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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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thheeggman85 commented on Dungeon Explorer:

I've seen a lot of negative reviews and people saing "this is the least played virtual console game on my wii." well...

this is the most played virtual console game on my wii! This game seriously is incredibly fun to play with 5 total people. the password system allows you to go back where you ended one day, and it lets you go from a 5 player game to solo and back. the codes are entertaining also.

I think this game is hilarious in its retro-ness. When Judas said "Bullbeast is near and mad!" I just couldn't stop laughing.

Thhe only thing I wish this game had was more variety in the white magic and black magic. Many characters have the same ability in white or black, and this gets annoying. However, there is still a lot of strategy in building the perfect team and combining the right magic to win. Also, the leveling up when others dont is also stupid, but that adds a more competitive element to the game (when you and your friends get too good to cooperate )

I also saw some complaints about how hard the game is... that's what's ingenious about this game! Too many games today are so easy that its just a matter of how many levels are in the game. This difficulty made me want to keep playing this game until I beat it (which I still haven't).. For only 600 wii points, this is a great deal. If you like this game, check out nethack for PC (its free).