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Italian gamer belonging to both the Nintendo fanbase and - to a lesser extent - the Sony and Xbox fanbases. Currently holding out for the Gameboy Advance's official VC debut on the 3DS eShop. [Warning: my Facebook page linked below is in Italian.]

Wed 20th February, 2013

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AlexSora89 commented on Review: Garfield Kart (3DS):

And yet, this would still make sense if it has single races for single-player mode, unlike Mario Kart 7 which oh-so-brightly removed such an option in favor of, well, seven ghosts at once in time trials and, well, grand prix mode. On a friggin' handheld, best fit for short bursts of play!



AlexSora89 commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

Trust me, the first two words in the image keep it from making any sense whatsoever. That's how much the dolled-up installment trope just doesn't work to me.

I mean, okay, cool, a weird futuristic sport. In the Metroid universe? What are they thinking?



AlexSora89 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

From a fan's standpoint, the whole "as long as games are fun" concept is one to live by (and one that many a PS/X fan might have forgotten over the importance of graphics, at times). But, alas, that alone won't get us third party support, and Nintendo needs to learn that while we don't need PlayStation 5-like power, at least some graphical improvement is needed. Although it's not like none of this will matter in the next decade, as all consoles will have life-like graphics by then.

That said, calling it now: the NX isn't as powerful as the PS4 because, simply put, it's gonna be the 3DS's successor. And as for the whole "hybrid" thing, well, they'll release a WiiU app that will allow the TV to act as an alternate output to the next handheld's top screen. Simple as that.

@CB85 I also assumed just that, and it might simply be a Nintendo employee using weasel words in order to sidetrack leakers and whatnot.



AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

Translation: less focus on current consoles, and more on NX. There's no other interpretation, especially considering that - apparently - releasing VC games "may impact development".
Then again, it's a lose-lose scenario - more focus on WiiU and 3DS, near-empty launch lineup for NX; likewise, stellar launch lineup for NX, desert for WiiU and 3DS. There's no sugar-coating this.



AlexSora89 commented on Weirdness: Splatoon Has Been Impressively Recr...:

As always, an article packed with Nintendo pride by @Damo, much like the GTA 5 one. It was worth a few chuckles, though.

As I always said, the first step is imitating a Nintendo IP on another console by modding a game; the final step is actually admitting you want a Nintendo console.



AlexSora89 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

My heart skipped several beats. However, if - if - this rumor is true... then the year is soon enough to rule out the Wii U as the console getting its successor; rather, this is definitely going to be the next handheld, as the month implies: summer is a perfect fit for handhelds, after all.



AlexSora89 commented on Super Mario Maker Won't Filter Your Naughty Le...:

I once made a non-innuendo level in Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, called "Anatomy", inspired by a relatively recent Simpsons episode, Smart And Smarter, in which Lisa ends up being jealous of Maggie because she suspects her younger sister to outsmart her; the climax takes place in a museum, with a giant replica of a human body. Therefore, I made up a level in which the Minimarios end up entering the "mouth", only to drop until they fall between the statue's "feet" where the exit is. Guess what, it was rejected by the online evaluation system. However, my attempt at the whole "fantastic voyage" thing was just as innocent as Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, but then again, I can understand the mods' lack of trust.

That said, I'm afraid users will come up with far worse stuff. As long as they don't give Nintendo a reason to keep Super Mario Maker a one-time deal, I'm fine with whatever they can think of.



AlexSora89 commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:


"So I have to interject and remind them, just because the next game in the series came out, the previous one, perhaps more in tune with certain tastes for instance, did not cease to exist and be removed from reality. You can still play that. It didn't go anywhere."

[claps his hands until they bleed]



AlexSora89 commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

Also, the Avengers reference is truly in poor taste, considering how painful the wait for each reunion movie is. Yeah, each hero's story is interesting to learn, but this doesn't stop me from being mostly excited about the 2017-2018 Phase Three finale.



AlexSora89 commented on Rare Founders To Be Honoured At The Develop In...:

Additionally, it should be said that Rare deserves an award for being humble enough to sell thirty of their games for one buck each. Meanwhile, Super Mario Bros. is still sold for five bucks on the eShop. Quite a far cry, indeed.



AlexSora89 commented on Rare Founders To Be Honoured At The Develop In...:

"More importantly: all of their creations champion and focus on fun, enjoyment and memorable characters - laughing in the face of business models or the demands of gritty triple–A games."

Yeah, they should thank the company they worked for. Not the one who forced them to create dumb sports titles... the other one. The same one that goes by these principles itself.



AlexSora89 commented on Matters Of Import: 3D Gunstar Heroes Is Hypera...:

I'll wait and see if the game has the same level select as, say, 3D Classics Sonic The Hedgehog or 3D Classics Streets Of Rage. Mostly because I'm still stuck at the maze stage in the GBA remaquel (sequel/remake), Gunstar Future Heroes (or Gunstar Super Heroes for you yanks out there), and I wouldn't want to get through it more than the two times required by GFH.



AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

Knowing how much of a sellout Ubisoft and other third parties turned out to be, the NX is between a rock and a hard place. On the bright side, it's a good thing that Nintendo showed developers their next console. On the other... well, that's where the "sellout" part I mentioned kicks in: kiss Nintendo's desire for rivals not to steal their ideas goodbye.