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Re: Petit Computer


I was having issues just like yours also. though there is always the chance were still talking about two different things . I was writing something and I drew up a 64x64 sprite ,saved it SPU0:. had to figure out what number it really put it at . any way it was 0 . got it to work . then i drew up some 32x32 sprites and tried putting them on the same page as the 64x64 one.did the same silly formating thing . I could call I up but it would show up mixed up . I tried everything , keeping the two on the same page , but it would only ever mix em up. well I got to looking and if you look at the pages spu0 0-8 or what ever, i realized they all had the same size sprites. per page or least looked like it . So I got an idea.I kept my 64x64 sprite where it was at; SPU0:SPONGE. saved . opened the editor load it again. went to the SPU page with the 32x32 ,SPU5, drew my sprites saved it as SPU5:VEGIES.
exited. in my program i loaded both the SPU pages just like they were typed in above. it worked . but wait . i turned of my ds . then tried it again and it was displaying the original boy sprite. Long story short. I seperate the sprite sizes and even though when i saved I saved it as the SPU5, I found out that in my program it had to be loaded as SPU1 . I had four vegies drawn in there, locations turned out to be 64,65,66,67. I think it only worked the first time when it was called SPU5 cuz i had originally loaded the CHRED from the cmd prmt then loaded the program with the sprites, with no CLEAR or ACLS so it must have still been in memory.



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