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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Remvaras commented on Dungeon Explorer:

Alright... So I read the review... and I read all of the negative comments... and I thought about it, and went and got it anyways.

I must say, That this has been one of the more enjoyable VC console titles I've gotten... The first time you play it, it kicks your ass.... the second time you play it, it kicks your ass... you get a friend to play it with you... it kicks your friends ass and then kicks your ass...

You finaly start to get a feel for it... first dungeon down, second down... Before you know it, you and your buddies are running from a gigantic angry tiger (Boss for... Dungeon 8 I think?) and loving every minute of it. I stand by the review, This game just takes a little bit of getting into. (I recommend playing fighter if you're a beginner, but I like thief)