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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Log commented on US VC Releases - 31st December - Light Crusader:

It seems every week there is one good one and two bad. I'm with Brian but my pole is a good twenty feet. The ones I buy are either deep games I can play for hours; Romance of the 3 kingdoms, Dungeon Explorer, Zelda. or fun games that I can play with my Wife; Mario 3, Bomberman, Kirbys avelanch/Dr. Robotniks mean bean machine...I got both and I'm pissed. I played the Kirby version back in the day and bought it, then I read somewhere else that DRMBM was a simaler game and I snagged it...I wish they had a one hour return or a huge disclamer "THIS IS THE SAME GAME" This is long before I found you guys now I read well into it. I wish Square would beg Nintendos forgiveness for that whole going on the PS1 and release the greatest RPGs ever made on the VC. Chrono Trigger...I love you