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Steve commented on New Duck Hunt Coming to WiiWare?:

Offhand I'd say this looks to be somebody's amateur attempt at reproducing Duck Hunt in 3D. I know they haven't figured out how to run user code on the Wii yet, but they've done so with the GC, and the Wii supports GC play -- and who says somebody's not controlling the game with a GC controller off-camera?

Still, I would rule out the possibility of an in-development game entirely -- just because it looks crappy now doesn't mean it will be that way at release. Any body who's ever done QA before will tell you without hesistation that literally EVERY game ever released suck horribly at one point during development.

My gut instinct tells me this is just a hoax, though.



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 11th January - StarTropics:

OK, to all you EU people who are whining about the 2-game release weeks, um, could you please decide what you want?

When you had your 3-game weeks for the majority of last year, all we heard was "RARRRAR 3 CRAPPY GAMES *WHINE*", so now they're giving you really good games but only 1 or 2 at a time, and now you're complaining because you want your quantity-over-quality release schedule back? Sheesh! I would KILL to just get 1 great game every week rather than 3 mediocre-to-terrible titles...



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 14th December - Mega Man 2:

Alright, people, stop the fighting! Don't make me stick an ocean between you guys to separate you! ... Oh, wait.

My guess as to why we haven't seen the MM series in the US yet is because Capcom wants to make full profits from the collectors series rather than sharing profits with Nintendo. I could (hopefully) be wrong though. I'd love to see them as much as the next "yank", but whining about how the EU has them already isn't doing much good.



Steve commented on Japanese Virtual Console List - December 2007:

Heh, Pokemon Snap.

Still, it's good to see them adding new features that integrate with the Wii. I'm still hoping that down the road they'll be able to add things like internet multiplayer or even motion controls to some of the VC titles. It would really help to revitalize some of the older games, and that can never hurt. Well, here's hoping...



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 19th November - Wrecking Crew:

"I really don't think the Wiimote would work as a substitute NES Zapper. The premise may be the same - pointing at the screen and pressing a button but the actual mechanics behind the NES games are completely different."

Nonsense. That's like saying the Wii Remote can't work for NES games because it's wireless and the NES controller wasn't.

IIRC, the NES zapper simply recorded the color it was pointing at when the trigger was pressed. Certainly, the Wii remote can't do this. However, as with everything else on the VC, the NES zapper could easily be emulated. All the game needs to do is capture the screen color at the position the player is pointing the Wiimote and pass it into the virtual Zapper. Nintendo will probably also want to put an actual on-screen cursor into these games since we all know the wiimote's pointer is simulated.

It's certainly nothing that hasn't been done with emulators in the past.



Steve commented on Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel hits Europe:


I'm pretty sure this one was just for Metroid Prime. I already deleted the channel from my Wii a long time ago, since it's kind of pointless once you have the game.

As I understand it, they're going to release a channel in the future that will have videos and previews for a variety of games, so just hang on a bit longer for that.



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid:

If it's the place I'm thinking of, immediately after getting the Super Missile, one of the blocks can be broken using the super missiles you just got. Try bombing blocks to get them to reveal their weakness.



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 1st October - Two Japan-only ...:


BTW, I laughed out loud when, after ready twenty-something posts from EU gamers whining about how unfair life is, Deckers wonders why us US gamers are never satisfied.

Oh, the irony.

Look, we feel for you. We really do. But how does it make any kind of sense to be upset when we get something good? "Hey no fair, we had to wait months for that, you can't just get it in two weeks! Humph!"

How very childish.



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 28th September - Sci-Fi Week:

@Deckers: "i don't think it will ever get a US release
or at least that's what i hope it will ^^"

Gee, thanks for the support. [/sarc]

@ Makoto: "100 more Wii points, just because they are the Japan/US versions?! This really messes things up. Usually for 2000 points, I can get 2 NES games and an N64 game. But with 100 points more, I'll need to buy more Wii points as a result"

Hey, at least it's better than X-Box Live, where every game has an odd amount of points so you ALWAYS have tiny amounts left over after every purchase. :/



Steve commented on Kirby's Avalanche:

Guys, guys, guys, calm down.

The reason this doesn't support the Wiimote is because it's a Super Nintendo game, and they haven't had a reason to make an exception for a single game before -- I'll bet it's just running the game through an emulator which just assumes it'll need a classic controller so all the buttons are present.

