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AdanVC commented on First Impressions: Tomodachi Life:

Wario Ware creators made this as well?? SOLD. I honestly think this game looks funnier than Animal Crossing New Leaf. I can imagine the amount of screenshots of those random/wacky moments on sites like tumblr and twitter. It's going to be so much fun!



AdanVC commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

This is actually good news. That big size means the game would have endless activities, content and random stuff that surely would keep us busy for months! I wans't so interested in this game but after that CRAZY FUN Nintendo Direct last thursday now It's a day one purchase from me, haha.



AdanVC commented on Super Mario 3D World Double Disc Soundtrack Ar...:

Now more than ever I'm so mad for three things:

1.- I've been wishing to own this Soundtrack since the first second it was announced on Japan.
2.- It's finally announced to be released outside of Japan BUT ONLY for Europe and Australia (Like WTF, Nintendo of America? REGGIE!? First you add a red box to Mario Kart 8 without the awesome Limited Edition Blue Shell figurine and now this!?)
3.- Even if it's released in America I would not have the chance to get it because I live in freaking Mexico!!!

Ughhh :'(



AdanVC commented on Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super ...:

It's been a very slow year in terms of Nintendo Direct broadcasts. The thing is, even without ND's, Nintendo has managed to create a bit of momentum lately with previews offered to the press with games such as Mario Golf and more epic with Mario Kart 8. The lineup of GBA games on VC, and now with this surprising Smash Bros Direct. This clearly shows that Nintendo has been doing things differently lately compared to last year and I believe it's been working great because after those MK8 previews, the hype for this game now is insane and it's great to think it reached those hype levels without the need of a Nintendo Direct and that's a really good sign.

April is going to be an interesting month considering a year ago is when it was announced that Nintendo would not held a Press Conference at E3 in 2013. So I just REALLY hope they don't repeat that for this year's E3. That Nintendo Direct was excellent but doesn't bring the attention of the mass media as Press Conferences do. Plus, since this would be the E3 on wich the new Zelda game will be revealed what a better opportunity than showing it in a Press Conference so we can see the epic reactions of public.



AdanVC commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

Wohoo! lot's of Nintendo goodness this week. GBA games, MK8 previews with epic trailers and now Smash Bros dedicated Direct! We can expect a newcomer, info about different game modes, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and a damn release date! It's gonna be a loooooong weekend, guys.



AdanVC commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

The graphics looks like if they were made by Pixar itself! I can't believe how beautiful it looks. Come faster May 30th!!!



AdanVC commented on 3DS Enjoys a Major Hardware Boost in Japan as ...:

Great week for Nintendo hardware, even Wii U had a bump no matter if i t doesn't had a retail release this week. This clearly shows that Wii U's problem is not on the console itself (The name, the lack of games, the low tech specs compared to PS4/Xbone, etc.) it's just that people when they can afford it, they go for it (and the decreasing interest on home consoles overall unfortunately, just look at PS4 numbers this week for example.) Let's just start imagine the numbers once Mario Kart 8 hits!



AdanVC commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

"Play it on the Gamepad is the message" So that means it would look blurry and bad on the TV? Let's hope not... But either way, doesn't matter since I've always play VC games on the Gamepad just to imagine I'm playing on a huge GBA haha.

Excellent launch lineup of GBA games! I would download all of them!



AdanVC commented on New Watch_Dogs Trailer Highlights a Living, Br...:

Don't worry guys. While everyone would be busy playing Watch_Dogs on May 27th. All of us would be busy playing MARIO KART 8 three days later :). The thing is, I'm still excited for Watch_Dogs and I'm glad Ubisoft put the Wii U (and even the Nintendo eShop logo) at the end of the trailer. Day one purchase from me for whenever is released on Wii U :)



AdanVC commented on Yoshi's New Island is Still Throwing Eggs in t...:

DKC: Tropical Freeze dropping out of top 40, Wii U doesn't even had MGS V: GZ... and there's still 2 months left for Mario Kart 8 and the only worthy release in the meantime is NES Remix 2. Hahaha, wow... Good for Yoshi's New Island tough :)



