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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Juliao commented on Donkey Kong:

...nintendo owes us those other lvls. was so sad to not get to play a childhood favorite.



Juliao commented on Shining Force:

GREAT REVIEW. Anyone who appreciates tactical or RPG should enjoy this brilliant hybrid. ~get it~ ^^ *classic genius*
Those who dislike this game are noobs(!) who have no patience or imagination; your loss because the lessons learned from Shining Force would normally only be those learned by a general or royalty.
I even love the graphics. Some of the new age gamers are losing their ability to dream... this game inspires. Very politically applicable to modern problems. Great way to learn survival for a group with the micromanaging. Those who bash the AI obviously didn't go that far... goblins are like the first mob. Hidden RPG secrets. Secret characters. Fantastic musical score (would love to hear symphonic) I can't believe this game, it was way ahead of its time.
I wasn't lucky enough to have a sega & this sort of stuff on VC is lots of great challenging game hours for the points. (^-^)b
I've played everything Square-Enix has to offer & if you're one of those who has to play 'em all, this should be a high priority.
For all the haters: my SF party is > yours & i wish we could pvp =P