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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__josh t


josh t commented on Paper Mario:

this is gonna be my first vc game.( i just got wifi so i can download it! w00t! too bad my connection is just to slow to do mario strikers online...) either way i never bought the game but i played it at my cousins house and i loved it. just didnt' get it cuz the n64 had no life left to it at that point.

__josh t


josh t commented on Mario Kart 64:

this game never got old for me and is still my favorite mario kart game ( i can honestly say i liked this more than super mario kart or double dash.) lots of good memories in multiplayer mode and single player mode. (yoshi pwns all)

__josh t


josh t commented on Metroid:

i agree that this is for hardcore fans only. seeing as how i first got into metroid with metroid fusion for the gba this game feels pretty out dated. super metroid is awesome though, that one aged quite well this i can't say the same for.

__josh t


josh t commented on Mario Bros.:

i got this for my gameboy so theres no reason for me to buy this but i gotta agree...multiplayer is the best aspect of the game. i don't think it's worth buying if you're not gonna do multiplayer. buy donkey kong of super mario bros. before this, they are better games.

__josh t


josh t commented on Wave Race 64:

i never bought this for my n64 but i used to play it at my friends house all the time. now i finally get an opportunity to get it since i just got wifi. i'm getting this right along with paper mario as my first virtual console games.