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__Dominick A. Leone

__Dominick A. Leone

United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Dominick A. Leone


Dominick A. Leone commented on Metroid:

Dated ... yes ... fun factor ... high!

While all the Leone family was sleeping, I too was playing this game as a kid. Now you may be thinking, " Dominick " why would you want to down load this game if there are better -- read newer -- Metroid games available on GC??? WELL ... like every other VC game, it's all about reliving the excitement of the past. Really ... did you download Super Mario Brothers because of the gameplay or the graphics? No ... like Dominick A. Leone, you wanted to feel the excitement all over again ... just like when you got your grubby little fingers on the package 20 years ago.

This is not a 1st person game ... and it dates back to the days when you couldn't beat a game just because you sat there long enough ... it took effort and skill.