AdanVC commented on Latest Assassin's Creed Announcement Continues...:

At this pace, the only holiday game it would be released during holidays for Wii U is Smash Bros, and that if it doesn't get delayed till 2015 and we get NES Remix 3 instead.... We all know that Nintendo consoles are to play Nintendo games, not for 3rd Party stuff, but this is getting ridiculous! I enjoyed AC: IV so much! It was a great improvement over AC: III! Waiting 3 or 4 months between 1st party titles and no worthy releases (meaning 3rd party stuff) in between is just not acceptable to me anymore. Just the fact that we don't even have the latest Metal Gear Solid game is a serious concern that not even their closest Nintendo Japanese partners care on bringing their games on Wii U. Like if Snake in Smash never happened!!! Woah, this is bad :'(. Let's see how it goes with MK8...



AdanVC commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (North America):

Hahahaha they release Lost Levels but no SMB3 even if it was promised to be released by the end of 2013! I'm so done with Wii U VC. 3DS however is just a great week, lot's of cool looking indie games.



AdanVC commented on Nintendo's Expensive New Development Building ...:

Nice and efficient looking building, I like it. They have to go with this type of architecture maybe because it's located in an industrial area of Kyoto where fancy building constructions are not allowed, also because earthquakes... they need to be strong enough to support them. Just imagine going to work every day there. All the magic that has to occur on the inside. It must be a pain in the a** tough, considering how hard is to get to work for Nintendo, especially in Japan if you want to be a developer.



AdanVC commented on Super Mario 3D World Picks Up SXSW 2014 Best M...:

Well done! It really is one of the most satisfying multiplayer games I've experienced in years. It must have won GoTY, but you know, it's not gray and it has no guns so no way this game would won that category...



AdanVC commented on Harvest Moon: Connect To A New World Dominates...:

Wohoo! Not even the PS4 can't stop the 3DS dominance >: ). But OMG that drop for PS4 is insane though! I was expecting something around 100k to 200k this week. Looks like everyone who bought a PS4 the past week realize how bad Knack is, hahah. It's funny how all the Sony fanboys are like "well looks like there's not enough PS4's in stock, that's why it sold way less"... yeah right. Wii U selling as usual that's, -in a certain way- good, considering PS4 is now in the competition. Now... When we can expect that Harvest Moon game here on the West, Nintendo? :)



AdanVC commented on Interview: Takashi Tezuka on Bringing Yoshi's ...:

I was getting really excited while reading the interview, then I read this part: "We’ve made the courses themselves a little easier to complete compared to the previous title" And my excitement decreased almost 30% :(. It is going to feel so awkward to play this game after DKC: Tropical Freeze wich is one of the most challenging platformers in years... Oh well : /.
I'm still excited for this game, I'm confident that with Tezuka as a producer, this game would deliver and it would be as fun as the original.



AdanVC commented on KnapNok Games and Nifflas Collaborating on Wii...:

"Hopefully we can show that the Wii U is great" <<< This guys knows what's up!, haha. No but seriously this is so cool, the game is looking awesome and the gameplay is shaping to be really fun as well. Indie guys once again proving that if you want to make and outstanding game, you can be able to achive it on any console as long as you stay passionate and creative while creating it. Day one purchase from me :)



AdanVC commented on PS4 Launch Sales Close to Wii U Equivalents, 3...:

@gatorboi352 The lowest dips Wii U has suffered have been between 3,500 to 5,000 units. That was around spring-summer of last year during the huge Wii U drought of 2013. Hope it can never repeat... but considering there's still 3 months left for Mario Kart 8 and no big retail releases in between... damn.



AdanVC commented on PS4 Launch Sales Close to Wii U Equivalents, 3...:

Glad to see at least Wii U selling as usual even with the release of PS4. I honestly thought PS4 would sell waaaay more but really just sold the same as Wii U on launch week. Now the Next Generation is pretty much all setup on Japan and the real battle of consoles can begin (I'm not even going to mention Xbone. Microsoft shouldn't even bother on release that console on Japan.)