This isn't Nintendo trying to "pull a fast one" or anything by making you HAVE to buy a classic controller... and seriously, if you don't have one by now... WHY NOT?



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 21st September - Ninja Week:

You're not making much sense, el_tomo. First off, in the US Ninja Gaiden was released for 500WP, which is $5.00 US. Even if we had been charged 600WP, it would be $6.00 US. From the calculations that are being given here, 100WP = 70p = $1.40USD, so 600 points for EU is 420p, or $8.40USD. You're apparently paying a lot more than the US, so why should we feel ripped off?



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 31st August - Bonk 3:

To append to my previous submission:

Consider also that the more money made on the VC (particularly on titles that may not have done well in their time) means more 3rd party companies that will become interested in it, which means more potential games for us as the players to select from. So it's not all bad for us.



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 31st August - Bonk 3:

"Hell, what's so bad about waking up one morning and finding 250 new games have been uploaded?"

Well, perhaps nothing for somebody who is willing to spend whatever it takes to purchase every killer game from those 250 titles available. And let's say they do just that -- they pick out the 35 or so titles that they simply can't live without and buy enough points to grab them all at once. The chances are that person is never going back for the remaining 215 games, and like it or not, Nintendo sees that as lost money. On the other hand, if they stick to a few titles at a time, the big money makers still make money, but so do the titles that may be a bit more mediocre but, since that's all you get to choose from....

Nintendo is after all in the business of making money.



Steve commented on EU VC Releases - 31st August - Bonk 3:

DEMON212: ""(And also one of very few ever released on the VC systems, so be glad they picked it!)."

??? The VC's been around for less than a year, isn't it a little early to be saying that?"

You read the quoted sentence wrong (although, to be fair, so did I on my first read through). He's saying it's one of the few gambling games to have been released for any of the CONSOLE SYSTEMS that are currenly available on the VC. When read that way, the statement makes much more sense.

I keep seeing these bad weeks for Europe and can't help feeling bad. Just hang in there and remember that the US was suffering just as much until just recently. Now that the "month of Metroid" is drawing to a close, I'm not holding my breath on our awesome release weeks continuing...



Steve commented on Metroid:

Rating this game three stars is a crime against humanity. Sure, the game might be dated in graphics and size by today's standards, but that applies to EVERY release on the VC! Are you going to start knocking off 1-2 stars for every game that has a modern sequel? Better kick Legend of Zelda down to a 3-star rating as well, shouldn't you? It's not NEARLY as good as OOT, after all! And Super Mario Bros? Give me a break, it was outdone on its own console with SMB3! You might want to expand your rating system to at least 10 stars if you're going to be petty and start knocking off stars for every sequel that was released later.

Metroid is a true classic. When it game out it was revolutionary, not only for the ability to "play as a girl", but because it focused on exploration rather than pushing you in a set direction (the latest Metroids seem to have let this feature go by the wayside), it allowed you to customize your experience by grabbing items in whatever order you pleased, and it featured some of the best music and boss fights that had been seen at that time. The corridor leading up to Mother Brain is so unique and is one of the most recognizable areas in any video game. And the tense escape sequence after defeating her is another stand-out feature that has been forgotten in newer titles.

Super Metroid is an excellent game, don't get me wrong, but it should not diminish the quality of this title in any way. Without Metroid, there would be no sequels. All Super Metroid did was take Metroid's tried and true formula and expand on it. It was not nearly so ground-breaking as the original. You need to bump this rating up to at LEAST 4 stars.

Oh, and to everyone whining about how hard it is... Please. Super Mario Bros. 2 is about the same difficulty, and there are much, much harder games already out for the VC. (Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden...)



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 16th July - Paper Mario:

"But it irks me that, if the US gets a game first, we (Europe) have to wait weeks, if not months to get it, but if we get a game first, the US gets it the week after. -_- Talk about favoritism."

Donkey Kong Country, anyone?



Steve commented on Europe VC Releases - 20th July - Street Fighte...:

kelvingreen: "I wish we were seeing the MD version of SFII; it was just that tiny bit better, with some neat extra features that didn't make it into SNES Turbo."

