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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Stuo commented on Europe VC Releases - 6th July - Sega Megadrive...:

I think i may get Sonic 2 tryin to play 2 player was always fun. I was hoping for SF2 turbo, but guess ill just have to keep waiting. Enjoy though peeps!
on a slight side not, this page rocks as a resource for the wii VC releases, is there any site like this for PS3 online shop, releases and reviews and the like??



Stuo commented on Wii Classic Controller - Hands On:

I was going to buy one of these pads but as yet havent, so maybe i cant comment on how useful it is... but i did get 2 x GC pads instead. I really havent found any problems with them! My main problem was the if i bought a classic pad, i still couldnt play GC games with it!! this sucked i thought, so buy a GC pad and i can play everything with it! Ok the button config isnt perfect for snes mario, but its still very playable jus takes a little bit to get used to. I dont agree with the above reviewers comments about the MK 64, it plays perfectly on the GC pad, power slides and all!!

If you can afford it, get a classic pad but you'll need to buy a GC pad as well to play any GC games. If your tight like me jus buy GC pads and enjoy all the games you can!!



Stuo commented on Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games:

NES - Uninvited.
Classic point & click game that paved the way for monkey island etc. & one id really like to have finished!

PC Engine - Bonk 2
Quality platform game, keep you busy for hours!

Megadrive - Streets of Rage 2
Also my favourite beat em up ever, and the best of the series!!

SNES - Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
What needs to be said, this makes the classic game even better! The amount of money i pumped into arcade machines playing this!

N64 - Now this is where the choice is hard! so many quality games on this system that still hold there own today! Goldeneye is obviously a timeless classic, and whilst i pray it gets released my choice here is Snowboard Kids! Probably the best most fun multiplayer racing game there is, no matter how good any one player was the game let the person last catch back up to race so it was always a neck a neck fight to the finish line! Fingers crossed!