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Tue 5th Aug 2014

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aaronmclaren commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

It seems to me The Pokémon Co. were in the right on this, and mentioning it to my partner (Lawyer, has done a stint in IP), the penalty isn't harsh at all... Just the 45 day pay up period though is far too excessive and wouldn't likely pass in UK, due to nature of the lawsuit: massive corporation v small business.

Not claiming to know anything about the law myself, but what partner came up with: If the event has been running for ~5 years, he's got away with it for a fair while, and it includes a very rough estimate of his financial gain from their IP (in terms of sales of goods etc.), penalty on the time period he used their IP in promotions, penalty on what he may've used of their IP at the events and 'brand damage' in him creating an environment they had no control over or had authorised, likely here the selling of alcohol which occurred through promotion of their IP.

Partner mentioned this was likely to be highlighted as an example case to act as a deterrent, what with the 45 day pay up period and the fact we're all taking notice of it, but $4,000 is very lenient overall.



aaronmclaren commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

@SkywardLink98 Yup, aware of that. On the Japanese website for these new models - seen here, translated near enough - say exclusives are on the way. Not sure whether it's eShop or not, but as I said, if these become physical releases it'll cause issues. If they don't work with the original models, it fragments the entire install base. That's the problem that might arise here.

eShop exclusives can clearly be marked and even prevented from downloading on systems not compatible, physical media from stores, can't be.



aaronmclaren commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Little concerned by this. Everything added to the 'new' range is fine and doesn't warrant an upgrade from a previous model... except the CPU. That's where the problem lies.

The fact Xenoblade will only work on this system is worrying. The fact NoJ have now confirmed there are a range of exclusives coming which will only work on this system, is even more worrying. They're fragmenting the user base, and if it comes to physical media being exclusives, will have games next to one another on retail shelves for '3DS' with little really to differentiate them. It's a massive blow to users who may be at risk at missing out on new games because they haven't, and don't want to, upgrade.

I don't really get it. Why not just work with what's already there and launch a successor when the time's right? It's just dragging the 3DS brand out even longer but in a way which may do more harm than good.

I for one am perfectly happy with my Aqua 3DS from launch so won't upgrade, but won't be best pleased if I miss out on new games for really no reason. Especially if they go announce a successor within the next few years!!



aaronmclaren commented on Keep Up With The Latest Hylian Fashion Trends ...:

@outburst I have it on preorder for about £30/31ish on ShopTo - think it's something like £30.85 through silver membership. Nintendo UK has it marked up at £49.99... Ouch. If it was nearer the £40 mark then I might bite, but after the Mario Kart 8 fiasco with the UK store I'm reluctant to buy from them again anyway!!



aaronmclaren commented on Hyrule Warriors DLC Floodgates Opened with Alt...:

Seeing as it said details were coming soon, I'm gonna say that retailer specific preorders are out of the question... surely if that was the case, they'd have just mentioned it but be rather unspecific as to whom said retailers are.
Will be interesting to see how they go about doing it. I'd expect eventually for them to be up for purchase on the eShop but I wonder how they'll distribute them? It'd be nice to see Nintendo try something a little different, say putting codes in with other Nintendo products or handing them out at events, or even as rewards for certain hours of playtime, Miiverse interactivity, leaderboard positions etc. Try a model that gives different ways to obtain the DLC rather than just paying up for it.