I never played the Genesis/MD version, but I wouldn't want to see how they shrunk 6 attack buttons down to 3 to make it compatible with the standard controller. =P

Also, what are you talking about when you say more features? According to the Wikipedia article, the only thing the MD version had that the SNES version doesn't is the ability to play at turbo speed in Champion mode, which seems kind of redundant to me. You can still go up to 10 star turbo mode in the SNES version, you just need to input a code first. Also according to the article the sound was far worse in the Genesis/MD version.



Steve commented on Europe VC Releases - 13th July - Paper Mario:

If I were Nintendo I'd wait another week before giving Paper Mario to the US. If nothing else, it'd be fun to hear people whine and moan when the best release on Monday is A Boy and his Blob.



Steve commented on WiiWare - Brand new downloadable games for 2008:

@Paul: They'd be idiots to discontinue the VC. I'm sure they're raking in money hand over fist right now.

Just thing... NO development time NO manufacturing/publishing costs NO retail cut. They probably never thought they'd be making money on the sales of Super Mario Bros. over 20 years after its release!



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 25th June - SF2 Turbo:

I agree with Dazza, the Wii should have no trouble emulating the FX chip along with the SNES hardware at the same time. One would assume the company that made the hardware in the first place would be in the best position to emulate it properly.



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 25th June - SF2 Turbo:

@Strictly Beats:

I would LOVE to see online play in these classic games. It would really go a long way to revitalize them. Also, who said anything about added cost or wait?? Nintendo could easily add the online functionality to games they've already released, even if it means requiring you to re-download them. And nobody's suggesting a price hike. We're already paying $5-$10 for games that are several years old; Nintendo shouldn't ask for more than that.



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 25th June - SF2 Turbo:

Well, this proves it. No matter how good the release day is, people will still find something to whine about.

Two excellent releases in one week is more than I could have hoped for. Very happy, but now I just need to figure out which to spend my money on first.



Steve commented on Europe VC Releases - 22nd June - Mega Man:

VERY jealous that the UK has Megaman and the US doesn't. Over here we appreciate good games. =P

Seriously, it might be only a 2-game week, but I'd be thrilled if they had released Megaman all by itself. Talk about an awesome classic!

Also, it's really not THAT hard -- just remember to whip out your lightning gun and repeatedly pause the game. ^_^



Steve commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

Seems my last post got cutoff becaues I'm really long-winded. Hah.

Anyway, the question I had was, I had reset the console to disable Tails, and when I started a new game (Sonic only), the first bonus level that played was the 3rd level (the one I was having a hard time beating). Not only that, but after beating it (without Tails it was EASY), it revealed that I had earned three emeralds. It's like it kept the two I had gotten even though I had reset the VC. Is this a bug or a feature? Just out of curiosity



Steve commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

*Well, releasing Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles "sepreately" is most likely going to happen. Releasing them together though, either they would do it or it'll likely be a special cheat code to link them together. Either way, Sonic and Knuckles will have to come out first in order for them to happen.*

I disagree with that statement.

First off, the original Sonic & Knuckles came out after Sonic 2 and 3, and still managed to support using Knuckles in both games (IIRC, the only reason Sonic 1 wasn't supported was due to using an incompatible palette) The cartridge passthru allowed S&K to access the level data from the inserted cart, and in much the same way the VC could allow S&K to access the level data from the games that have already been downloaded.

Secondly, even if Sonic 2 & 3 needed to support it for some reason, Nintendo has already shown they have the ability to release updates to VC titles.

On a completely unrelated note, I was playing Sonic 2 today, and had earned 2 of the emeralds. I was having trouble beating the 3rd bonus stage, mainly because Tails kept losing our rings for us >_



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 11th June - Sonic 2:

*Sonic 2 is pretty solid, but we just got Sonic 1*

Hmmm, just got it huh?

Sonic the Hedgehog, released Nov 19th 2006
Sonic 2, released Jun 11 2007

So, 7 months. Yeah, your definition of "just" must be different from mine. =P

*why spend your hard earned money on a Sonic game when you can just buy the collection for a few bucks more?*

Because trying to use a GC controller sucks with those types of games?

*C'mon Nintendo, where are all of the classic games (from your systems) that you promised us?*

You mean like Super Mario, Mario World, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, F-Zero, Zelda 1, 2, 3 and 5, Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2.... Yeah, they're on there already. The list gets much bigger if you throw in classic 3rd party titles like Castlevania 1 & 4, Actraiser, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter...



