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Sat 12th Oct 2013

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ajbennett60 commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:

i think a cool premise could be if the game starts with link as lowly trainee in the hyrulian army when war breaks out with one or a few neighboring kingdoms via invasion. the art style would be most similar to twilight princess because the theme would be pretty dark. as princess, zelda is the commander in chief of hyrules forces. hyrule could be the kingdom that's in the center and other kingdoms want a piece in pursuit of the triforce and encroach into hyrule from many or all sides and have to be beaten back. this could be done by travel to friendly alliance kingdoms that have been invaded to liberate them, battling them in hyrule, or infiltrating the enemy kingdoms. link could be a lone-wolf agent of hyrule and get promoted through the ranks by Zelda as the game progresses. higher ranks come with more abilities such as skill techniques, access to a horse, commanding platoons of hyrulian soldiers into battle or to construct bridges to reach new areas or access to special shops and items.

neighboring kingdoms could have their own races, monsters, technology, culture, etc and link could benefit from his travels to diverse lands by collecting diverse items and skills. i picture each kingdom could range from the size of Termina from MM to hyrule in OoT, depending on how many there are. maybe war with the other kingdoms could be resolved by defeating a major dungeon or castle to oust their evil or possessed leader in favor of a nice one who wants peace and trade with hyrule. there could be a prevailing sense of hyrulian pride an unity as well as a dark and tremendous fear of being overtaken and enslaved at any moment. this is a stretch, but maybe there's a time limitation like the moon falling in MM only it's an invading unit that reaches hyrule castle and you have return every several hours of gameplay to hyrule castle to defeat them and buy more time.

i LOVE the random weather changes idea and how the weather could affect battle and the environment. the steampunk motif could work well with this concept too. link could make use of steampunk war machines such as a small personal tank or plane. also i'm all for tons of overworld secrets and sidequests, but what zelda fan isn't? sorry to drag on, but i really think it would be a sweet concept that would be fresh while keepimaintaining the elements of the series that we all keep coming back for.