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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Thomas commented on StarTropics:

Barely got a few chapters into this game as a kid, now I'm able to slowly-but-surely fight through the dungeons. The puzzles are cool, and the traps cruel, but the overall game is so fun and charming it's won me over.



Thomas commented on Bubble Bobble:

Marathon'd this with a friend the other night. Perfect balance of action and puzzle elements. Even at the pretty tough final boss, we didn't want to stop for a second! Definitely a must-have, and a bright jewel of the 8-bit era.



Thomas commented on Golden Axe:

I purchased this game after reading several glowing reviews about it being an enduring beat-em-up, and especially looked forward to playin it co-op with a friend. 30 minutes later, we'd beaten the game with ease and couldn't believe where the $8 went. Combat is single-button unless you cast a spell to knock everyone over or dash into people. All the bosses use the same sprites as regular enemies, just with the colors changed. The best part of the game is riding a mount, and those are short-lived and one-buttoned as well. And then between levels, your adventure is described as much cooler than it is on a map (I was on a giant turtle? really?)

And then in 1-player, I just got double-teamed up the wazoo. While this is a plain fighter with two players, solo is just insufferable. I can't understand how the sequels, which supposedly add features, can be graded lower than the original. If this had more levels or abilities I could see the "charm," but otherwise it's a money trap.



Thomas commented on Streets of Rage 3:

"SOR3 should be near the top of your retro shopping list (assuming you're sad enough to have one)"

Wha? Videogames can indeed be an obsessive hobby, but this jab seems out of place. I'm holding out hope for Earthbound, Pilotwings, and Sin & Punishment -- do I lead a sad life?

This site itself is a giant "retro shopping list." Cynicism not required.