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Sat 12th May, 2012

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allav866 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (North America):

The Smash Bros. Sale started so well in its first week, so how come these past two weeks have been terrible? I was thinking that Tomodachi Life and PokéMon X/Y would have a sale this week, and that we'd have a few more Sonic and Mega Man games on offer last week, but nope! Reggie wants to sell games no one gives a crap about! Does Wii Fit U even have Mii's?
If I could take a guess at next week's sale, I'd say that Donkey Kong's included games are Donkey Kong (NES), Donkey Kong Jr., and maybe if NoA is feeling saucy enough to sell a third game, Donkey Kong 3.



allav866 commented on Video: Episode One Of Zeldamotion's Link To Th...:

I'm sorry. I could forgive the animation and even Link's unheroic voice, but that intro can't go unaddressed! That is your setup?! Link is a farmer? Not just any farmer, but an apple farmer? Oh, and his uncle died? Okay, it's not like I was supposed to like him, or you would have at least established a connection between me, the viewer, and the character by—oh, I don't know... GIVING HIM A NAME, for starters!
Look at this radio drama called a Prequel of Two: (this is part 1) (and part 2)
This established a connection between the audience and all the main characters, as well as a connection between Link and Zelda, and even gave Link's Uncle a name! His uncle doesn't die in this one though, as it's more of a prequel leading up to his death, which makes it all the more sad, learning more and more about the character whom you know is gonna die (like Satine in Moulin Rouge). On top of that, I would sooner believe Link growing up as a knight in training than an apple-picking farm boy, but that comes down to personal preference; the guy's had many occupations besides Hero of Legend, mostly blacksmith apprentice. I'm getting off-topic, though.
For how little this animated episode did, the radio drama did so much more without needing any visuals.



allav866 commented on Nintendo Confirms Week Two Details for Super S...:

Wow, NoA. Way to offer games most 3DS owners already have. I feel especially bad for Sonic. Even if the deal only had other Game Gear games on offer, that would be more than one Sonic game. I'm mostly upset that I skipped out on Yoshi's New Island hoping to get Sonic Lost World.



allav866 commented on Review: Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe (3DS eShop):

I liked this game, but I can't agree with that score. For $7, you're only getting 7 songs, and 14 levels total. For double the price, you get 58 levels, varying styles of gameplay, and even some PokéMon music to play to in HarmoKnight.
I'm not trying to compare the two games, but rather the amount of bang you get for your buck between the two. Drum Dash could either use more content or a lower price point.
That aside, I give it 8/10. As frustrating as it was trying to get a platinum medal on every stage, it does feel rewarding to see those two platinum trophies on the title screen.



allav866 commented on Nintendo Confirms amiibo Launch Range of 12 Fi...:

$155.88 to buy 12 amiibo figures?! And judging from the leak of the Character Select screen (which, at this point, is legit), there could be 53 characters total (48 if the empty space on the screen is there for show). So that means that getting an amiibo figure for each character will cost $688.47!



allav866 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

People complained when the XL didn't have a second Circle Pad and two extra shoulder buttons, and also when the 2DS didn't have them either. Looks like Nintendo decided to actually listen to people.



allav866 commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Oh my god, YES!
I don't care about the characters or karts so much, except that the roster isn't drowned out by the Koopalings and babies anymore (can we get a baby Link, though?), I'm mostly hyped for the new tracks! Specifically the new retro tracks. Crossing my fingers for Neo Bowser City...



allav866 commented on Nintendo Has Nothing to Say About Recent Smash...:

I don't see the problem with having DLC characters. According to the leak, only one character is new, and doesn't sound like a very interesting character, so they could either be very cheap, or cost nothing at all. Including them as an extra data file is also probably the only way to include them at all, seeing how big the roster has become, especially if the leak is true.



allav866 commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

I'm glad my main from Melee, Dr. Mario, is making his way back in if the leak is true, but at the same time it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that Mewtwo still hasn't had a leak. I was terrible as him, but he was so cool.



allav866 commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

F-Zero GX could offer much more than the other games.

  • Online races
  • Miiverse Integration, allowing one to share custom vehicles, including decals
  • HD-rendered character videos
  • 5-player local races using GamePad
  • Map on GamePad screen when racing against 4 or fewer friends locally
  • F-Zero AX mode