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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Oui_Oui commented on Hardware Focus - Super Nintendo:

The games on this console were phenomenal!

I loved Mario World and DK Country, and only a few years ago got into Zelda a Link to the Past and FF!

I remember being impressed by the SuperFx Visuals, as if a small step into the future of gaming! XD



Oui_Oui commented on Games we hope never get released on the Virtua...:

Batman of the Future for the N64 Should be there!
I got it.... it was all right.... but you'll probably hate it... I was 9 at the time....

You should make a list of the games you WANT to see on the VC, that are possibilities... And not in categories! Just a long list



Oui_Oui commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

An average game for most gamers... but hey! If it's too hard for you ...

Awsome game! The running... the shooting... more running! MORE SHOOTING!!

4 stars... not 5 because of a low replay value IMO!



Oui_Oui commented on Europe VC Releases - 29th June - Kirby's Dream...:

Hmmmm.... Kirby's Dream Course... May give it a go... as KIBRY'S AWSOME!

But hey! I still got F-Zero X and Megaman on my wishlist!

Hope Sonic 2 and SFII Turbo will arrive soon!!

O and one more thing... does it really matter how many games we get each week?! '2 Games? 2 GAMES?!'

Quality not quantity?! Do you really want 10 crappy 1-2 star games a week?! You'd be wining about not having good games then! xD



Oui_Oui commented on Europe VC Releases - 16th May - DK Surprise!:

Damn.... Donkey Kong Country 2 is one of the best games ever..... and Mario and Yoshi kept me hooked for ages! (Even though I thought it was a platformer when I got it on the Gameboy...)

Download DKC2 Now! ^.^