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Sun 26th Aug 2012

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adams189 commented on It’s Tyson vs. Aliens in Aborted NES Punch O...:

I actually once owned this game. My girlfriend in the 90s gave me an old game she said someone in her family had given her. It had no label, and there was a square opening in the top of the case where you could see a chip on the green board inside the case. It was not a finished game though. It had a lot of bugs like sprites glitching out and just being random colors. I kick myself all the time because I even knew then I had something at the time that was rare. I have no idea what happened to that game. This is the first time I've ever tried to look it up and see if anyone else had a copy of it. I'm sure it is still floating around out there somewhere, as I'm sure one of my roomies ended up with it. If anyone ever has any questions about it, I'm not sure if I could be helpful, but my email is if you ever want to ask any questions about it.