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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Parallax Abstraction


Parallax Abstraction commented on Dragon Spirit:

This game isn't bad but it's very unforgiving and you'll find yourself getting frequently frustrated with it. Back when I actually owned a TG-16, I played this game for hours and only got to the end of the second stage. It requires a lot of memorization to get through and combined with the slow movement speed of your dragon, it can be frustrating. But definitely not to be missed if you're a hardcore shooter fan and in particular, if you like shooters that take a while to master.

__Parallax Abstraction


Parallax Abstraction commented on Vigilante:

I gotta' say I agree that this game is not good. For some reason, I had fond memories of when I owned this for TG-16 years ago but after buying it here, I can't say anything good about it. It's basically an updated version of Kung Fu which was a launch game on the NES. The bosses are incredibly cheap and not only do they have tons of health and glitchy hit zones, they also heal themselves over time which you do not. Seriously, there are any number of beat em' up games that completely destroy this one.