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Tue 28th Dec 2010

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aaronluis26 commented on Iwata Asks Delves Into Wii U Development:

@4 I believe the Wii was exactly what it was supposed to be. It may have been underpowered compared to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but it was a fun machine that innovated.

@9 I made that connection as well.



aaronluis26 commented on Europe's 3DS Launch Line-Up According to Games...:

@Incognito D: I'm with you on that one. It would seem to make sense to release a new generation of Pokemon with a new generation handheld, but I guess they may want to liven up DS sales while ushering in new hardware.

@Oregano: Maybe s/he saw a U.S. price and thought it was the English price shrugs shoulders xD

@X-145 I highly doubt MGS Snake Eater will be ready at U.S. launch. I realize release dates for games can vary from region to region, but if it's ready for U.S. launch, I sure hope they'd also have it as a launch title for Europe. It's just too big of a title.



aaronluis26 commented on Ubisoft Lays Out its Tom Clancy 3DS Arsenal:

Splinter Cell 3D does appear to be a remake of Chaos Theory. I'm not sure why they decided to go with that game instead of porting over the iPhone version of Convictions. That would have been awesome. I'm a big fan of the series, so I'll get it nonetheless.



aaronluis26 commented on Rayman 3D Details Revealed:

I'm not sure I like Ubisoft's approach with the 3DS. They seem to want to cash in on the hype of the system. I'm not saying they are going to release a bunch of crap for it, but it doesn't seem like they are releasing the best they can either.



aaronluis26 commented on Limited Edition Pokemon Black and White DSis t...:

@zezhyrule I'm not really sure how many gamers would, but I guess there could be budget minded people who would be interested. The only reason why I would is because I kind of need a new one and I think I'd prefer to play my DS games on a DS instead of a 3DS because of its battery life.



aaronluis26 commented on Features: Five Nintendo Games to Thrill You in...:

I don't believe Conduit 2 is getting unnecessary hype. It's a title to have cautious optimism for. I don't feel the first one was a failure. It had a good campaign and decent multiplayer marred by unfortunate hackers and glitchers. I'm interested in Conduit 2 to see if High Voltage can fix what was wrong with the first one. If they can, I think it will be a good game.



aaronluis26 commented on Next March, North American Pokémon Fans Can C...:

I had my first experience with Pokemon playing Diamond after my cousin gave me her copy in August since she had SoulSilver. I absolutely love the game and I'm really looking forward to get either Black or White when I have the chance



aaronluis26 commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Moment of 2010:

My Nintendo moment of 2010 would definitely have to be the official announcement of the Nintendo 3DS. I'm so excited for its release.

Getting Metroid: Other M is another big one for me though because I'm not normally able to get great titles like that so soon after release =D