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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Smile Guy commented on News explosion: Neo Geo and more!:

I'd prefer to wait for The Lost Levels too and even then I've currently got enough Mario platformers to satisfy me. I am definitely looking forward to Neo Geo and Japanese games though (never had any of either so want to expand my gaming knowledge!)

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Smile Guy commented on Vegas Stakes:

Obviously, if you're not into games that rely completely on luck you will hate this game.

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Smile Guy commented on Super Mario World:

I could give 10 stars, I would. This game has to be my most played Virtual Console download and is probably one of the very few must-downloads that exist on the Wii Shopping Channel. The sheer size of the game is breath-taking with so many secrets but also so many levels. Playing it for the first time and seeing huge new sections open up is a pretty awesome feeling and the subtle exits in each level that branch off into entirely different worlds (Star World, notably) just made me shiver with anticipation.

The difficulty level is also rock-hard. Those out of practice from platforming games will certainly find it pleasingly challenging (and therefore oh-so satisfying when you finally get to the end of that castle). First-timers to the game will also be delighted to find an array of puzzles and conundrums that must be solved (most notably the ghost houses but elsewhere as well). I'm serious here: Some of the excellent puzzles are worthy of a Zelda game!

The final factor is the sheer innovation. Even to this day, this game dares do things that I have never really come across anywhere else. Every single level seems packed full of so much cleverness and platforming genius that one can only ponder how genius Shigeru Miyamoto actually is... perhaps he should work out a solution to world peace... except he should carry on making games for us!

This is, without a doubt, not just one of the best SNES games ever made but one of the best ever games ever made. It's in every single person who's ever played it (without a biased against Mario of course) top three or five lists... and that I am serious about. Buy it. Whether you've played it before or not. It's just superb to have it on your Wii.

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Smile Guy commented on Bomberman '93:

This is without a doubt the best multiplayer game of all time. There is just a magic quality about it which makes it so fantastically brilliant that you can simply not have more fun with a couple of your mates. For that it deserves 5 stars alone...

But, the single player by nature does quickly get repetitive and dare I say it a little tedious. I really wish there was a 4 and a half score but I just can't give it.

4 stars it is but STILL get this game (if you actually have people you can play with).

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Smile Guy commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

Grr... people are so harsh about this game. Yes, it's the black sheep of Zelda games, yes it's a break from the formula but it's such a good game in it's own right that it's all irrelevant. Soundtrack is just as good as other games in the series, gameplay is fantastically fluid and I've found myself wasting hours of it with my Virtual Console purchase.