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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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LazerGun commented on River City Ransom:

Really fun game, kinda goofy with certain animations but overall well worth the 5 bucks.



LazerGun commented on Pilotwings:

Fun game, but I think it gets a little too tough in the latter stages.



LazerGun commented on Bubble Bobble:

I remember this game, it was really wierd but really fun too. It is a really good game for two players. Nice co-op feature that makes it really addictive.



LazerGun commented on Bases Loaded:

Hey clinker, at least this one is worth paying for. Unlike some (Baseball Stars 2)



LazerGun commented on US VC Releases - 10th December - Pokemon Snap:

Well said rich and Jon... Baseball Stars (one) is one of the funnest baseball games of all time. I downloaded BS2 today just because of my fellings on Baseball Stars (one). I was so dissapointed... BS2 is terrible! It has the quirkyness of the first one, but all the fun stuff that involved modifing your roster are GONE!? That was 90% of the fun in the game! BS2 is god awful and anyone that thinks it is a fun game is on the NeoGeo payroll. Why is Nintendo messing around with these garbage games? Just release good stuff like Cobra Triangle, Crystalis, Baseball Stars (one), Basewars. I mean they got my 9bucks for BS2 but, it will be the last cash they get from me if all they release is junk like it in the future.