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Sat 6th Oct 2012

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aljoriz commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Focus on the 3DS eShop:

@wuuds retail was priced cheaper so that nintendo would not directly compete with their retailers otherwise people would just go buy the e-shop version.

If only nintendo's strict Quality Assurance for retail games would extend to the e-shop games.

There were 2 games on the eshop that was buggy:
VVVVVV (which was fixed after a very long time)
Cave story+ (curly mode is unplayable, time attack does not feature missles)



aljoriz commented on Review: Cave Story (3DS eShop):

Sadly there's a bug. Try playing Curly story and its like VVVVVV all over again. How long do I have to wait for them to fix this bug?