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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Abodi commented on EU WiiWare Update: Plättchen, Bomberman Blast...:

So far only negative comments for plattchen. not looking good. even those who said it isn't looking good are trying to be positive, but i guess you gotta if you feel you might have wasted 1500 points



Abodi commented on First Impressions: Space Invaders Get Even:

Don't need to try again, my comment stands.

when you say 2000 points is high compared to all other wiiware games out atm, then yeah cool, but when you're like oh noes $20, when other places such as australia will pay $30, then people should really just open their eyes and see how good they have it sometimes.



Abodi commented on First Impressions: Space Invaders Get Even:

you americans always cry about pricing of video games, try live elsewhere. here in australia, even though our dollor is almost 1:1 with yours, we still pay $15 for 1000 points.

and once nintendos phantom storage solution is released then (hopefully) 650 block will be small biskits.



Abodi commented on First Impressions: Space Invaders Get Even:

ouch and that is gonna take up a massive amount of space.
but at least that explains the pricing the why it's split into packs. sounds like it was a work around and not something they wanted to do, can't argue with that until nintendo release the storage solution.



Abodi commented on Bomberman Blasting Into Japan This Month:

I love bomberman, i can't wait for this game, it's the only must have game coming to wiiware, thats me always.
4 players is still frantic fun. and 8 while online is great.
i wish it ws soon though, xbox has had their equivilent for like a year or something.



Abodi commented on USA VC Releases: Cho Aniki and Final Soldier:

i think both of you need to calm down, SuperMario, you're not the enforcer, jsut let things slide, and alpo, don't get upset when you diss games and people come to defend them, if your a gamer you'll love and appreciate games.



Abodi commented on EU VC Releases: DoReMi Fantasy and Ys Book I & II:

ok not just released, just about to be released.
in the end that has nothing to do with the point the chrono trigger will never see a VC release.

on a side note, x.SuperMario.x : you avatar is very fitting, you often seem angry.



Abodi commented on EU VC Releases: DoReMi Fantasy and Ys Book I & II:

Excellent! i'm having a great week. was my Birthday yesterday and made out with 6000 wii points.

got to grab Ys and Mario RPG, but i have so many games i've yet to play already.

Great week all round. Austraila did get ys right?



Abodi commented on Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa:

Bought this game last night, and while it seems a little simple in the beginning, it does grow on you and it's a great game.
How many worlds are there?



Abodi commented on Hanabi Festival 3 Kicks Off:

Can't wait for bio miracle, and while it looks like a while away, Ys.

@ Bass : I'd love for them to release parasol stars, because it's the only main game in the series that i didn't play much off, but i used to have a demo on the amiga, like 5 levels, and no kidding i sank more hours into that multiplayer then i do most new games.



Abodi commented on Bomberman Blasting Onto The Wii:

I love bomberman, bomberman 93 is my most played game on the wii, only thing maybe pushing that would be mariokart.

whenever we have friends around , bomberman comes out and fun ensues. can't wait for a newer version.



Abodi commented on EU VC Releases - 25th April - The Last Ninja:

every time you swap from one region to another it wipes your points, and we all know how hard it can be to use up those remaining wii points. You don't need a brit credit card to buy points, but buy using an aussie card on the brit store, you do get charged extra, i think at one stage it was charging me 18$ instead of 15$

so yeah tides, while it is an option, it is really not a viable one.



Abodi commented on US VC Releases - 14th January - Pac-Attack:

i got a bunch of points for christmas, and there hasn't been a good game to interest me since.

anyone else think nintendo is doing themselves a disservice. i'm almost to the point where i'm not gonna look every week like i currently do.



Abodi commented on EU Christmas surprise - Donkey Kong Country 3:

Hey also you guys realise that rare is now owned by themselves again, and not by microsoft now more. they bought back their freedom (just like in super paper mario)
so really any rare game should be fair game on the VC.