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Sun 5th Feb 2012

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alawson1542 commented on Nintendo Still Has Secret 3DS Games to Reveal:

F-zero, pokemon ruby and saphire remakes, I want to see pokemon games in eshop also. Smash bros. 3DS.
Majoras mask remake, fresh zelda games. I also want to see another mario game thats similar to mario sunshine. I dont think theres going to be another Mother game because the best part of it was the pixel style. It will look crappy 3D. Last and foremost I want Pikmin 3



alawson1542 commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

Instead of starting out in a small town you should start out as a Star trainer. You get mugged and your pokemon stolen after losing a big tournament. Beaten up a man(who was watching the tournament) finds you and takes you to his house which is in the country. He tells you to go find yourself a pokemon out in the woods behind the house. there is 3-5 differant pokemon out there. Pick one. To make it so you cant go back in the woods there was an angry fire pokemon who set the forest on fire. The man that picked you up drops you off in the nearest town and the adventure begins. In the end. The guys that mug you are the ones you have to fight with your old pokemon. I like all the suggested Ideas about coleseum graphics and prizes.