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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Visor commented on Will we ever see Banjo Kazooie on the Virtual ...:

Man you guys are been idiots here. Nintendo can release any Rare game they want on the VC which they own the franchise to. So Donkey Kong isn't an issue.

The problem comes with Banjo Kazooie, this is a Rare franchise, published by Nintendo. Nintendo has no rights to republish this without Rare's and ultimately Microsofts agreement. The same applies for Perfect Dark, and other Rare IP's. These could quite easily see the light of day on the XBLA.

As for Goldeneye, this needs no agreement from Microsoft or Rare. At the time Nintendo had hte license to develop the game, they let Rare develop it. The only obstacles for it is that Nintendo no longer own the license for the game, I believe Activision or Infogrames or some crap has it. if Nintendo want to put it on the VC they need permission from them, as well as the owners of the James Bond franchise. Whilst that's a lot of obstacles, it's quite possible as I can't see a reason any of the parties would reject this!

So just to clear up, Microsoft and Rare have nothing on Goldeneye, it wont ever be released on XBLA, and they have no say on it getting republished on the VC. I dont know where people are getting all this from.