AdanVC commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

Nintendo creates some of the best music on gaming... ironically, those soundtracks can't been appreaciated anywhere other than the game itself. Super Mario 3D World and DKC: Tropical Freeze are the latest examples. If both soundtracks where on iTunes, I'm 98% they would be on the top ten downloads! I read somewhere that NOA doesn't bother with soundtracks because they can't deal with a new licensing department with their music to the people who want to use them and stuff :( I guess it's the same reason we barely see Nintendo merchandise in stores other than simple figurines. Sigh.



AdanVC commented on Rayman Legends On Wii U Is Still The ''Definit...:

Cool! I had a blast playing the Murphy levels with the gamepad and the stylus, they are really well designed and I don't think I could get used to play those levels without the touchscreen in other consoles.



AdanVC commented on Less Than 5% of Those Polled by the Game Devel...:

@Fazermint hahah so true! But I think... this just shows how Nintendo just don't care on bringing 3rd Party stuff to their consoles. We don't even know if we would have the next CoD or the next Assassin's Creed considering that even Watch_Dogs is in risk of being cancelled on Wii U with that "delay" pretext... DO SOMETHING NINTENDO! Times have changed you can't manage this train alone anymore, even if you still continue creating amazing 1st party games, the 3 month drought between each big 1st party retail game is just ridiculous! :(



AdanVC commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (...:

AWESOME! So glad it turned out great! (it was obvious, It's Retro Studios! Come on!) So glad also to know that this is a tough platformer, this would increase the value of beating each level and finding secrets, collectibles, etc. Too bad that some reviewers (cough -Gamespot- cough) take that point against the game almost like if it being so difficult was something bad, that's what happens when most games nowadays have tons of hand-holding or they are just simply way too easy and when a tough and challenging game appears they can't stand it and they prefer to blame the actual game and not themselves for not being skillfull Excuse me, but games used to be THIS TOUGH 10, 15 years ago and most of those games back then are classics because of that. When beating those games gave you a feeling of true achievement and satisfaction and I'm super glad this game gives you exactly those feelings! I'm super ready for this game, friday can't come soon enough!!

Also, this is an exclusive line to praise David Wise job on this game because the tunes I've been listening so far are E P I C!!!



AdanVC commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

To be fair even PS4 and Xbone have no major releases this six months of the year other than inFAMOUS: Second Son on PS4 and Titanfall on Xbone that is not even an exclusive since it's going to be on PC and 360 as well. Same of the same, guns, FPS's, generic looking characters, lot's of cutscenes, etc. Nintendo at least would have TWO big exclusive titles this first 6 months: DKC: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8, then a week later after MK8's release, THE DAMN E3 when the all-mighty Zelda U would be revealed. Let's enjoy what we have now and what iit's coming soon, in this case, DKC: Tropical Freeze! Just 5 more dayssssssssss.

Edit: You know what I think? I think Xbone is going to be in a very difficult position soon. It's selling less than expected and that's just because how expensive is thanks to that damn Kinect and it's multimedia-television focused features that most gamers don't care about. It's slightly less powerful than PS4 and that is a huge deal-breaker for most people nowadays and it doesn't have any other big exclusives coming other than Halo... and Halo stopped being cool since Halo 3 back in 2007 so...... Not everything is "Nintendo is doomed"



AdanVC commented on Mario Kart 8 Accelerates to Number One on Amaz...:

So great to finally see a Wii U game on the top of pre-orders at least in Japan considering there's still more than 3 months left for release. Let's hope as we come closer to May 30 the game can reach critical levels of hype so both the game and Wii U console can sell like pancakes. Then a week later is E3 and there let's hope Nintendo can now really bring the all-mighty bombs so Wii U can finally gain momentum until the big 2014 holiday release: Smash Bros.



AdanVC commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

It delivered, it was a nice Direct. I was expecting some big new game announcements, especially for Wii U and that 3 month drought between DKC: Tropical Freeze and MK8. 3DS once again filling with lot's of variety and cool games coming literally each week from now until May with Mario Golf and Kirby Triple Deluxe. I was kinda dissapointed that X still has that vague window release from 2014, and that still doesn't even have an official name. Bayonetta 2 same, but oh my god that new Bayo 2 trailer was AMAZING!

