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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__fire deity


fire deity commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

I really enjoyed playing this game. I always use to love stealing birdo's bow off his head, that was fun. I hated the frog boss who shot bubbles at you, he was annoying.

__fire deity


fire deity commented on Columns:

lol john, i had that game combo too. That super hang on was fun

This game is definately not worth 800 points. It should definately be combo'd up with at least 1 other game. I thought columns was first released by the nes console

__fire deity


fire deity commented on Bonk 2: Bonk's Revenge:

Definately buying this, im getting 4000 points todat but saving them. I still got loads of vc games to complete, including bonks adventure.

__fire deity


fire deity commented on Metroid:

*and it dates back to the days when you couldn't beat a game just because you sat there long enough ... it took effort and skill.*

So true dominick A. Leone this is a muist have for any classics fan

__fire deity


fire deity commented on Donkey Kong Country:

amazing game, i bought all 3 games in the dkc series from console passion and still going to buy them for the wii

__fire deity


fire deity commented on Bonk's Adventure:

I have never heard of this game and i had 600 points spare left on my wii so i bought it today, it is really fun ! brilliant game and i definately recommend it to any adventure platformer fan!

__fire deity


fire deity commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

"Xan81 (USA) - 07 Jun 2007, 14:47 GMT

**Scooter - 24 Feb 2007, 02:34 GMT

**I can't wait until this comes out on VC! But first i have to get the **WiFi adaptor so i can access the wii shop lol...

Doesn't the Wii come WiFi ready?

Mine was..."

You can buy a little gadget called the nintendo usb wifi connector which lets you connect to the internet wirelessly, Although it has build in wifi, you still need to connect it to the internet via usb connector or wireless router etc..