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Fri 15th May 2009

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ajoshi commented on Capcom: 'Keep Hope Alive' for Tatsunoko:

I have this game for my japanese wii. It's the weakest entry in capcom's versus series I think. The 2d is great, and the game is fun overall, but i find it annoying how the music always changes whenever a character is swapped during the round. if you have a player that is constantly swapping, then it becomes annoying. another thing i despise with this game are the buttons. I miss the old style of 3 punch and kick buttons. Heck even mvsc2 with its 4 buttons are better than this atrocity. And lastly, the final boss is super lame. I had more fun fighting Apocalypse in xmen vs street fighter.



ajoshi commented on Rampant Speculation: IGN Teases New 'Hardcore'...:

This looks some typical violent based game for the sake of it all. I like these kinds of games when they're done right (fun and playable), but I'm kind of tired of seeing these kinds of games as the de facto genre of this generation. If in fact this game is that kind of game. No idea actually, but it looks like there's some blood flying off the dude on the left.



ajoshi commented on GoldenEye Designer Backs Virtual Console Release:

This was a game I at first hated back in the day. I was never a pc gamer and the thought of a fps on a home console just seemed lame to me. However, once a bunch of us got together on a weekend to try it out, we were all hooked. This game really opened up the 64 to multiplayer gaming and improved the fps in my opinion. It was fun all around, despite problems of hanging around the shield and being able to look at the other screens to see where people were.

However, let's be realistic here, this game will likely never come out on VC as disappointing as that sounds. I have a 360 as well as wii and i'm not holding my breath to even see it appear on xbox live. It's like the scenario where a bunch of guys dig the same girl and want her affections, but she's oblivious to it all. all these guys are not going to agree on anything. Same problem here but even more problematic with money involved. It's amazing there's still talk of this concerning the virtual console. ah well....'s a great game, but you'd best whip out your n64 to play it.