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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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WHAT? commented on US VC Releases - 17th December - Cybernator:

We need Super Mario RPG. Thats all I need for X-mas from the VC. Game is one of the greatest RPGs I have played, right after Skies of Arcadia, of course. Give me Mario RPG and Goldeneye 007, and I'll be happy for X-mas.



WHAT? commented on Super Mario World:

I love this game, but cant say it was better than Mario 64. Mario 64 was a game that revolutionized gaming. Super Mario World is still an awesome game. Probably one of the best for SNES. 96 levels of pure fun. This game is definately a must-have for the VC. Even said that, I dont think this game was better than Mario 64, which was the first complete 3-D game for consoles, a revolutionary one at that.