I've been reading that people are dissapointed that Wii U once again is going to have a big drought of games or huge gaps between 1st party games considering Wii U has any 3rd Party support anymore, but hey! There would be more Nintendo Directs coming and of course THE DAMN E3! When the all-might Zelda U would be finally revealed! It's not like we need to have a big retail game every 3 weeks, I'm still need to finish Wind Waker HD, New Super Mario Bros U, trying to 100% Super Mario 3D World and next week the awesome DKC: Tropical Freeze would arrive. Plus, I have like 4 or 5 Wii games that I haven't played yet! So yeah not complains here for that 3 month drought without big retail release. There's always something available already to play, lot's of great indie games on the eShop, Virtual Console stuff, etc.



AdanVC commented on Talking Point: What We Expect In Nintendo Dire...:

I'm trying to stay as calm as I can... but that retweet from the Director of X's wife is just something to be truly excited about, considering she only retweets when games from his husband are going to be shown! That and a couple of producers at Platinum Games as well, meaning we also gonna see more of Bayonetta 2 and (hopefully) a damn release date. MK8, Smash stuff revealing a new character with an epic reveal trailer like when they revealed Rosalina, an unnanounced game (PLEASE NEW METROID SIDE-SCROLLING METROID FOR 3DS!!) Ahhhh and DKC: Tropical Freeze next week, aiming to be better than Rayman Legends and NSMBU together. And the Year of Yoshi confirmed. I'm starting to feel hope once again, after weeks of dissapointment and bad news with Wii U and sales and stuff. Nintendo needs to bring some big guns right now... Not Zelda U tough, that game is reserved to be their epic megaton for E3. But some appearence confirmation on today's ND would be nice, even a 5 second teaser.



AdanVC commented on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 13...:

OH MY GOD FINALLY! This is it, guys, this is the Nintendo Direct we've been waiting for, after weeks of bad news and dissapointment with Wii U sales, investors stuff, etc. It's time for Nintendo to prove why they are the best and why they have been around on the industry more than any other gaming company!... sigh or actually nope considering this is just for Spring news, so I'm honestly with low expectation for the good. But it's time to make it big! Iwata always announces something new! Drop some bombs, and just omg looking forward for tomorrow!

Edit: I was about to write that maybe it would not be so big considering Nintendo Japan haven't announced nothing yet... But they did it just now on their twitter! So now the hype is genuine and big!! We can have some big announcements omg!



AdanVC commented on Super Mario 3D World and Animal Crossing: New ...:

No 3DS games on the handheld category is just impossible. Oh well, go SM3DW! It should win for best music, this game has the best soundtrack I've heared in ages! Damn good jazzy/funky/disco/rock/electronic songs, it has a bit of everything!



AdanVC commented on Mario 3D World And Zelda: Link Between Worlds ...:

This is great! But SM3DW JUST winning for best Kids Game? It should have won Game of the Forever. I'm 95% sure it was the most played game among 20's, 30's and even 40's people. Kids are busy playing (trolling) in CoD, GTA and Minecraft... Well, I'm 23 years old and Super Mario 3D World was my favorite and most played game of 2013. I'm remembering the first time I arrived at Bowser World... dat presentation and DAT MUSIC, damn I got chills just by remember that, it was so amazing!



AdanVC commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

I agree with @datamonkey Nintendo tought they would make success once again with Wii U by bringing a totally different and unique type of controller like it was with Wii but it's failing very badly even if the actual concept of the Gamepad is very, very good IMO. The reason? Terrible marketing work and the actual name of the console. Wii U still confuses casual people thinking it's an add-on for Wii, that's why Just Dance 2014 sold even more on Wii! How the heck that could be possible!!? Because casual people go to stores and say: "Hey here's Just Dance 2014, but one copy says Wii U and the other says Wii... Wii U sounds like it's a special edition or something, plus it's more expensive, and we already have a Wii so let's buy the one that says Wii on the box"

I would never understand why the hell Nintendo used the "Wii" brand once again on the name for their next-gen console. They could had name it "Nintendo U" or just simply "U" idk! But something completely different, that could had solved 80% of the problems Wii U is facing right now I'm sure.

