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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Mortalis Deus commented on Super Metroid:

@420chaos: I've always considered myself flexible.

Normally I am an almost sane level headed person. This is finals week, however, and that seems to bring out the worse in me.

I sincerely do feel bad about it.

__Mortalis Deus


Mortalis Deus commented on Super Metroid:

(Slow head turn) Waaahhh?

Thats what I get for posting when I'm not quite awake and cranky.

Now I see where my confusion is. The star by your name made me think that is what you you had given the game.

My apologies. (Removes foot from mouth)

Sorry Drake

__Mortalis Deus


Mortalis Deus commented on Super Metroid:


Honestly maybe you should play the game before rating it? Not to sound harsh but whats the point otherwise?

Super Metroid is above and beyond anything the Metroid Zero Mission game had to offer. Give it a try.

__Mortalis Deus


Mortalis Deus commented on Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games:

Nes: Final Fantasy - VC needs some RPGs!

PC Engine: Never played any games on this console

Megadrive: Out of this world - First cinematic game I ever played.

SNES: Final Fantasy 6

N64: Goldeneye, hands down. I hope Microsoft and Nintendo work out some kind of deal for the rights because I think they would sell millions of copies of this game.