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Re: US VC Releases - 14th January - Pac-Attack


I've kind of given up on virtual console to be honest. I'm not too keen on the stuff they put out, so recently I have got in to collecting. I dug out my n64 and have been buying games for that and my SNES\NES at microplay. It's more expensive, but ... You get all the titles you really want to play, and you get a controller that they are designed for to boot. It's hard to beat it.

Re: WiiWare - Brand new downloadable games for 2008


The xbox has the same issue in the respect to publishing. Sure, anyone can pick up the XNA framework and develop on both PC and the xbox. But your game would have to be something incredible in order to get any recognition. (ex geometry wars)

But lets hope that Nintendo will have the smarts to release an SDK and compiler so they can test their games on PC and compile them for the Wii. Even if the SDK only featured a library for N64. I would still use it in a heart beat.

Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


This game is great! I don't really agree with the review though. Sure, looking back on the overall series, side-scrollers were much better choice for this type of game. But this game still remains difficult and fun. It does have it's fare share of glitches, but during the NES days these gliches weren't uncommon ..