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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Don-Bon commented on Mario's Super Picross:

Demon, look at all the numbers around the board. By those numbers you can figure out where to start "chipping away".



Don-Bon commented on Volleyball:

UGH! This game was an abomination! Even during it's time it felt old and dated. The game is just BAD.



Don-Bon commented on Galaga '90:

If you haven't bought Galaga already, I HIGHLY recommend waiting for this one.



Don-Bon commented on Devil's Crush:

I want a good pinball game, I've never played this one so I'll wait and see.



Don-Bon commented on US VC Releases - 18th June - Bloody Wolf:

Not an awful week, we've had worse. I think I'll download "Bloody Wolf", it looks like fun. I wont download "World Sports Competition", and I'll consider "NES Open Tournament Golf".



Don-Bon commented on Balloon Fight:

This was a good game. I doubt it can stand the test of time though.



Don-Bon commented on US VC Releases - 30th April - Mystical Ninja:

Wow, we get a bunch of good games and people still complain. We get some good games and all people complain about is the future.
Well I am VERY pleased with this selection Monday, I'm glad I still have some left-over points.



Don-Bon commented on US VC Releases - 23rd April - Gradius 3:

Well its an average week. Oh well. If we are getting Vectorman next week (According to what Kevin says) I will be pretty happy. Also if anyone tells me that this is whining, it's not.
ALSO, if anyone says instead of waiting, go buy a new game out on the market. Well I would if something decent was out!