And Nintendo, in total silence as always, they are releasing DKC: Tropical Freeze in less than two weeks, it's shaping to be an insanely awesome game probably better than Rayman Legends and NSMBU together and yeah, we have seen commercials on the TV? ads on YouTube like PS4/Xbone was doing when they launched their consoles? Nope and nope, almost zero of it. They have a great console but that's not enough, Nintendo needs to go out and offer it to every single 3rd Party developer, and that means, offering all kinds of support and technical help, lot's of entusiasm just like Sony is doing with it's 3rd Party games by creating exclusive content for games like Destiny and Watch_Dogs on PS4.

Let's admit, Nintendo lives in a cloud, they think they can manage all the stuff on their own, that means, ignoring all kinds of 3rd Party support for the most part, but that needs to change insanely bad right now because even Nintendo hardcore fans just can't keep supporting this anymore. Almost two months without a Nintendo Direct or actual Nintendo news in terms of games or something exciting in general. Mario Kart 8 releases in May but what about March and April? Another 2 month drought without retail releases!? And what's next after MK8? Another 3/4 month drought until september to see if we can at least have Smash there or we have to wait until 2015 if it's delayed? I don't even see Bayonetta 2 or X releasing this year anymore, and Yarn Yoshi it's probably cancelled since we have not seen any of that game since it's original announcement more than a year ago...

See? That's what happens when Nintendo stays in silence for so long. We start thinking the worst! Aw Nintendo, I just hope you are planning something big that could benefit you as a company and us as customers because we are losing all hopes, seriously.



AdanVC commented on As The Maker Of Flappy Bird Withdraws His Crea...:

Woah, the creator of Flappy Bird should be proud that even Nintendo already knows about his creation, but that's probably just because of the Super Mario tubes rip-off controversy tough, not because the game is good or something.

Edit: You know what I think? I think most of this mobile games about birds (especially Angry Birds) are based on Nintendo characters... The best example? Pyoro from the Wario Ware games. Angry birds is the best example. The main Angry Bird character is exactly like Pyoro, even it has the exact same body colors, and the actual gameplay of Angry Birds could have been based on Pyoro T, a mini-game on Wario Ware: Touched for Nintendo DS released in 2005. There, you have to touch Pyoro and drag it on the touch screen and release it so Pyoro can eat all enemies with it's tongue... Just like Angry Birds where you have to touch and drag to release them to destroy enemies...



AdanVC commented on This 'Provisional' Mario Kart 8 Box Art May Ge...:

It is the official box art, Nintendo published on the Investors Meeting slides on it's website and it is the same as this one. I love it! Nintendo has been doing awesome crazy detailed artworks for their 1st party box arts lately (Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, etc.) This is the reason why I'm still buying retail over digital :)



AdanVC commented on Nintendo Scoops Two Awards at D.I.C.E:

@Agent721 There's no doubt TLoU is awesome, heck, I'm sure if it was an actual movie it could easily win an Oscar. I didn't played it but I watched a cousin who has a PS3 playing it and the overall experience you mentioned is true. But the actual gameplay... I just feel SM3DW has more variety on that area and has non-stop action from beginning to end, but in the end, both are just completely awesome (and different from each other) games anyway so both have pros and cons on their respective genres.



AdanVC commented on Nintendo Scoops Two Awards at D.I.C.E:

Oh well, on this era when people praise games because of their story rather than it's gameplay, it's not surprising The Last of Us wins everything. Super Mario 3D World for example is a PURE videogame on every single aspect. videogames doesn't have to rely on amazing stories only, they need to have a mix of everything enhancing gameplay and creativity the most as they can, something that SM3DW beats easily to TLoU, but the majority of gaming websites don't think that anymore, they prefer beautiful cutscenes with deep stories... and guns.



AdanVC commented on Review: Bravely Default (3DS):

Damn this game wasn't on my radar but looks like it's getting great reviews everywhere and with that awesome collectors edition... I think I might bite and get it haha.