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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Past Caring commented on Donkey Kong:

Actually, I have to disagree on this one. I bought this mid december, and I still get it out for a blast. Granted, there are only three levels, and the arcade version would be so much better, but it keeps you coming back for more, and is certainly a break from the norm. This is vintage nintendo charm at it's best.

The later 'levels' (You repeat the same 3) can get as tense as can be expected, but somehow, the whole pure ambience of it means you don't really are about beating your high score or dying. A shame really, as it means that players won't really take the game seriously. lso a point of critisism is the whole slowness of it- see it running in NTSC and you'll rue NOE forever.

In all, this is a great collectors package. Solidly entertaining, zero thought stuff that is a jewel among NES games. Just be aware of how basic it really is. Worth four quid, yes, worth 500 Wii points, that you could spend on better titles....that's your own choice.