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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jade Louise commented on August is the 'Month of Metroid'!:

You don't need to live in America to take advantage of this just get an USA Wii like I did. Nintendo Europe has not done Metroid month in August as it would make no sence as Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii comes out in October in Europe and they will do a Metroid month then I should think.

__Jade Louise


Jade Louise commented on Europe VC Releases - 10th August - Breath of F...:

Kung Fu is great its well worth 500 points. Its just the NES Sport Series titles that are poor. Nintendo World Cup was released in 1990 and is not part of the black box series, its not bad either with chunky graphics that are kinda fun, its also 4 player.

__Jade Louise


Jade Louise commented on Tennis:

I got this for the e-reader for £1 off ebay. Its not bad but too outdated. Sports games (football champ in the arcades is still fun though and World Series Baseball II on the Saturn is still very good) are the only games from the past where nearly all have dated far too much. You can make a great argument for Mario 2D games being better than the modern ones and Sonic 2D games blow the new ones away but sports games really are better in the here and now.

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Jade Louise commented on The Legend of Kage:

When you are a kid you don't really have your own money(I started getting a £1 pocket money a week at 7 in 1990) so you have to get your family to get you games. Back in the late 80s early 90s games were very expensive. Therefore you had to choose wisely because you would not be getting another £30 to £50 game again real soon(the black box NES launch games were £19.99 but that was still expensive as £19.99 was worth more then) unless you were rich which and the vast majority of UK NES owners weren't. So if you picked out this piece of poo back in the day I really feel sorry for you. Again I tried it on the lovely NES demo deck in Toy & Hobby which saved me from many a cack game. It was rubbish at the time and its rubbish now ignore it. If you like Ninjas get Ninja Gaiden or a Shinobi game or even the fun comedy Goeman games.

__Jade Louise


Jade Louise commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math:

Releasing this on the VC is pointless. Its not aimed at kids as they will not even know what a NES is. It was aimed at kids at the time but this re-release is pure nostagia. When I was 5 back in 1988 I remember this playing in Toy & Hobby in Wigan. They had a NES demo deck with 12 games to choose from. I played this for about 2 mins before calling it boring quiting and playing and then getting my Grandad to buy Kung Fu instead.

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Jade Louise commented on Tecmo Bowl:

This is a good game but the VC version is ruined by licence issues. The real names made a big difference. Its fun but not as fun as it used to be.

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Jade Louise commented on Wave Race 64:

Nintendo did not add DS Lite and Wii signs because they wanted to. The signs were put in to replace the Kawasaki signs that were in the original version of the game. They were replaced as the deal with Kawasaki ran out long ago.

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Jade Louise commented on US VC Releases - 6th August - Wave Race 64:

Waverace has been altered slighty. Nothing really to worry about but since the deal with Kawasaki has long since ran out all references to it have been removed. All the adverts,logos on wetsuits, jet skis with Kawasaki on have been taken off. The Kawasaki adverts have been replaced with Wii and DS lite adverts. The original N64 adverts remain of course as they had nothing to do with the deal. This is not Nintendo's fault and was unavoidable.

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Jade Louise commented on Wave Race 64:

What people forgot is this is the second game in the series. The first Wave Race was on the old Game Boy back in 1990. Anyway another game I want on the US VC as I can finally play the thing in 60hz.

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Jade Louise commented on Shadow Dancer:

The European PS2 version of the Sega Mega Drive Collection does NOT contain sadly this game. European PSP owners can import the US PSP version of course which does include the game.

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Jade Louise commented on Vectorman:

This a fun game. However I wont be downloading it as its on the Japanese PS2(and GC) version of Sonic Gems Collection along with Vectorman 2, Streets of Rage 1,2,3 , Sonic CD and Sonic R.

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Jade Louise commented on NES Open Tournament Golf:

Loads of old games hold up today with the expection of sports games(bar World Series Baseball II on the Saturn which has not been better for me in terms of pick up and play) which in general are far better today. Get Minna No Golf 5(Everybody's Golf 5 for Europeans, Hot Shots Golf 5 for North American people) for the PS3 for the best golf game out there. If you have no PS3 then Tiger Woods 08 on the wii is out this month, plus you could also get the excellent Mario Golf for the Gamecube.