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__Leon Ahoy!

__Leon Ahoy!

United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Leon Ahoy!


Leon Ahoy! commented on Axelay:

This game is immensely enjoyable. Beyond the playability, it's also a great looking game, with a lot of skill and imagination injected into each level, boss, effect etc....

The sound is also brillaint, with effective sfx, and very catchy tunes.

I can't fault this title. A must-have AAA experience.

__Leon Ahoy!


Leon Ahoy! commented on Wave Race 64:

Wave Race 64 is my favourite videogame. I would never have imagined that a Jet Ski title would be my no1 game before 1996, but that's what makes gaming so interesting and exciting.

The game is simply magical. From the start-up to the end-sequence, every aspect of the experience is designed to perfection.

The graphics are ultra bright, colourful, and fun. Everything gels together so well. The wave effects have always been brilliant, and they're still immensely satisfying. Each course has a very distinct atmosphere- with exceptional design that will leave a very positive impression.

The audio keeps up with the rest of the game. The start-up tune will stick in your brain forever, and each course has a very fitting infectious melody too. Even the commentator isn't irritating with his enthusiatic support.

The game is 11years old, and it is a bit rough around the edges these days, but the quality and sheer magnificence of the design still shines through.

Download this now... the waves are waiting

__Leon Ahoy!


Leon Ahoy! commented on Magician Lord:

The game that "Shadow Of The Beast" could have been. The visuals are similar, the sound is also inspiring, but when it comes to the vital gameplay component, Japanese design once again triumphs.

Magician Lord is full of magical colour, rousing sound, and gripping gameplay. On the surface a simple run&kill action title- it's the passion and skill of the designers that shines through- and makes this one of the best examples of its genre.

A game that takes good advantage of the power of the Neo Geo, and delivers a must-have experience for fans of action titles.

__Leon Ahoy!


Leon Ahoy! commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

Damo, you did say the visuals are *unusual* That word sums-up the whole game for me. It looks, sounds, and feels very different to other shooters.

I didn't say it was better than other shooters. I just find it to be a great game in its own right.

One point I must stress, is that I played this game for the first time in 2001. This title was virtually devoid of hype, praise and overall recognition back in the early 90s. I wish, back then, that I had taken a chance with it over the more big name titles.

If anyone wants a shooter that offers a very distinct atmosphere, I suggest they give this game a shot. Like me, they may find themselves being very happy they've discovered such a wonderful experience.

As someone who deeply values this games existence, I feel a rating of 5stars is very deserving.

__Leon Ahoy!


Leon Ahoy! commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

Unusual organic graphics? ... That's one thing I love about this game. Sega clearly put a lot of thought, care, and effort into making sure the experience felt unique.

A big mention must go to the audio. The tunes and sound-effects are brilliant. They send a shiver down my spine at times, but can also be wildly upbeat.

So, overall, this game delivers a fresh and deeply hypnotic experience. If you're bored of the usual space shooters involving robots and shiny metal crafts, I suggest you ready yourself for a bit of Bio-Hazard action.

Without doubt my favourite MegaDrive shooter. I give it 5 Stars