Steve commented on Europe VC Releases - 8th June - Adventures of ...:

"there are about 750 snes games, 300 n64 games, and 800 mega drive games, plus all of the nes and turbo grafix games."

You're forgetting that Nintendo can only legally release those they own the copyright to, or else they have to get permission from the publisher to release it on VC. Also, while there may have been about 750 SNES games, that doesn't mean there were nearly that many *good* games.



Steve commented on Europe VC Releases - 1st June - Sega goodies:

SOR2 can be played with just the Wii Remote, except that the A button is in a bad location (next to the D-pad). I haven't tried with the GC controller, but all VC games to date can be controlled with one. (Whether or not they're PLAYABLE that way is another discussion)



Steve commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

I for one am glad the US was given this instead of the Lost Levels. That game, IMO, plays like crap and is unbelievably hard besides. NOA made a smart decision here in not releasing it stateside.

The conversion from DDP to SMB2 was certainly an odd choice, but in retrospect look what it's added to the series:

- The ability to pick up objects, including turtle shells.
- The introduction of Bob-Ombs, Shyguys, and others.
- Mario and Luigi's separate personas and appearances.
- Peach's unique ability to float.
- Doors, including locked variations thereof.

I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting as well. Face it, if SMB2 hadn't been released in this form, then SMB3 and all future titles in the series wouldn't have been the same. Heck, certain games, such as Super Princess Peach wouldn't exist at all, at least not in the same format.

The Super Mario series has alot to thank SMB2 for...

"I don't think we will see allstars, but I think (and hope) each seperate one has superior allstar graphics"

Nope, SMB and SMB2 are the NES originals. They have none of the enhancements added in All-Stars.

"I don't see why some want Nintendo to release All-Stars as it was a cheap imitation of the original games."

On the contrary, there were many changes (some good, some bad, IMO) that were made to the games, in addition to the enhanced graphics and sound.

For one, SMB uses completely different jumping physics, which IMO is the worst change made as it completely ruins the feel of the original game. Lost Levels shares these changes, so I wonder if that's how it was in the original SMB2 (Japan).

All games also got save features. SMB2's "slot machine" sequence was changed (for the worse, IMO), however they also added the ability to reselect your character after you die. Also, the 2-player "Versus" mode they added to SMB3, which is basically an enhanced version of the original Mario Bros, is probably the best part of the game.

I think it would be a shame if they didn't release All-Stars on the VC. I for one would download it in a heartbeat.



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 21st May - Streets of Rage 2:

I agree with Drake. I was a stodgy Nintendo fan back when these systems were out, and being in the US I had never even heard of the TG16 (beyond the rare mention of the name) until I saw that it was going to be one of the systems on the VC. Now I'm seeing lots of great Genesis and TG16 games that I'd never had the chance to play before. There are even games from the NES/SNES that I didn't get around to playing at the time. While I enjoy the nostalgia value of some of the old classics, I'd rather buy a game that's going to give me a brand new experience than one I've beaten long ago.



Steve commented on Video Previews for Virtual Console:

Wow, that Romance vid really IS dismal. I've never played it, but judging by that video it seems the entire game consists of moving around options screens on some type of map. Not what I would consider a great preview. (Thank god for!)

Still, it's nice to see Nintendo providing a way to "try before you buy" even if it is a little wanting at the moment.



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 23rd April - Gradius 3:

~If it weren't for people complaining, the weekly game announcements probably wouldn't get that many comments, since it's easier to rave about bad stuff.~

I'd rather have less comments than constant whining.

Also, to clarify, stating "I don't like this game" is not whining. Endlessly lamenting about the fact that "Nintendo hates me" because your favorite game didn't come out as soon as you wanted is whining, and certain people do it almost every week.

~If this is not the game you want to talk about, leave and come back when the discussion will gain something with your comments.~


~I don't like how Ninty are trying to force stuff on us that we don't want. Because that's what they're doing.~

Here's a suggestion... If you don't like the selection, then don't buy ANYTHING! I mean, think about it. If what you're saying is a real reflection of how commerce works, then Walmart should just start stocking their 5 cheapest items at a huge markup because people will be "forced" to come in and buy them. Nobody is making you download *anything* from the store.

