad, otherwise I wouldn’t play them. Here are my suggestions and opinions:

Free non-linear exploring of a large, rich and immersive overworld, and maybe occasionally a few dynamic events.
A possible multiplayer option: one person on the gamepad and one person on the TV.
No more weeds/pots with hearts/rupees etc, it just makes things too easy. Just allow us to buy and carry around 4 healing/mana/fairy vials max, and be able to swig them down quickly in battle when needed.
No more boring fetch quests, or repetitive mind numbing tasks (like feeding bait to the same fish repeating the same dialogue over and over).
No more ubiquitous pushover trash mobs like slimes and scrubs. Every foe should be dangerous and menacing. You have to watch their movements closely and find openings to attack or counter. I am not against the use of wii motion as long as it’s done reasonably well.
Only do the epic chest opening sequence for the really epic items.
Make bombs the size of grenades and no longer growing out of the ground.
Basic choices for responding to NPCs, like chivalrous/roguish/silence, or positive/negative/joke/silence. Your responses/behavior can dynamically change the disposition of npc’s towards you.
A large number of fun side activities. I’d like to see these: boomerang dodgeball (like tron disc wars), castle tournaments with jousting/archery/etc., horse racing/breeding, collecting masks, pictobox photography side quests, playing an instrument, monster hunting, tavern card games (blackjack and poker was fun in RDR, so was that collectible card game from FF8).
Decorate your house as a showcase of your accomplishments: a pictobox photo gallery, mask collection display, medals and trophies from archery/racing/jousting.
Customizable shield heraldry, optional clothing changes.
Some choices you make during your adventure can effect the overworld and NPCs at endgame in subtle but noticeable ways.
I’ve never cared about voice acting, so no need to include that for me.

That's all.