~I don't think anyone sees a game on the VC like Chew Man Fu and thinks "never heard of it, so I won't bother with it". Most people will think "OCARINA'S OUT WOOOOOO!!!!! Hey, what's that Kid Icarus game? I'll have a look at that. Hmm, that sounds good. I'll find some footage of it on youtube of and see what it is".~

What I typically do is see a game I haven't heard of, come to this site to see the reviews of it, sift through the "XXX isn't out boohoo" posts to find actual user comments on the game being reviewed, and then decide if I'm gonna give it a try. Most of the time I'm not disappointed. Yes, this might even mean I end up getting a game or two I haven't played before. Is that really so bad?? The entire point of the VC is to let us revisit a great library of games that we might not have had the opportunity to play the first time around. Don't get me wrong, when a great classic Nintendo title comes out, I'm most likely going to jump on that for the nastalgia value alone, however what I'm really finding enjoyable is playing some of the SG and TG16 titles that I never got to play when they were new.

~Hence why I have 46 VC games and only 10 of them are games that i've owned before and about 5 more are ones that I had played on round mates houses and the likes.~

And you've probably played most of them once and never looked at them again. That's YOUR fault, not Nintendo's. Nobody is compelling you to buy a game every week except for you.

~Correct me if i'm wrong, but if everything you want comes out, then you've therefore got everything that you want so what does it matter what comes out on the VC because you know you don't want it because you've already got everything that you want?~

Please define "everything you want", because I'm pretty sure Nintendo doesn't read minds. Even if they dumped every 1st-party title to the VC right now, you'd be missing lots of 2nd- and 3rd-party titles that people would still whine about. Goldeneye comes to mind as something that's probably never going to see the light of day on VC, and so you'd still have idiots whining about it not being there. And if the market strategy their using works so well, praytell why they should change it?

~Steve, dunno 'bout you. But that new content that the Wii has, is kinda crap. I've had 12 Wii games~

Stop right there. You've bought TWELVE games for a 6-month old system, and you're wondering why they're not all instant classics? Give Nintendo time to fill out the library first, geez! I own five games for Wii (Including Wii Sports), and Red Steel is the only purchase I regret. Zelda, Warioware, Excite Truck are outstanding titles and worth every penny. I'm currently renting Paper Mario and having a great time with that too. Now take a look at those names. Those are four first-party titles for a brand new system and every one of them is outstanding. I think that says alot about the quality of games we can expect to see. Yeah, some 3rd party conversions or even originals are going to be hit and miss on a system this new and different (Were you around for the first YEAR of the DS's life cycle? Ugh.) but Nintendo will always be there releasing the good stuff and the 3rd-party publishers will improve given time.

In the meantime, seriously, when's the last time you went outside?

~People complaining about releases is one thing, but complaining about other people complaining is another. If you don't like that people complains, then start living like you preach and stop complaining about other people's complaints.~

So what does that say about people who complain about people complaining about people complaining?



Steve commented on US VC Releases - 23rd April - Gradius 3:

What Damo meant was:


There. I said it.

I'm sick and tired of seeing people boob because their precious pet game isn't released yet. What's the point?? As soon as it comes out you're just going to play it for two weeks and be right back here bawling because your OTHER pet game isn't out yet. Get a life! I hear the outdoors are fun this time of year...

/me goes back to playing Super Paper Mario and having a blast with actual (gasp) NEW content.



Steve commented on Battle Lode Runner:

From the look of it, this is an exact replica of the original PC versions of Lode Runner, but with better graphics and more features. I'd be surprised if they released it for the C64 (I actually didn't even know this was ON the C64!) even if they could get the license to do so.



Steve commented on Battle Lode Runner:

Lode Runner's a property that's been around since the Apple II's and early IBM PC's, and every now and then it likes to poke its head up and say "Hey, remember me?!" I'm glad to see the original being released on the VC for a new generation of gamers to experience, as LR features some very unique and entertaining gameplay. What's more, I'm glad to see the TG16 version retains the ability to create your own stages. It's always fun to throw something together and see how your friends tackle them, and it gives the game even more replay value. I've never played a multiplayer LR, so I might have to pick this one up and see how well it translates to a party game.